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  1. You're welcome! Enjoy Halloween with your son! What costume will he be wearing?
  2. Sorry about your grandpa, Broken Levee. You do have a nice boyfriend I was happy watching my daughter at hip hop class today. What a great dancer. Then she practiced for me tonight at home. Was happy to finish the final preparations for her birthday party next weekend. Happy to be getting ready to trick or treat tomorrow night, and happy the weather is expected to be close to 70 with no rain, AND that the clocks go back an hour and i won't be working a 13 hr. night shift like i did last year!!!
  3. Hi 'BUCK'EYE' DOC', it is my understanding that Ketamine is used for anesthia quite often (in humans. So far, in the setting i work, it's being reserved for patients who have poor pain management after surgery due to chronic illness that they were already being treated for preop. The intravenous infusion is given in addition to PCA (for laymen, patient controlled anesthia). Once the patient is able to be titrated off and back on their former pain regimen, the infusion is stopped (usually within a few days). I'm sure it's a safe enough drug when prescribed properly, but use outside that realm is another story. Your sons attended a cool school! I know we never did things like that in my day! This is my daughter's first school pj party and i know it will be so much fun! I wish i could send her to school in pj's every day! The few minutes it would save each morning getting out the door would add up! The dance classes are costly, like all activities nowadays. I spend $1700 a year on 2 dance and 1 gymnastics class, not including outfits and the mandatory recital costumes. I would estimate that is an additional $500 (including ballet/tap/hip hop shoes). I'm pretty sure as my daughter gets older, we will be adding more activities, too. I have no idea how someone on welfare pays any bills let alone has money leftover for extra-curricular activities. There must be another source of income coming in there.
  4. If i'm talking about the first through fourth albums i say: Zeppelin I, Zeppelin II, Zeppelin III, Zeppelin IV, if i had to write the name of each of those albums, or answer that question on Jeopardy, i would call them Led Zeppelin I, II, III, IV. In younger days i also called it Zoso Zeppelin IV from time to time. I think with "Honky Tonk Women" (off the Zeppelin path) anyone who calls it "Woman" has never owned it on album/tape/cd or doesn't read titles. For those, i can understand. I always correct someone who calls it the wrong name
  5. Hotplant, your granddaughter is beautiful! I know you are very proud! Thank you Buck Eye Doc for the references for Bigdan to share with his son! Great story, Danny, and i know how you feel about drugs, so i'm not worried your son will be just fine. Just this past week i had two patients started on intravenous Ketamine drips. They are postoperative with other pain issues in addition to their surgical pain. The one patient was given a bolus dose first by our Pain Management Nurse, and she had what was described as "an out of body experience" from it. She did not like the effect it had and it was made clear she would not be offered another bolus. She did fine with the drip. But that is some potent stuff. Oh what the hey, here's another reference, Dan: http://www.dancesafe.org/documents/druginfo/ketamine.php Good job Electrophile. It's nice to be given recognition when it's well deserved. So this didn't make me happy so much as flattered. My daughter's teacher asked me (and only two others out of a class of 18 children) to do a career day presentation next week. I would have liked more time to obtain some nice treats for the class. I found a site that will send me free coloring books, magnets and bookcovers. I'm hoping my sister can get me some goodies from the children's hospital she works at as well. I expect talking to the class should be fun, but would be much easier speaking to teenagers than five years olds My daughter is excited about it so at least i can make her feel proud of her mom, lol. Was so excited to find out yesterday that my daughter's class is having a pajama party on Monday, at school, that my mom and i (she was excited too) went out and bought her brand new, adorable pj's for the occasion. The class is going to go to school in their sleepwear, they are having pancakes, eggs, fries and juice as a special breakfast, and watching a movie that begins with "p". This is for the week of the letter P. For the letter T they had a tea party. For S all the parents had to send in a salad item, and the class made a big salad. Some great ways to learn the alphabet! My daughter also gets fitted next week for her ballet, tap and hip hop outfits! Recital is the third week of June, 2010! We can't wait to see the outfits that the instructor should have online very soon for us to view. Four days off started today... always nice!
  6. Hi Dancin' Days', that's cool. I can't do that with my PC but i bet it looks really cool. I also added U2's "Walk On" and The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" to my ringtone collection. I didn't see "Thank You" as an option on my music site, but that's one i would also love.
