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  1. Saw two movies lately. Two weeks ago took my daughter and one of my nieces to see "The Princess and the Frog". I really enjoyed the authenticity of New Orleans the movie brought to it. I even shed a couple tears towards the end when the firefly died and joined his true love My daughter fell asleep half way through (but she's not good at sitting still long). My niece really liked it. Today i took my daughter to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Squeakquel". Wasn't sure i would be able to sit through it, but it wasn't too bad. Best part, we were the only two people in the theatre! My daughter really liked it so was worth the trip. I am hoping to see Avatar at IMAX soon.
  2. ~tangerine~

    Haiti Quake

    Hopefully supplies will be distributed soon. These people will be needing food/water/supplies for many months to come. I made a donation the easiest way possible, via text. The American Red Cross or Unicef are very safe organizations to donate to. For just one penny (i think most people can afford that) a tablet can be added to water to make it drinkable. Proof that any amount of money will HELP. The relief tents are another good way to donate your money. CNN reported on money donated to Unicef going towards tents among the other supplies being provided. I think the best idea (and one that many won't approve of) is to get the people who are healthy enough to travel (and willing to leave) out of that country. Seems the most humane thing to do. My friend Marie finally contacted family in Haiti. Two young cousins died in school, her Uncle and the rest of the family residing there are alive and in good condition (as of Saturday). Just talking to her is so heartbreaking. Text (money is applied to charges on cell phone bill) Unicef: 20222 or 1-8004unicef or Red Cross 1-800Helpnow text: 90999
  3. ~tangerine~

    Haiti Quake

    My employer (a University Hospital) is collecting clothing to send to Haiti. I am happy to be able to give a couple bags of mostly children's clothes. I know they will be very much appreciated. This is a great way to allow people to donate generously and make a difference. Especially for those who have financial restraints. Reminds me of sharing my daughter's old clothes with my friend Marie when her youngest daughter was born two years ago. My friend has not been able to make contact with her family members (an Uncle and many cousins). What an empty feeling that must leave her (Marie). I want to again applaud Anderson Cooper for all his heart and soul... and of course Dr. Sanjay Gupta, what an amazing man. I was also touched by this story: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/basketball/story/2010/01/16/sp-basketball-dalembert.html The people of this country don't deserve this misery any more than any other innocent human being.
  4. Having a nice lunch at Cheesecake Factory with my daughter and one of my sisters... checking out ice skating rinks, and signing our daughter's up for lessons... first one this Sunday! Picking out a karate (Kenpo/kickboxing/self defense) studio to send my daughter... as soon as the end of dance season in June. An appointment to register for summer camp/swim club for me and my daughter this Monday. Loving the idea of juggling so many activities and watching which ones she excels in! Seven days off after working this weekend!
  5. I was trying to say that i don't believe that just because someone has a strong attraction or connection for a geographic location (as the example i was quoting) that means you had a past life there I don't believe that my deep love for the beach means that i once lived in a beautiful Mediterranean Mansion at the the edge of the deep green sea but if i am reincarnated, that's where i want to grow up next time While on the subject, i wonder if my deep love of music means i was once a great composer btw Bonzolikedrummer, cute examples i think i was a mermaid.
  6. ~tangerine~

    Haiti Quake

    Absolutely! http://www.yuddy.com/celebrity/anderson-cooper/bio http://usliberals.about.com/od/peopleinthenews/p/AndersonCooper.htm
  7. ~tangerine~

