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  1. Thanks, I like It! Not to mention I have alot of heritage in Sweden!
  2. Im am looking to find out some Folk bands/artists that have that same mystical style of folk as Led Zeppelin. I love it when Zep does folk but I havent really found anyone else that does it as good. Can you suggest any? Thanks!
  3. I love the Allman Bros too!

  4. Man, I love Skynyrd too! My favorite band besides Zep. and The allmans.

  5. I have this huge cow-lick that lines the whole front of my forehead. It looks like I spike it straight up when its short. When its a little long, it sticks straight out like a visor, its so ugly.Now my hair is long and it lays down though. The chic's dig it (when its short), and they keep feeling my hair cause its so soft. But I needed a change, its been short for the last 10 years.
  6. I know western KY right by the tennessee line No, really, I do. My father is from Russellville, we used to go there all the time. I also have family in Madisonville.
  7. Yessuh! Right here in the Lex. Where are you at?
  8. This was posted on the Ultimate guitar forum and I was nice enough to post it here Enjoy!! http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=889990
  9. I just got em cause they were cheaper! BTW... How loud does it get on 10?
  10. How do I hook up a cd player or stereo to it?
  11. Sweet, I have a (lonely) 2x12 with g12H 30s just waiting for a mate. I only worked mine on the weekends too.
  12. Thats very cool. Unfortunatly, I dont have any, but thats really neat.
  13. Good for you andrew! I have yet to hear mine, cause I had some bad parts or something and George offered to look at it for me. But he has been sick and still hasnt gotten to look at my amp. I actually finished mine over a month ago, but like I said I had troubles. I think its bad tubes or transformers, because George looked at my Wiring and actually commented on how good it looked! Man, I want my amp! Im glad it sounds awesome! I hope I like mine (if I ever get it) What kind of cab/speakers are you running it through?
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