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  1. Atlas, she needs to be in Rehab. Not that it's guaranteed to work because we all know it often doesn't. You are just prolonging your own pain in a situation you can't control or improve. I think you would also benefit from talking to a therapist. I understand your love for her, but she can't reciprocate. She manipulates you and uses you. You deserve a better relationship than this one.
  2. Hi slave to zep, you're welcome! I know how much pride and joy you feel for your son! I'm so glad to hear he is making such wonderful progress! It will be so nice you get to spend quality time with your family this year at Christmas! Have a great holiday! I am off Christmas eve and Christmas day this year but working eight hour evening shifts on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. At least my daughter will get to spend New Year's Eve day with my sister and her girls. They are seeing Disney on Ice and then going out to dinner. I know she will have a great time.
  3. Hi Danny, that was a wonderful thing to do for the bird. You saved his life! I'm very proud of you Quite a few years ago when i was with my exhusband i noticed an injured pigeon in our driveway. He had injured his leg. My husband and i found an animal rescue place (it was on a Sunday as i recall so not much open). The place was quite a drive but i begged my husband to take me. He picked up the bird (i was afraid to) and we took him there. We called to check on his progress and were told he was doing fine a few weeks later. It's a good feeling to help an animal in need. Foxes running around your area? I have never seen one where i live. The red fox is a beautiful creature.
  4. So heartwarming to hear such good news! What a nice Christmas present your son has given you, slave to zep! He sounds like he has some talent that needs to be explored! Have a great holiday season! I was happy my daughter had such a good time at school today (it was carnival day)! Getting some major cleaning done around the house was nice, too!
  5. Atlas, don't you feel you deserve better? This girl has proven to you, quite a while ago, that she does not want help. Once you realize someone doesn't really care, then it's time to move on. It took me a long time to see that with someone in my past, but once i finally opened my eyes, it was easy. Your self respect can only be beaten down for so long. I am sure there is a girl out there with more to offer than this one. No reason to feel unhappy so far today!
  6. Watching a 1 year old and 3 year together is a big job. I would hope the eight year old would help a little bit. When i watch my 2 nieces or 2 nephews with my daughter i try to tune out all the noise Kids are hard work. My one daughter makes me feel like i'm caring for a bunch, especially a night. When i finally get her to sleep, exactly as you say... looks like an angel. Somehow makes you forget what you went through before they fell asleep random: it's a beautiful sunny day with temps in the high 40's. I wish this was the worst of winter (i guess it is in Florida or California). Clean up day!
  7. Raining all day. Tempature currently 45, winds at 3 miles/hr. Such a dark day, happy to be hibernating in the house.
  8. Happy that a long, busy weekend is over. Working Friday through Sunday will do that to you Now i can enjoy knowing that i only have to work Wednesday this week and off until Monday! I guess sometimes working all weekend isn't so bad (when it's over)! Happy that despite cold temps, the sun is shining bright! Watching a bunch of squirrels running around outside through the window. I think i'm gonna take them some seeds/nuts i have in the house outside (since they are going in my trashcan, lol). Hotplant, i see what you are talking about. I do wish Spats was still here, but wow, that thread was so negative. Hey Doc, did you get that snow you were talking about? I am happy we got just an inch of snow this weekend. Wasn't enough to disrupt traveling to and from work, thank goodness!!! edit: i guess i missed all the fun. I noticed the bring back spats thread but that's all i got to see.
  9. It is a funny show and i love that aspect of it. They are all unusual, but i have a feeling they are typical for Hollywood natives. Have you noticed the clients are even weirder than the realtors? If you watch a few more episodes that will be clear. Try to look past Chad's oddness and you will see his resemblance to the Beatles, lol. Not just the hair...
  10. Hi Virginia, yes, lol, it's Chad Rogers !!! You have to watch the whole season. I started watching this season because i like Bravo (Top Chef, Rachel Zoe Project, Millionaire Matchmaker) and i kept seeing previews for his show. I instantly found him adorable, since he has the look i love. I really love the show now and hope they will replay last season's shows since i didn't watch back then. Chad may seem like a geek to some, but i think he is a really cool guy. I love Starla, too. I don't use Twitter much, but i like to read his page. He responds to all his fans! Glad you feel better!
  11. Spending the day in Center City with my sister and all the girls. Seeing the light show at Macy's was very pretty, shopping for clothes for my daughter (as usual ), a trip to Reading Terminal Market for lunch, and dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Today really felt like winter (the temps and the activities). I'm ready for spring now!
  12. Hi Danny, thanks for thinking of me! My sister had a great dinner at her house and i enjoyed hanging out with my family. There was so much food, and while i didn't overeat at dinner, i did bring home leftovers! My daughter spent the early morning at the Thanksgiving Day parade in Center City with my other sister and her girls. She had a great time (and i got to sleep late, lol) so the day was good all around! Three more days off of work to make the rest of the week beautiful!
  13. Don't think for a second that your very smart daughter doesn't understand deep down she's unloved when not so much as a phone call is returned or extended on her birthday. My attitude in not an excuse for your lack of a conscience. Enjoy your holiday.
  14. When will she wear a mink coat? You are from So Cal aren't you? No significant deadbeat to buy for this year. Lots of kids though, so it's going to be lots of toys, books, art and crafts, clothes, pajamas and gift cards. My five year old is begging for an IPod so i might just break down and take her shopping for one. I think she's too young, but she loves music so much and is great with technology for her age. Hey, dad, if you're reading, maybe send your daughter a gift this year? Dzldoc, i feel for you.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a great day!

  16. A father who can't send his daughter a birthday card or make a phone call. Pitiful.
  17. Hi Slave to Zep, hope you had a nice vacation... be so long since i spoke with you I had a great birthday lunch with my daughter at Japanese Hibachi. Took my nieces along since everyone had off for the holiday. Then i got to watch my daughter at ballet/tap. Awesome. Last, a spending spree at Target to pick up birthday gifts on the gift card my daughter received. Edit: and U2 presale tickets with first level seating close to the stage! Can't wait for July!
  18. I know what you have gone through this past year is something none of us ever want to go through. I am in awe of how strong and courageous you were during your very difficult struggle. As mentioned already, you are a true inspiration to all who know your story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Wishing you good health in the future and a bright new start! I'm glad to know you, Charlie!
  19. You See Me Crying... Aerosmith and can't resist, I'll Cry Instead... The Beatles
  20. Thank you Fan_S and Virginia for the birthday wishes for my daughter! The gym was so much fun that a couple parents attending the party asked me for information on signing up their kids! My daughter is also learning lots of skills and even did a full turn on the parallel bar last week without any help from her instructor. I'm happy to be off the next three days!
  21. My daughter's birthday party was a blast. All the kids loved the non-stop activities at the gymnastics place. Twenty great kids showed up. The pizza and cake were good. My daughter got too many toys i was hoping for mostly gift cards. however... I'm so happy it's over now, lol. Daddy couldn't make it but i guess we can use Hurricane Ida as his excuse, this year... Hey Dzldoc, glad to see you getting back to enjoying yourself!
  22. Your Own Special Way... Genesis
  23. Rooting loudly for you Dzldoc! Don't let her continue this charade. I'm unhappy i have to go back to work tomorrow
  24. That's so cute! I hope you had fun!
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