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  1. This Dying Soul - Dream Theater
  2. LZ - The Song Remains the Same Gosh haven't played LZ songs for a long time now..
  3. Hope everybody's having a good day :)

  4. It made me happy today by seeing and posting again on this board HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!!!
  5. Wow you're like a goddess MissHoneydripper! You look like my pretty aunt, Asha Whoa this place is so lovely! Hope I could visit Wash. You have lovely photos but this one's my favorite oh and your hair, they're so lovely You look like a child star of some movie I think
  6. Great pictures everyone! Keep posting for more updates!
  7. hello Inga May! thanks for the compliment and it's good to hear from you again! I just hope I could regularly visit the board again Hello Lilith!!!
  8. hello there and welcome!!! I'm a big fan of Family Guy
  9. I just saw Drag Me to Hell last sunday.. it was just ok most of the effects are a bit cartoonish....
  10. I extend my condolence to the bereaved families.......
  11. It says... 88° but Haze Feels Like: 95° Barometer: -- Humidity: 62% Visibility: 4.97 mi Dewpoint: 73° Wind: S 4 mph
  12. It made me so happy for posting again on this forum
  13. Hello everyone!!! Boy, haven't visited the site for like years now a lot of things here have changed.. hahaha anyway, here's my recent photo that my friend made for me
  14. I'm reading a book i recently bought entitled The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho
  15. The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho
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