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  1. when i heard this news just minutes after bruce announced it, the night of june 18, i was so upset and heartbroken. i really believed clarence was going to recover after his stroke. i dreamed of taking my daughter to a bruce and e street band show in the near future. as mentioned, they are amazing live. as much as i hope and expect bruce will continue to record and tour, without clarence it will never be the same. my two favorite bruce songs, among so many, new york city serenade and jungleland, have such beautiful saxophone. give them a listen, studio or live. i have grown up listen
  2. Heartfelt condolences to you L.S. and your family. Charlie spread so much laughter and inspiration to the many friends he made here. He has been missed terribly over the past months and always will be. I will think of Charlie often for the rest of my life. May you have peace now my friend
  3. ~tangerine~


    I feel so heartbroken right now. Thank you for letting us know. So many people here love Charlie. my thoughts are with all of your family. Really can't express how sad i feel over this news. please tell Charlie i will never forget him.
  4. ~tangerine~


    Charlie, although it has been a while since i last spoke to you, i think about you often. i hope time is helping you heal. You are so strong and i hope that never changes. Always wishing you the best. bobbie
  5. Paul Rodgers originally used an american accent to sound like the blues artists he was influenced by/loved. I thought he was american as a young bad company fan.
  6. bret just went through an emergency appendectomy, a subarachnoid hemmorhage, a mini stroke and just found out he has a hole in his heart. i don't see the minimal news coverage bret receives as a big deal. this man is lucky to be alive and is a true fighter.
  7. I followed this story though i never got into the 80's hair bands i always considered Bret to be hot back then. i watched all of his rock of love episodes and have been watching celebrity apprentice for the first time this season. bret is clearly a kind hearted, down to earth guy, especially for a rock star. he is the kind of guy all girls should have as a friend. i am so relieved bret is doing so well and expected to fully recover. he seems to be a great dad and said his daughters were a top reason he fought to overcome his condition. planted, yes bret is a type 1 diabetic since adolesenc
  8. ~tangerine~


    Charlie, As always i am hoping you will feel better soon. I know the kindness of your friends and family will keep you strong. My warmest thoughts continue to be with you... Bobbie
  9. I missed the show. Would have liked to see Genesis inducted, being one of my top all time favorite bands. The reason Peter Gabriel wasn't there was he is currently in rehearsals for his soon to come tour! I'm excited!
  10. Little By Little... Robert Plant
  11. Slave to Zep, I am so happy for you! I wish you and your lucky man a beautiful life together!!!
  12. Hi slave to zep! I couldn't ask to spend the day with a sweeter person! Thank you for the nice compliment, and Happy Valentine's Day to you, from one great mum to another!!!
  13. I spent today with my Valentine who always makes me happy! We went to another ice skating lesson and i took pictures of how wonderful she is doing. After dropping my nieces off at their dad's house, my Valentine and i had a delicious Japanese lunch together. I bought her a nice card that made her face light up with joy and a sticker book that we are going to create a story with together. As ledzepfvr said, it doesn't have to be a significant other to be your Valentine... and while i love my daughter every day with all my heart, it's nice to have a special day to celebrate the love. I always li
  14. I'm glad the hermit crabs are doing well My daughter went sledding with her cousins and had fun. She prefers warm weather to cold but of course enjoys some snow like most kids. I hope the next snowfall is lighter too! This is almost a record number of inches of snow in one year for my city and it was only the second storm we had this year. Past few years wasn't enough snowfall to fuss over. I know you were joking about the Bahamas but still a nice idea! Stay safe and warm!
  15. Virginia, that really sucks. Power lines in my neighborhood are underground so we were lucky not to lose power. I know over 200,000 people did in the city. It's good no damage was done to your house and i'm very glad to hear the hermit crabs are okay! I spent most of the weekend at the hospital so that was a drag, but been home since 8:30p last night and loving it! Getting ready to go shovel a little better in anticipation of the next snowstorm tomorrow. School was closed today in many areas so that's another day i paid for that my daughter is stuck at home. I expect the same thing on Wednesda
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