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  1. I love the Allman Bros too!

  2. Man, I love Skynyrd too! My favorite band besides Zep. and The allmans.

  3. I have this huge cow-lick that lines the whole front of my forehead. It looks like I spike it straight up when its short. When its a little long, it sticks straight out like a visor, its so ugly.Now my hair is long and it lays down though. The chic's dig it (when its short), and they keep feeling my hair cause its so soft. But I needed a change, its been short for the last 10 years.
  4. I DO. I get my butt off the couch, drive to Best Buy, buy the CD. AND LIKE IT!!! I hate buying off itunes and hate it when people steal. I dont have many cd's, but im young, and WORKING ON IT
  5. Hmmm... Might be somehing to do. Cool, thanks for the heads up. Im not sure how far Covington is from Lexington tho.
  6. I went to Quiznos, got a regular Baja Chicken sub without onions or cialtro and extra Chipotle sause .... DELICIOUS I go there quite alot, never gets old. Its the simple things right
  7. I saw the Skyrnrd Concert last night and it was AWESOME!. I wish Billy was there, i bet it would of been better. Who's the guy replacing him for now? Also, there is this lady that has guitar lessons right after me in which I speak too sometimes, when she saw me wearing a Skynyrd shirt, she told me that she was the cousin if Billy, i thought that was cool. Anyway, I hope Billy gets better.
  8. You know, I used to hate Kid Rock, but know Im really liking his music. Its very southern sounding and bluesy, im soo glad he moved away from the rap rock crapola. SKYNYRD SHOW IN A WEEK
  9. It had do do with the South, in the video he says this song came from the deep south of America.
  10. Is the song "In My time of Dying" by Led Zep a cover or what? because on the live dvd, Robert states that this song came from the deep south of America. It may not be a cover, but it could be one of those songs that there were many artists that did their versions and had no true original artist to claim rights to the song, kind of like "Black Betty".
  11. One thing I have noticed about all muscicians and band members is the way they die. Ive noticed that a very high percent of them die from plane crashes, drugs, and suicide. Now, most of the original Skynyrd crew died from the plane crash. Has anyone else noticed this also?
  12. I just received Second Helping for my birthday today, ITS AWESOME!!
  13. I would of done many things to see a show from the original Skynyrd. I hope those memories are still there. I am still lookin forward to the Lexington show though.
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