  7. It's not my co-workers i'm worried about. I leave my phone on all the time at work and sometimes when i'm in a patient room it rings. So i need a subtle sound. Anyway, now i have five ringtones so i can alternate them and not get sick of any
  8. To quote my friend Dancin Days, i call them like i see them. Mary Hartman also likes Pink Floyd, lol p.s. i could certainly have misinterpreted what i have read in your exchanges and posts about ZFF.
  9. I have a suggestion that may not work, but it's worth a try. At the bottom left corner (on my pc anyway) there are a few options. If you try others maybe one will allow you to use the controls. I can't copy the spot to show you what i mean but it says LZBoard Lo-Fi, LZI and LZII. Good luck.
  10. Exactly (the definition of a tribute) so i don't see why your idea was challenged, Buck Eye Doc. Electrophile, why try to act like your feelings are indifferent, when you obviously feel otherwise. I also agree that making accusations when someone is not here to defend themselves is pretty low.
  11. Maybe you can keep his spirit alive, Danny I tried to make him see reason (used the old you have so many friends here who are asking for you)... maybe you can make that work on him. I don't think i did.
  12. Don't worry, he is fine Fan_S. I don't think he will change his mind about returning.
  13. I believe you will be on your own Bigdan. Doesn't look like Zeppfanforever will return. He seems to stick to his word and i don't think he is going to stray from this trait, not even for the many friends he made here.
  14. Thank you, Dancin Days! Its midnight in manhattan, this is no time to get cute, its a mad dogs promenade, So walk tall, or baby dont walk at all.
  15. You said it, what an asshole. Sad that some people are so clueless. On a brighter note, you are done your treatments!
  16. Hi Dancin Days, good question. I truly don't remember what song i first heard that turned me on to Bruce. "Born To Run" was out for a year or so when i fell in love with Bruce. I used to listen to the album on my turntable from start to finish. I shed many tears on that picture of Bruce leaning on Clarence in the middle of the sleeve and "Jungleland" was always my favorite song on Born To Run. It's a fantastic album any way you look at it... Backstreets, She's The One, Thunder Road, even Meeting Across the River, to name a few, are such great songs and stories. There's a lot more to my Bruce love, but i won't go into it Bruce will always remind me of the love of my life, and that keeps them both living on in my heart and soul. The highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.
  17. Gotta agree with you on this post, Dancin Days, that was a bit rough around the edges (the post you are referring to) Hey John, this song is for you. If you don't return (and i hope you will, farewell and i'll talk to you soon). U2 Lyrics - Acrobat Don't believe what you hear Don't believe what you see If you just close your eyes You can feel the enemy When I first met you girl You had fire in your soul What happened your face Of melting in snow Now it looks like this And you can swallow Or you can spit You can throw it up Or choke on it And you can dream So dream out loud You know that your time is coming 'round So don't let the bastards grind you down No, nothing makes sense Nothing seems to fit I know you'd hit out If you only knew who to hit And I'd join the movement If there was one I could believe in Yeah I'd break bread and wine If there was a church I could receive in 'cause I need it now To take a cup To fill it up To drink it slow I can't let you go I must be an acrobat To talk like this And act like that And you can dream So dream out loud And don't let the bastards grind you down Oh, it hurts baby (What are we going to do now it's all been said) (No new ideas in the house and every book has been read) And I must be an acrobat To talk like this And act like that And you can dream So dream out loud And you can find Your own way out You can build And I can will And you can call I can't wait until You can stash And you can seize In dreams begin Responsibilities And I can love And I can love And I know that the tide is turning 'round So don't let the bastards grind you down
  18. Happy Birthday, Virginia! I hope you have a wonderful day with some time for yourself to relax and enjoy it!
  19. i Danny! Hope you are doing well. Sounds like you are It's not that i'm on a healthy kick, but as you get older, and see what i see in my profession... sometimes hearing about the benefits of something as simple as green tea (and i know this is not new information) you decide to incorporate it into your life. I am looking mostly at the anti-cancer potential. At a recent Oncology conference, a nutritionist said (and of course there is never "proof" of these things) that drinking green tea can potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer by 50%. I'm not one to do or eat or drink anything i don't like, but i like green tea, so i'm making it a part of my daily schedule, lol. Your advice is good and i hope others will take note of it... i like baked beans, but after hearing about what is put into the metal containers and how harmful it is (a couple years back) i stopped buying all canned foods. Ashame, because i really liked some of Campbells soups. Zeppfanforever is the one to discuss stools with, he brought it up in the first place. Have a great night Bigdan!
