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  1. ~tangerine~

    Pet Peeves

    I love to blast music when i'm driving...but i hate when i have to listen to others music if it's something i don't like (ie. Rap)! My car stereo doesn't cause any earthquakes however.
  2. World Turning, Fleetwood Mac (yeah makes sense)
  3. Two of my favorite actors. I don't care if Tom has gone off the deep end a bit (at times), still dig him:
  4. sorry pic too big...will try again
  5. I'd be willing to agree with you. Being an atheist, i don't expect proof to ever arrive, lol.
  6. ~tangerine~


    Man are nothing more than animals, evolution will never change that. That is my theory, lol. I found this point of view interesting. I haven't seen anyone mention this angle so i wanted to post it: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHY IS THERE WAR? by Serge Kahili King People engage in war because they want to love or be loved. Although this may sound absurd at first, let's give it a closer look, because if we can understand the motivation for war then we might be able to redirect it. The most fundamental human need is to be accepted, and the most fundamental fear is to be rejected. The old idea that survival comes first just doesn't hold up in the light of experience because it doesn't account for those who risk their lives for others, even strangers, and for those who commit suicide. And the fear of death is the fear of the ultimate rejection: by life itself. Acceptance can be sought from oneself, one's environment (including people), or one's God, and many different strategies are used to ensure acceptance. If these strategies are pursued without fear, including fear-based anger, the result will be peace and cooperation. But as the fear of possible rejection increases, so does the tendency to seek acceptance by control or submission. Then the result is emotional represion, social suppression, and the use of violence to prove one's power or to make others accept one whether they want to or not. In the case of war, the leaders who make the major decisions set standards to judge behavior by the "other side" as acceptable or unacceptable, motivated by their personal or group standards of self acceptance or acceptance from those around them. And those who obey the orders to march off to death and destruction are motivated by the desire to be accepted by doing "the right thing" or the fear of being rejected, and/or punished, for not doing it. What's so sad is that the fundamental intention is so good. The "glory" of war lies in the experience of incredible bravery, intense companionship, demonstrations of skill, the overcoming of limitations, succesfully protecting one's country or loved ones, and the adulation for the winners. Yet, until we find a better way to satisfy the need for acceptance and the desire for real power, people will continue to go to war out of love. Our great challenge, therefore, is not just to end war, but also to develop alternatives to war which still provide the benefits that only very intense experiences can generate, as well as satisfying the need for love. http://www.huna.org/html/whywar.html
  7. Illness or sudden tragedy can strike anyone at any time.
  8. First of all i need to laugh, couldn't you wait to see your regular Dr. during office hrs. I practically broke my toe twice in the past year and i didn't go to an Emergency Department, lol. Just because someone (male or female) is a nurse, doesn't mean they are any more nurturing than anyone else. I work with many nurses who should have been in the Marines, lol. Anyway, i would nurse my mate back to health anyway he wanted me too...but that's out of love, not because of a profession. btw...the uniform you describe is obsolete in my country, and thank god. I consider what you describe to be degrading to women, and would look utterly preposterous on a male nurse (so i say they should still wear them)!
  9. ~tangerine~

    Pet Peeves

    I think it shows you dig the person you are with and can't keep your hands off them. LOL. Or you just have overwhelming affection and need to show it, here and now. Risky behavior with your mate, out in public, can be lots of fun. You just have to be discreet about what you are doing.
  10. Funny how fleeting happiness can be. Even if you think you have found it within yourself, it can leave you sad in a heartbeat. This morning i woke up expecting a nice day, but so far that hasn't happened. It's drizzling outside, which is often a comfort. Right now, nothing is a comfort.
  11. Sounds like a good plan that our country should consider implementing...lol. If you can prove these crimes, punish to the fullest. I agree with Electrophile on corporal punishment in schools. No teacher better ever let me know they put their hands on my child. Unfortunately, schools are at a point where they need metal detectors and guards to protect the children. Too many deliquients running around, thanks to too many lousy parents.
  12. If i catch you kicking Odie, you'll be a sorry pussy.
  13. My deepest respect to two young men i know (who are both Led Zeppelin fans): DRUNK and Rod Brown.
  14. Oh that's a good one, Dzldoc!
  15. I'm not obsessed, but i have loved Led Zeppelin and many other classic/hard rock bands since 1977. Now when i was a teenager i could have been classified as obsessed i guess. Led Zeppelin's music is timeless. No need to be ashamed of your devotion to them, they rock!
  16. I have always wanted to visit British Columbia, especially Vancouver, Victoria Island and Whistler. Maybe one day...
  17. For many years my absolutely favorite, dream "exotic" car to own has been an Acura NSX. http://www.police.uci.edu/community/car_sh...NSX_Laretto.jpg http://www.allfastcars.com/cars/acuransx.jpg http://www.forgeline.com/wheels/nsx05.jpg
  18. The man i love getting some much needed sleep. I just wish he was sleeping in my arms right now (soon).
  19. Rock of Love with Bret Michaels. Favorite sauce to add to pasta.
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