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  1. What's the date for the A Night at the Heartbreak Hotel show? Or is it a compilation
  2. After injesting more than enough of one thing or another, my buddy and I rolled up on his at the time girlfriend fooling around with another man at the Page/Plant show at Cal Expo in 1995. That was a strange and quite awkward moment.
  3. I didn't mean that Zeppelin needs to release 30 something archived shows (or whatever number of Dick's Picks) is around, but there has to be at least a few shows worthy of release in their entirety. I picture something like HTWWW, but complete shows instead. Who here wouldn't buy a boxed set of the HTWWW shows unedited?
  4. I doubt the band has ever taken too significant of a financial hit from bootlegging. I would guess most people who own bootlegs already own every official release that the band ever put out or at least enough for the band to have turned a solid profit. How many high school stoner kids with "1977 Tour" shirts even know what a bootleg is? With that being said; years ago I stepped into the level of fandom where official releases no longer quenched the thirst for Bonham, Page, Jonesy and Plant. I have never paid a nickel for any bootleg. However, should every bootleg I have in my collection
  5. After all of the 75 replies I had to watch the 75 portion of the Led Zeppelin DVD. I can definitely see why many point to 1975 as their favorite year. It looks like I need to hunt down some recordings from this period. Wasn't there a rumor that a 1975 show (Earl's Court) was going to be an official live release?
  6. I finally heard the O2 show and believe '09 could be a smokin' year! I can't wait to put it on for someone and tell 'em its 1975 to see if they figure it out.
  7. Based on official live releases, live bootlegs, and concerts attended, in what year do you believe Zeppelin peaked on stage? I never saw them live, but based on recordings I like 1972 the best. Any thoughts?
  8. The more Zeppelin in the world the better. I would be happy to have more live archival releases, at least one more tour, AND at least one more album. Many thought the 02 show would be a bust. I can't say I was there, but the reviews I've read and glimpses on youtube I've seen say and show otherwise. Why couldn't we have one more good album. Especially if the they kept a more mature context to it rather than trying to pretend they are still 20-25.
  9. I recommend this one: Led Zeppelin: 1968-1980 - Keith Shadwick. Anyone else here read it?
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