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  1. Paranoid? When you all try your hardest to get me banned? I wanted to pm the mods but cant find a link to do it. But zoso13 did his best to try and get me out of here a few days ago as he admitted. Why so? Because Im not voting for Obama? Or I dont agree with every thing you members of the clique say? I am a life long fan of Led Zeppelin. None of you have the right to them or to just get rid of people that disagree with your agendas.
  2. Now I know why I always hated him. My ex strife dedicated one of his songs at my wedding so long ago. I think it was Truly. Truly sucked!
  3. Well the only team left that I dont hate is Detroit. so lets go Red Wings!
  4. Oh come on Liz, I can see the pic. If that isnt a Neanderthal what is? who loves you baby??
  5. You are an anus you Neanderthal little teeny bopper punk.
  6. You are the dork you idiot. you chose the right pic of yourself-Neanderthal. That is about your capacity on an intilectual scale you dumb ass moron.
  7. Hey Liz. im actually cheering for Detroit as they are the only team left that I dont hate. Doesnt that make you happy? Im sure not.
  8. Oh come on Lizzy. Why shall I be silent. You are all out to get me. Admit it. You want this forum all to yourselves and your little clique of youngsters, Forget us older members who have listened to Led Zeppelin and seen them in their prime. We dont count do we? You think you have special rights to this band dont you? You want to rat in everyone that does not agree with you. Eliminate and get rid of them? Then you can go back to your little world of Spats discussions and make this place so boring that nobody in their right mind would want to come back. Go ahead Liz, make my day.
  9. Nice job Hermit. I would have expected nothing less from you. We will have to see where the chips or supers fall in the end. As for the anti Hillary thing, there is much of it on this board. So people like me are giving it back a little. I think she is the better choice and Ill stick to that. Have a nice day.
  10. Just hope they dont draw 16-20 which is considered the auxilary gate. But I believe these two are standouts. But so was Afleet Alex who should have won triple crown and a bad trip with too much to overcome did him in. He finished a game second and won the Preakness and the Belmont. and won the Belmont after almost being knocked over. Big Brown and Colonel John is a very good exacta box. I will see the field later for the one million dollar turf classic. the race before the Derby which is a very good betting race.
  11. What liver? What kidney? whats that? Me no comprende. Im going on my 12th Honeymoon! Obama is going to Neverland. Michael jackson just invited him and Uncle Roy over.
  12. His charm? He has the charm of a Cobra. He says the same thing over and over. Im not impressed at all. I just sent Hillary a donation. I wont be able to drink for 12 hrs.
  13. Montreal will make short work of Philly. Rangers and Pittsburgh should be the best series of the playoffs. I think the Rangers win in the end.
  14. Ask yourself this. Which is worse? to go 17-0 and lose the Super Bowl. Or, to go to 4 straight like My Buffalo Bills and lose all?? thanks New England. Wide right. Ill take that to my grave. Kelly and Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith all deserved better. Oh yeah, and Andre Reed too. This is our year. I just know it. lol
  15. Well lets face it. The ones that are right behind the candidates are hand picked. and the dumb blonde caught my eye. Didnt have a clue where she was or what she is living for. Right now Hillary is up by 10 percent and that seems to look like the way it will end here. This will go to the wire. But I listened to both speeches. And Obama does not impress me a bit with his beating a dead dog over and over. He isnt as thoughtfull as Hillary and isnt as widespread on issues. Just the old broken record idle promise type rhetoric. No real specifics on how he will accomplish his promises. He has brainwashed the young and the blacks. the blacks are voting for him for all the wrong reason. because he is black. that is a shame. and it is shamefull. the older and wiser voters who are educated can see through this. Go ahead. Make my day Hermit.
  16. Now I didnt pick a quarrel with you. But this young dude said fuck the election earler today. Just giving him some good medicine. and if Hillary had lost Hermit would already be on here rubbing my nose in it. the fight goes on. And the dream never dies.
  17. OK Mr I dont care who wins. If you dont care why are you watching and posting? Let the big Obama guns come out of the closet tonight. You may live another day, but tonight belongs to Hillary. GO HILLARY!!! YEAH!!!!!
  18. Its official. HILLARY HAS WON PENNSYLVANIA!! eeeehaaa!!! Now I am waiting for a 10 page speech from Hermit on how she has no chance once again. No offense intended PJ. I misunderstood you.
  19. Are you nuts? she is winning with only 3 percent in right now. Put you money where your mouth is. she will win dude.
  20. url]*, *Part 3*. Read it and form your own opinion rather than buying into the republican spin that Michelle Obama is a "racist". Recognize that such a claim (smear) is nothing more than an example of the republican campaign tactic of playing on the fears that many Whites have of Blacks. Come on, overthehills,.. you GOTTA be more critical in your analysis of campaign mears! My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my 'blackness' than ever before. I have found that at Princeton, no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my white professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don't belong. Regardless of the circumstances underwhich I interact with whites at Princeton, it often seems as if, to them, I will always be black first and a student second." Racist? Puh-lease.
  21. Hermit. I just read the entire thesus, My brain hurts. I will respond tonight but have to get off this PC now. You make a great point about the Supreme court. We dont need any more rubbish like we have in their now. Ill be back later.
  22. Ok Hermit. I have read YOUR response. Ill read the thesus as soon as I get a chance. I assume its very long. Then Ill get back to you.
  23. Obamas wife Michele, her name then in 1985 was Michele Levaun Robinson There is evidence that she wrote very harsh anti white remarks in her thesis at the time and would do anything to support the black community. Couple this with Obama's choice of a minister and what have you here? If they can scream racist so can I and I am skeptical at the very least. If they no longer feel this way, fine. But how can I know? He hasnt seperated himself from this racist pastor after all has he? What say you to this Hermit??
  24. I think she belts it out after having a few belts of whatever drink she can get her hands on.
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