  20. Thanks for the thoughts. I do hope to see Bruce next time he's in town. My sister and i were going to see him and then she backed out (work and money were her reasons). Then last week my best friend and i discussed going. She was online ready to purchase tickets. I told her wait until i got home to look at the seats and then the next day she decided she could only go this past Monday (yesterday) and i was already scheduled to work and couldn't take off. Then my sister asks me at 6pm tonight if i want to go! Yeah, if i didn't have to now find a babysitter at the last second. Just bums me out. Bruce holds a special place in my heart like no other and it's hard to explain, but since i was ten going on eleven i have loved him. I have only seen Bruce live three times, that number should be at least 300! There is nothing like a Bruce show. No performer does it better. Period. Thank you Aquamarine for your comment. I appreciate it!
  21. I'm not just unhappy, but truly heartbroken that i am not here tonight. I have seen over a hundred shows at this venue alone, and saw Bruce here in 1999. Something about a show at the Spectrum that is special. Since this is Bruce's last show here, made tonight's concert more sentimental. I have shed a few tears tonight listening to WMGK, the best radio station for Bruce (and Beatles) coverage. My hope is to take my daughter to see a Bruce concert in the next year or two. I hope she will be mature enough by next year. Until then, i will feel sadness over missing this night. http://www.philly.com/philly/news/breaking/20091020_Springsteen_bids_farewell_to_Spectrum_tonight_.html
  22. Exactly what i expect from your children, Virginia! You (and i guess your hubby has some effect too ) are the kind of parents all children should have and need! Happy to have just finished a delicious Japanese Hibachi dinner. Hibachi grilled salmon and shrimp, rice, noodles, zucchini, carrots, clear soup. Comfort food. Enjoying watching my daughter write her numbers (she can write to 20 and count into the hundreds) and alphabet. Her letters are beautiful for any age, not just four. She better make honors when she hits junior high! Happy my daughter's tummy feels better after the last few days. Similar to what you said, Virginia. I don't bribe/promise my daughter gifts in exchange for behavior. I buy her plenty but when she misbehaves i threaten (and once in a while follow through) with taking things away. I'm a softy so it's usually all talk and she knows this, but it does work in getting her to behave, some of the time.
  23. I'm not trying to detox. I'm not one to try fads. If you need a good cleaning, try a Colonoscopy prep (lol). I have always loved tea you get when at a Chinese (black tea) or Japanese (green tea) restaurant. I drink unsweetened iced tea frequently (black tea). But with all the buzz lately about green tea, i purchased some bags from the local Japanese restaurant i love. They were huge, big enough for an entire pot of tea at one time! So i just bought Lipton Green tea bags at the market. I really like the taste and with the added health benefits, i'm hooked. Green tea is high in antioxidants, low in caffeine. I've been drinking a cup a day all week. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Health_effects_of_tea I have no desire to dress up but thanks for the suggestion Our temps have risen and if this can keep up for another two weeks, i will be happy!
  24. I think a German beer would knock me for a loop, lol. I love beer, but don't drink liquor often. Is there any German beer that isn't too heavy? I might enjoy that. "The Ocean" is one of those songs i never tire of. I love the upbeat sound and it makes my top ten favorite Zeppelin list Please, copy me! I think it would be cool if you use "The Ocean"! I just wish it was the end of the song instead of the start (not that it doesn't sound good, it does)! I noticed "Custard Pie" was available, too. I may get that one next. In searching also came across a Robert Plant favorite "Pink and Black"... still thinking about returning to get that one.
  25. Okay, Dancin Days... you owe me $2.49... because of this thread i just went in search of a second Led Zeppelin ringtone, found "The Ocean" and now that is my current ring. the ringtone is the music in the start of the song. I'm not sure if it will be subtle enough for work, but since i'm off today, i will give it a try.
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