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  1. I was a victim. Does this help you any? I thought this was a place to have fun and talk about Led Zeppelin. My new life will be a happy one Forgive me.
  2. I know someone who was framed for rape. So you all go on about all this mumbo jumbo as you wish. It's still fresh in my mind and his as he did 6 hard years for her lies and deceipt. We have just installed monitoring softs for the company and all home computers in my family. Beyond that because of this thread. They are banned from it. We catch them in this forum and we will promptly remove their computers from them. Additionally for the 3 year old she may go home schooling. As far as what they do when they become 18? Doesnt matter. We asked the 3 year old about it and she just whirls around
  3. Ok, Then how about you raise our children for us?
  4. Something which may help someone along the way. And please remember this. These kind people will help you in about any situation if your lost in another country, state or wherever. They will work with Embassies, provide escorts and make sure your sent home safely http://www.travelersaid.org/ Just go to Airport, find one, stay there and be patient.
  5. That's my point. Let's have fun and just be careful Things really have'nt changed much over the past 20 years besides the media spreading hype in microseconds, false information too. I am really quite afraid for some of the future generations. And Bonnie probably meant well. I just hear so much bad news nowadays and would love love love some kind lovin and warm funny news. I would love love love it That was a good point though huh? You trust me about as much as I trust you. Buuuut there are good times and ways to screen too. Screen and meet in public if you do meet. Let someone know whe
  6. French women are the sexual predators now, claim sociologists. http://www.seductionlabs.org/2008/03/09/fr...m-sociologists/
  7. My children do not know you from Adam. They do not know how old you are or if you just raped and murdered your partner. So your advice is about as useful as the last persons lol. No offense of course You could say your Mother Theresa, Bonnie or Clint Eastwood just as easy as the next.
  8. Because evil begets evil?
  9. French women are the sexual predators now, claim sociologists. http://www.seductionlabs.org/2008/03/09/fr...m-sociologists/ What you said when we asked about sex All the juicy details of the Elle/MSNBC.com reader survey http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12410076/
  10. I hear you there. This is the longest I've ever gone without knowing who I'm gonna choose. I will more than likely vote for whoever keeps their mouth shut the most Will allow different media Fly away like a bird and take your alcoholic kids with you.
  11. If Robert Plant Had sex with Jimmy Page They would have...
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