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  1. "Run For Your Life" The Beatles
  2. I have Kashmir, but i mostly use "Wish You Were Here" and "Beautiful Day"... they are calming ringtones and i can leave my cell on at work with them and not attract attention.
  3. I have been drinking green tea at home, not just when i dine at the Japanese restuarant. http://www.green-tea-expert.com/ I don't expect any miracles, but green tea has alot of great benefits. Another random thought, the cold weather (been in the 40's past few days) is supposed to leave us today for the 60's! Sunshine all week, too! I hope this continues through Halloween!
  4. Since i'm a Leo pretty obvious Mountain Lions/Pumas/Cougars in particular, but i love all cats of all sizes. "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" or "Rocky Raccoon" (Bill for me)
  5. I hope you do feel better by then! If i want to attend an event, i try not to worry about the price of admission. Just enjoy yourself! Must be the tourists i was thinking are the freaks, lol... New Orleans is a great town!
  6. The Crow was a good movie. I'm sure that will be a great costume. I already said in my original post i am not dressing up and Victoria is wearing her ballet recital outfit from May. She is a cheetah, i will hold the candy bag (and not return home before it's full, lol).
  7. Somehow i knew you weren't going to dress up as a KISS member Your idea sounds interesting, just be careful, impersonating the law does hold penalties... i thought freaks were out in full force every day in New Orleans, lol.
  8. So Charles, which KISS are you going to dress up as? When i was eleven i was a fan and for Halloween that year i went out as Paul Stanley (not that hard to do his make-up) and my best friend went as Gene Simmons. We had a blast. Of course, KISS were at their peak at the time. I love candy so i love to go to as many houses as i can. My daughter is wearing her ballet recital costume from May, a cheetah. It's gorgeous, with sequins, faux fur and a gorgeous pattern. I don't dress up, but i hold the candy bag, lol.
  9. The Last Time... The Rolling Stones
  10. No way! Really, that's your car Uncle Bill? Damn lucky! I have loved the NSX since i first saw one in the early 90's. My heart started racing when i saw one on the road! I remember at the time i bought my first house (96) it cost the same as the NSX! Less popular than the Ferrari and Lamborghini, but just as hot! What year is yours?
  11. Hi Mona, hope you feel better soon. I'm just getting over a bad cold that included sinus headaches and stuffiness so i have lots of empathy for you! I have this dream from time to time. Some of the things i would do if i had unlimited funds: Sell my present home. It's time for luxury. Have a house built in the suburbs as my main residence, by the best contractor, with alot of green features. Would include at least 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, hardwood and travertine floors throughout, state of the art gourmet chefs kitchen, fireplaces, large, open living spaces, olympic size indoor pool with covered lania, outdoor kitchen, lots of patios and gardens, plus a large area for the kids to play tennis, basketball, baseball, etc. A music room with all the instruments you could want, a dance floor and ballet area. Would invite my sister and two nieces to share in our masterpiece. Ourchase two other residences. First a Mediterrainian home on the beach in Florida. Jupiter Island is one of my first choices. Home would include a tropical outdoor pool with lots of waterfalls. Purchase another home in one of the nicest areas in Toronto, on the water or beach. Would also have two cars for each property. An Acura NSX would be one of them. Give my sisters and parents enough money to retire in style. Put away half of my wealth for my daughter. Give my nieces and nephews a large sum of money for college and their first house and car. Enroll my daughter in all the activities she can handle. Continue her dancing, gymnastics, and swimming, add karate and music lessons... piano, clarinet and violin to start. Spend my free time taking my daughter to all her activites. Swim and lay on the beach in my free time. Travel plans include seeing all the Caribbean Islands, England, Ireland, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti/Bora Bora and Fiji, and Canada. Travel all over my country... and eat at the best restaurants. Stay at the nicest resorts/hotels. Travel the country when a tour i want to see is happening, ie... U2 or Springsteen. Get involved in charities that help with Animal Rights and Environmental issues. Retire from "work"! Maybe open a business of my own one day (flower shop would be nice)
  12. I'm not saying that at all. Just pointing out how fake the Republicans are in comparison to what they "claim" to be. There shouldn't have been any decision to make in this case except to do the right thing. They are so against abortion, but human rights don't matter. Bogus. We all know why they voted against this... pure greed. Let's be realistic, nobody is pure as the driven snow, lol.
  13. "Echoes" has been my favorite Pink Floyd song for at least twenty five years (with Sheep in second place). I can still remember playing my "Meddle" LP many years ago. I might still have it. Almost everyday you fall Upon my waking eyes, Inviting and inciting me To rise. And through the window in the wall Come streaming in on sunlight wings A million bright ambassadors of morning. And no one sings me lullabyes And no one makes me close my eyes So I throw the windows wide And call to you across the sky....
  14. Your welcome. You need to make a hard decision. I see many liver transplant patients each year. I see others who are not candidates and die from alcoholic cirrhosis and other non alcoholic liver disease such as cancer. The only way to tell what condition her liver is in is to get a biopsy. But even more important, is for her to get Rehab and recover. Now that is a challenge that may be impossible. She sounds like too much of a mess for anyone to help. Best to you, Atlas.
