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  1. Been to the Met so after not being on here for almost 3 years figured I'd share some pics. Folks there were ok with cellphone, but definitely objected to flash photos. I filmed the entire Jimmy video but can't post that up on here. If I ever load it up to youtube I'll post link, but I suspect most of you have already seen it anyways. If you're in town definitely worth the $25 bucks, unless you gots a library card. I'd love to have a talk with Perry about the BB as he says it's been restored. I'd like to know when and to what condition. For the life of me I can't see any evidence of there bein
  2. Thanks for sharing and making the effort that it gone done right. Kudos! Probably one of the very first silver boots I ever got, so very cool to listen to it as if it was a brand new show! It's almost weird to NOT have that break in TYG! Again thanks.
  3. Nech

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yes, that's me. Imagine finding this on here after not logging in for years. neato
  4. Here's the site Frank mentioned before... Was a work in progress till everyone got sidetracked. I should update it with some of the pics from here.. http://www.oldbuckeye.com/Houses_of_the_Holy/
  5. I think what was said before, and is the general consensus in other places of interest, is the perception or notion that Plant is using "Led Zeppelin" to sell his new self or band instead of just letting the incarnation ride on it's own merit. I myself just find the habit to be just a bit mundane already. I mean at least pick a totally new, more challenging number...something from left field like say Zydeco Carouselambra ?!
  6. P. A. T. T. Y. and P. L. A. N. T. will make their new duet, that's D. U. E. T. , super group debute t o m o r r o w at M. A. R. F. A. that's in Texas. T.E.X.A.S. : ) Hope that helps. Hope to see some youtube clips of how it goes. Still wondering wether it'll be covers or new material. The debute and the album. I guess we'll see soon enough. And then wonder what form BoJ will take at Hardly Strictly . . or will it be just strictly Patty Plant ? Plant & Buddy?!?!?!? Man , that some strong kavorka!
  7. Had no idea she was subbed! : ) Mr Plant...always reinventing himself. Gotta make time to watch the Blue Note...just in time for it to already need an adendum.
  8. Do you still consider 2 days away to be jumping the gun ? Patty Plant , Patty Plant Sitting in a tree... well, you know the rest!!! ewwww. Plant's got the Kavorka!! No shows at ACL So we'll see what it, I mean they sound like come Marfa.
  9. From what I've seen and heard, they certainly saved the best for last. Hopefully a nice sounding full set will surface soon, if one hasn't already. I certainly hope RP can carry this energy right into his next project cause his woice was sounding great.
  10. Nice to see this pop up. Thanks Bill/Chris. Bonzo's miming is the funniest as this is the only time I think I've ever seen him "play" in this style. Good find. I wonder what else might pop up as Sessions is being revamped.
  11. He also recieved a shiny new World Peace Award but sadly no mention whatsoever about him actually playing the outside the Stadium event... imagine... http://www.thebeijinger.com/blog/2010/01/13/Jimmy-Page-in-Beijing-to-Promote-Show-of-Peace
  12. Probably one of the best places to check out for info on the symbol.... http://www.inthelight.co.nz/ledzep/zososymbol.htm The book is also a good read.
  13. Actually, I asked JPJ that personally when I got to meet him after the DVD premiere in NYC. I told him how it had been in numberous discussions and his reply was that it just got put there at some point during the rehearsals/soundchecks and never moved. Just kinda became glued to the set. Then in his good humored way he added "I'm just glad it never rang during a number I wouldn't know what to do!" you can read that whole long winded encounter here: http://www.oldbuckeye.com/Nechs_NYC_Moment/
  14. I have also heard repeated rumors that the entire 3/28/00 Irving Plaza show was pro shot for future release but got scrapped. Supposedly now hoarded but have never been able to confirm either... would be nice to see as that was a killer show.
  15. There has been an interesting thread going on elsewhere and seems the consencus is they are bogus. Everything from the stylistic differences to type of pen/marker used, to the seemily pristine condition of the autographs considering they should be AT LEAST 29+ years old and lack of any real documentation it's a crap shoot at best. Certainly hope noone thinks I am endorsing this auction or autographs as legit, just putting it out there for discussion and opinions. Althought again, a good cause, bottom line, caveat emptoritis abounds. Thanks
  16. YES indeed, very first thing I said when this was posted to FBO...hence me writing to the organizers and posting their reply. Was hoping, ahem, someone, would be able to give a definitive yeay or nay ... JP's certainly don't look anything like recent autographs, but does bear a teeny bit of resemblence to one from Yardbirds days..if even that one is legit http://www.jimmypage.co.uk/jimmypageyardbirdsautographs.jpg caveat emptor!!! but the framing is kinda cool.
  17. http://www.rockforkids.org/RockAuction2009/ Some additional info garnered from the auctioneers.. That particular item we acquired from one of our supporters who has been a lifelong memorabilia acquirer. He showed us the Certificate of Authenticity he was given when he first acquired the item himself. We've also had a couple of our other supporters who are professional memorabilia collectors look at the album and in their opinion it is authentic. > 95% of the items in our auction we procure from musicians when they come through town or directly through the artists manage
  18. DONE! http://tinyurl.com/SAJsupport Now for all the USA-ers out there, Have a Happy Thankgiving.
  19. Strange, why isn't this in the news or events section of the Task Brasil web page? just asking...
  20. Hunt was in the original cast and opening day was Sept 27, 1968...but as to when she actually joine dup with them.... ???
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