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  1. Katuschka


    "other" And it's quite hard for me to explain what I actually mean by this "other." I'm open to various spiritual or philosophical approaches, trying to come to my own conclusions. My life has become much easier since I realised that spirituality and science do not necessarily regate each other.
  2. The main problem is that the whole concept of creationism is essentially biased.
  3. Teaching children about evolution and then telling them how the Christian God (I guess that's what you mean) 'created' the world will only confuse the children. The theory of evolution does not say this directly, but of course it denies what's written in the Bible. The theory of evolution is a scientific theory that's constantly being proven and supplemented by tangible proofs. The Bible on the other hand offers only 'ultimate truths' but does not offer any proofs. Therefore, evolution, unlike religious doctrines, should be taught at school - as a theory, which it is, and not the ultimate truth, which it is not. Christians generally tend to perceive the theory as an alternative 'ultimate truth' and often accuse its supporters of clinging to it as if it was a new scientific religion; only because it denies one particular religious dogma. But as Nathan already said, evolution does not offer an answer to how the world was created, but only how it seems to work since then. It does not negate other potential spiritual theories, only the one that's already completely illogical when read literally. So, evolution does not teach that God or 'god' does not exist. It only seems to imply that blind adherence to the content of one very old book is rather foolish. We should teach our children how to think. Let them make their own conclusions.
  4. Katuschka

    Amy Winehouse

    She is not being made aware of it? I thought they were trying to make her go to rehab... You know, I'm not entirely sure what this thread is about, and your posts are not helping much. I, as a fan, am not going to condemn her because I know nothing about her personal life and I don't know what I should achieve by condemning her. I enjoy her music and that's it. As for her friends, lovers, co-workers and ass-kissers, I can very easily understand why they should not be happy with people condemning her without actually knowing her. Or saying she's an untalented bitch simply because she makes wrong choices. Who says that they're not trying to help her? I can't agree with your opinion that condemnation is the right medicine for this kind of people. It can do more harm than otherwise. But it is your opinion and it's your choise to treat people around you according to that. Someone with my intelligence won't say "shame on you" because it's your fucking business and your responsibility. Ok, so why are you so suddenly interested in the personal life of Amy Winehouse?
  5. Katuschka

    Amy Winehouse

    Didn't know mentally ill people deserve condemnation... That's a new psychiatric method?
  6. Thanks Elizabeth. My free speech is currently being defended by total anarchy.
  7. I really don't understand why you had to use all those negative smilies. It was simply an interesting and challenging post, and I felt an urge to respond to it. I'd understand if you said the same thing to your kid, but you should understand that on a worldwide forum, it could be seen in a slightly different perspective. I rather focus on other nation's militaries, seeing them primarily as forces that can endanger my freedom. And I say whatever I want on this forum because my free speech is no longer obstructed by the (foreign) military. Not to mention there are countries where the military takes freedom from their own people. Also, freedom is not always the only thing which the military strives to protect, and one should be always aware of that. Respect someone or something blindly, and you might be the one who gives away your own freedom in the end. As for clergy, I'm not going to hate anyone as long as they don't do anything that deserves disrespect. Unfortunately, sometimes they do. As for politicians, thanks for clarifying. That's an important detail. However, sometimes it's really hard to tell whether the person is evil or not. I'm sure many Germans didn't think for a second that Hitler was evil, as he was obviously or allegedly doing all that for their own good. But look at him from a popular perspective and you'll see a completely different result. But otherwise I agree; being a leftist, one should respect the ruling rightist in case he does his job well. And vice versa. Got it?
  8. I have one brief, curious question, and it is why? The reason why I'm asking is because I'm a pacifist, an agnostic, and while I think that for example Putin or Sarkozy are strong politicians, I simply cannot respect them. Of course, I'm not asking just because of me and my personal attitude. Should Northern Koreans respect the military? Or should we respect Khomeini's decisioon to issue fatwa on Salman Rushdie?
  9. Cool idea. Is your friend also a fan of Manga?
  10. That's why I said almost everyone. The percentage is high, but I know that not everyone enjoys getting drunk. I too drink very moderately since the last time I felt really sick, which was more than three years ago.
  11. Katuschka

    Pet Peeves

    Bud, please. But the real one, not that Yankee piss. Many people do that. I'm also probably guilty of that sometimes. What I hate is when people's prejudice prevents them from actually getting to know anyone as an individual. Well, it's basically true. Čapek was an enlightened, liberal man, so he must have known:) Although it wouldn't happen without external and geographic factors. Loved Thackeray's Book of Snobs. Definitely do. It's hilarious. Though some parts are painfully true. For example this one: The capital is Prague, and according to most Praguers, it's also the capital of the universe. However, most of Czechs hate Prague and most of Praguers hate all Czechs outside of Prague. As a result, Prague is a de facto city-state inside the Czechia. Therefore, the tourists, that visit only Prague, learn nothing about Czechia. Most of Czechs will tell you that Prague is the concentration of the biggest crap from whole Czechia. I'm not from Prague but I've spent there a lot of time, so I usually find myself defending both parties.
  12. You know, almost everyone gets really drunk sometimes. That doesn't mean that you should stop worrying. You can damage your liver at any age. Be aware of alcohol poisoning, too. Especially when you drink so much you pass out. You can damage your liver very easily also by moderate, but constatnt drinking. It's a rather long-term thing. Overdosing on alcohol is much more acute, and can endanger your life immediately. And I agree with Patrycja, too.
  13. Katuschka

    Pet Peeves

    That's ok. Beer? Ok. Quite true, I think. Didn't know about that bright spot, though. I'd only add that many Czechs (including me, to be frank) dislike being called 'Eastern Europeans' because the only thing that is 'eastern' about the country is the very recent history that wasn't even really Czech, if you get what I mean. I'd agree Czechs are a lot like Germans (save for the sense for order), which is natural, because most of the population is genetically half German anyway. Although I wouldn't describe Czechs as rude or blunt. Definitely not rude, just very distrustful, which might seem as one and the same thing. The older generation is also very discernible for their bitterness. Can't blame them, though it gets on me nerves. Cold is right, I'd add conservative as well. One good thing I can think of is that Czechs aren't overtly nationalistic and don't take themselves too seriously. Really? Well, it's not very snobby to admit that you're snobby. In Prague as well. Though I've personally never met any that would qualify as such. Yeah, it is. Thanks. Although not as funny as some articles I've read on Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedia That's a bit like barking.
  14. Katuschka


    And you're damn good at that too!
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