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  1. Six hours ago... http://cbs13.com/watercooler/Gun.Students....r.2.691580.html Third Graders Find Gun In Teacher's Cabinet SANTA ANA (AP) ― An elementary school teacher was arrested after her third-grade students found an unloaded handgun and ammunition in a classroom supply cabinet, officials said Thursday. Teacher Jayne DeArmond was arrested Wednesday for investigation of possession of a firearm on a school campus and misdemeanor child endangerment after students at Diamond Elementary School found the weapon, said Angela Burrell, a spokeswoman for the Santa Ana Unified School Dis
  2. My 7th grade teacher would let you up her skirt. No worries for her lol. She was cute as sin. Long smooth legs too. She was fired before she finished the first year.
  3. My third grade teacher would grab children by the seat of the pants make them sit down and put their hands on the desk and she would smack the back of their hands with a wood ruler The school claimed it helped the childern learn. My fifth grade teacher paddled kids with a long paddle with holes in it so it would gain momentum and blister your ass. He was released after his 2nd year. See he was promoted to principal. My 6th grade teacher used to grab kids by the collar, toss them up against the lockers and sneer at them. nobody ever said much because he used to play for the Washington Reds
  4. If god hadnt meant for me to eat meat? He woulda made the meat smarter than me...I would much rather eat the meat, wear the leather, be fed and warm while vegetarians eat To-furkey. I refuse to eat a To-fucky.
  5. I am from Liverpool. Hide the sheep and the pigs.
  6. I am gonna eat just as much meat as I like. I will eat it night and day...have it for a midnight snackers.... I dont like women who dont eat meat either. They dont know how to get on their knees? BOO! CHEERIO. I like Cheerios though.
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