    Haiti Quake

    Whatever the point of this topic, i am counting my blessings. Watching this tragedy on CNN and imagining what it must be like to be there is hard to comprehend. I have a coworker/friend who was born in Haiti and while her immediate family reside in the U.S. many of her cousins live there. I feel so sorry for those people. Watching the footage of them shows how strong they are as a culture. Helping each other in a hopeless time. A country full of poverty, but still just human beings like any of us. Bless them. I want to add that Anderson Cooper is one of my heroes. He has so much heart and courage.
  8. What you said makes me think of the way i feel any time i'm at a beach. It can be the Jersey Shore or Florida, doesn't matter. I always have a feeling of "strong affinity" to beaches in general. They are (for me) places of great beauty and deeply relax me. Like being in heaven. It's a natural way to feel because it's a place i love. Not everyone does. Makes us unique. My opinion is that when you die, that is the end. There is nothing. Sounds scary to think of things that way i suppose. The religion i was born into (never practiced religion personally) believe in reincarnation. The only time i believed in it was when i read Stephen King's "Pet Semetary" as a ten year old Interesting topic.
  9. Happy Birthday, Jimmy! The greatest and my favorite guitarist! Thank you for all the fantastic music you have made through the years!
  10. Hard to narrow down to just ten best, will try: Robert Plant, Spectrum 1984 (first solo tour) saw Robert five times, but the first time was the best! U2 (six times) best show: Veteran's Stadium 1992 (Zoo Tv Tour) Bruce Springsteen (all three shows fantastic) favorite, Corestates Spectrum 1999 YES in the round (seven times) best was the first time,Spectrum, 1979 Foreigner with The Kinks, JFK 1981 The Round-up, JFK (Allman Brothers Band, Outlaws, Molly Hatchett, Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels Band) 1981 The Cure, Spectrum 1996 Live Aid, JFK 1985 Nine Inch Nails with David Bowie, Manassas, VA 1995 Rolling Stones (three times) best show 1981 JFK with George Thorogood Billy Squier, Spectrum 1984 special mentions to: Black Sabbath 1979 (first "rock" concert), Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Blue Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, Jethro Tull, Tori Amos, Pat Metheny Group, Primus, KMFDM, and can't leave out Julian Lennon, Tower Theatre 1985 to name a few... I will second Dzldoc's Counting Crows, great show Camden Waterfront, 1996 late edit: forgot two of the best: Peter Gabriel "So" tour Spectrum, 1987 and Genesis 1992
  11. "fixin" lol. Sorry Dzldoc, don't understand what you are asking... but i don't usually break things, but some things break down themselves (tv's, heaters, cars, etc) without my help. HYE been in a treehouse?
  12. Do you mean an intravenous catheter, a urinary catheter or something else? Most people in the hospital are awake for those types of catheter insertion. Seems kind of personal, but i had both place, awake, before having a c-section. The IV was worse, lol. HYE been skiing down a triple diamond slope? (great fun)!
  13. Having a nice time at an indoor swim club birthday party today. My daughter loved swimming again and so now we are definitely going to restart swim lessons this month. The life guard was her swim instructor over the summer so it was great to see her. Also happy about signing my daughter up for ice skating lessons this month! We're running out of days of the week.
  14. Spending the day with my sister and nieces. Seeing Disney on Ice with all the girls, then having a nice lunch at a seafood place (fresh lobster tails, yum). Taking nice pictures of the show and getting 277 pictures developed today! I love having a digital camera.
  15. ~tangerine~

    Top 5's

    Hi Virginia, i love it! You put Million Dollar Listing on your top five! I have seen a few of Tabitha and they are enjoyable. She's hilarious! I like sirchris's idea, so Top five Beatles songs: The Long and Winding Road Across the Universe I Want You (She's So Heavy) Dear Prudence I'll Be Back and five more Yesterday The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey Baby You're A Rich Man I'm Looking Through You and from Redrum, top five cities i've visited: Sanibel Island, FL Puerto Vallarta, Mexico New York City, NY Singer Island, FL Walt Disney Land, Anaheim, CA and five more Beaver Creek, CO Stowe, VT Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL New Orleans, LA Key Largo, FL and from pagemccartney95 top five bands (of all time) The Beatles Led Zeppelin Bruce Springsteen Genesis The Rolling Stones and five more U2 The Cure Pink Floyd Cocteau Twins Robert Plant
  16. Happy Holidays and Happy 2010!
  17. My first year in 17 when i won't be working Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (except for 2004 when i was still on maternity leave). Going bowling with my sister and nieces tomorrow, Japanese food for dinner tomorrow night, and mom is cooking a fresh turkey dinner on Christmas. Happy Holidays to all!
  18. Among many tv and movie roles, i noticed she was also the voice of Luanne Platter on King of the Hill. I don't watch the show, but thought maybe you have seen it since it's quite popular.
  19. I disagree with any negative comments about "Your Time Is Gonna Come". I'm not saying people can't dislike the song, i just don't agree with the derrogatory remarks i just read. One of my top ten favorite Zeppelin songs and next to "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" my favorite on the first album. It just sounds really good to my ears, music and Robert Plant alike As Wolfman said, one of the more underrated songs, but i do catch it playing on the radio once in a while.
  20. ^ Exactly, i bet $20 she died of complications related to anorexia. I just saw a picture of her at an award show event on the news and she was bone thin. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/anorexia/DS00606/DSECTION=complications Very sad, she was such a cute girl and seemed to be truly sweet. I hope the cause of death will be revealed and if my very likely hunch is right, will help to once again shed light on this terrible illness.
  21. Hi slave to zep, i would love to trade weather with you (or join you there)! I was happy all day. Got some nice fresh fruit and other food supplies for the "big storm", lol. Needed to go food shopping anyway. Had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch (comfort food). Shoveled snow with my daughter, who was a big help with the broom. Enjoyed watching all the snow fall while feeling so much freedom. My poor coworkers are stuck at work in "snow emergency" conditions. They may never get home (due to policy, not just weather). Looks like we will end up with close to 2 feet by morning when it should end.
  22. Hi Virginia, we are getting your snow up here now So far looks like close to a foot and i hear they are expecting 18 to 24". We haven't had this much snow in a long time either. I'm getting ready to go out and shovel now so i will only have to do half the job tomorrow. It's 20 degrees but not windy. Tomorrow winds are supposed to pick up.
  23. So glad i am off the weekend and with the expected snowfall, i don't have to worry about driving in it (if i don't want to go out). I lucked out this time.
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