  15. You knew from the start what you were getting involved in: Sorry things haven't turned out better. Some people can't be saved. This woman might be one of them. You are going to feel hurt for a while to come. Proabably best if you decide whether it's over or not and then stand by your decision. Then you can take time to heal. You will know when you are ready to move on. Heartache sucks, and no matter how hard you try, often nothing will dull the pain. Only time. Even then, a true love is someone who you may always feel longing for, no matter how much time passes. But the pain does lessen. The sad fact is some with such a strong addiction is prone to fail and since this woman seems to be out of control (and was when you met her) there's a good chance that liver disease will take her life long before getting it together ever happens. Sorry to sound abrupt, but i have seen it happen in my personal and professional life. As Fan_S said, take care of yourself. I do wish you the best in finding happiness in the future.
  16. It's wonderful that Al Franken got this to pass. I don't think there is any excuse for those who opposed it. Even if your explanation is true (and seems to me they have more personal reasons) they should all be ashamed of themselves and feel total embarrassment. It's not that they approve of gang rape, it's that some other motivation is more important to them. Strange how it was 30 republicans, the "moral" party, who voted to allow violence and horror to go unpunished.
  17. Dzldoc, as many have already said, i share in the joy of your treatments almost ending, and your fantastic Ct scan results! You are an inspiration to many of us who would not have dealt with such a difficult experience as brave and mighty as you have! Purely sincere in my sentiments! Wishing you good health from now on! I was happy to find a recent pic of one of my few "soulmates" on twitter. Haven't seen him in about 15 years and was a nice surprise. Now just hoping he will add me as the second follower to his list. Happy my daughter feels better after having a cold and earache the past few days. Enjoyed a nice time at her ballet tap class today. Planning a nice birthday dinner for my dad with the family later today. Going to enjoy a nap in a few minutes since i didn't get much sleep last night. It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away
  18. Rape is still rape. Most rapists are not murderers. Many murderers rape their victim first. Rape is a crime that occurs everywhere and in all kinds of situations. The severity of the crime should dictate the severity of the punishment. This does not make the crime of rape any less violent or horrific. Having your body violated definitely takes a toll on your "soul". It's also a crime against women in particular. EL, i am surprised you are not in defense of that. You have defended him against the "rape" of a 13 year old girl. I wondered if you feel the sexual relationship of him at age 41 and another young woman (13 or 14 when it began) shed any more light on the kind of man he really is. Hey Bidgan, love the posts!
  19. You need to stop making rape sound like no big deal. While this victim in this case forgave her attacker, that does not mean she accepts what happened as something she deserved. That does not mean she doesn't wish it never happened. Rape is not a crime that somehow allows a woman to "grow" or "learn from it". There is no "blessing" in the act of someone you don't want putting their private parts into your body doing it anyway. The fact that he drugged her first is even more revolting. He gave her less opportunity to fight him off. Had she been well, maybe she could have gotten away from him. Along with physical injuries, rape brings with it psychological injuries to the victim. You don't know what she has suffered from this. There is no blessing in being raped. As a side note, interesting about the relationship between Natsha Kinski and Roman Polanski. Maybe that can be added to his charges. How do you defend this EL?
  20. "The Chain" is one of my daughter's favorite songs. We have it taped from Sirius music on the DVR so she can play it herself and this morning she told me she did while i was still in bed! I just read this thread to her and now she put the song on again. She was about three when she fell in love with this song. Anyway, if nothing else, reading this to her and getting her all excited was worth while! lol, she's dancing too. I like the way all three main singers, Lindsey, Stevie and Christine sound together!
  21. Hi ZeppFanForever, so i was right... lol. Make sure you set Bigdan straight on this. I saw Billy Squier in 1984 at his peak and what a great concert! He was my kinda lover, lol. I think you wanted "everyone's" attention but that's okay. I must have missed the warm kiss, been so long since i've had one, lol. Have a nice night and i'm glad you were able to get some answers you were looking for (while gaining notoriety). I just hope Bigdan doesn't start a similar thread.
  22. Hi Dan, i think you know why i referred to Billy, I didn't even know the Corey's had a show. As for John Stamos, my daughter has finally started liking "Full House" so i can watch him anytime now, lol. I told her that i kissed John, so now when he is on she always asks "is he the one you kissed?" Hey, i hope you are enjoying your new city! I have missed you and hope you are doing exceptionally well Just between us, Bigdan is just a big pussycat, and i have noticed you can hold your own, regardless plenty of room for two smarties. Take care Dan!
  23. Hi Danny, you are too damn funny I could be wrong, but i have a feeling, it's you Danny, who is wrong (i hope ZFF backs me up on this one). I believe this is the real "Johnny": ZFF is too nice to ever be compared to "Jack". As for the issue at hand, i think you should change the ROCK ON to another famous quote from a rocker i dug in the 80's, Billy Squier's song ROCK ME TONIGHT would be a nice change. Well just my two cents, and i don't think you need them anyway the only repetition on this board that did irk me... and i did a great job of not saying so most of the time, was this (anybody remember): "this" and "that", lol. Who was that, the First Led Zep i believe (boy i miss him). ZFF, you didn't really need a thread for more board attention did you? Have a great day, and keep offending! Your friend, Bobbie p.s. it's great to see the two Dan's in one thread again! miss ya, kakdaddy
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