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  1. So can you spare another $2,500? Okay, well seriously, i know you are a wonderful dad. Not everyone has one of those, lol. My daughter is my first priority. Just tonight i was talking to my next door neighbor who has a two year old daughter. Returned home after 9pm and my daughter and the neighbor's daughter start playing and running around (dark and drizzling at the time:) ). Anyway, i told her (Jen) how many activities my daughter is enrolled in and she says "you are crazy"! As long as my daughter wants to do everything, i will continue to give her the opportunities. I know that is the kind of father you are, no matter what age your child is. I know you are my friend. I just cleared out a bunch of messages from the pm box. I have to get to sleep so please forgive if i don't get back to you tonight. Have a great night and try to get your five hrs of sleep in somewhere
  2. Hi Nathan, you're welcome. Actually, i went to Hebrew school for one month when i was seven. My mom and my best friend's mom (who i went with) asked us if we wanted to continue after that. Naturally, we said no, opting to be outside playing rather than inside learning, lol. My family celebrates the high holidays but very informally. For example, there is no seder on Passover, but we do have family dinners. I have never been religious, and in fact, i a atheist. But being Jewish isn't just a religion, it's a Nationality. That is something you can't change. I just thought of Evester... i believe he said he is Jewish. Agreed, ZFF is always positive (kind of disgusting sometimes, doesn't he get PMS like the rest of us , seriously, he is a rare find. I wish you luck on your Statistics test. That was one course that gets such a bad rap, but i had the greatest Stats instructor in Nursing School, and i got an A in the course. She made it fun and she gave breaks for math errors. She looked like Tracy Chapman, including the hair I hope you get the financial aid in order soon!
  3. Seems you are not the only one, and others actually seemed to have been making fun like children would do. I respect that one person came right and stated his very forward opinion (better than making fun). I applaud ZFF for kindly telling that person he won't change for them. Maybe his style is odd, but then ZFF isn't your average guy That's a compliment btw.
  4. You sure, not even ONE? I have noticed that even when challenged to spit back a nasty or defensive remark, ZeppFanForever gives it a positive spin. He's the guy who when you give him the finger during road rage, instead of doing the same back, he waves to you Hilarious post, Danny!
  5. You're welcome. I haven't been here much past couple days, and haven't read many posts beyond the last page of a few threads. But a friend kind of directed me to read some, and wow, kind of sad to see people behaving so silly. I KNOW you can fight your own battles, lol. Don't you have a black belt? Nice to have a friend like you!
  6. He used poor judgement in pursuing such a young girl. He used very poor judgement in what came next. If his victim wanted punishment, i would be on her side. Since she doesn't, as i said, i don't care either way what happens. I haven't heard of any other incidents like this occurring in his past, so it's not a serial crime from what i can see. But i can't see defending what he did in any way, shape or form. Some men feel they can do such things. Some men would never consider such an act. Those are the men i respect. The others should be given the same punishment they apply to their victims. Yes, thankfully he didn't kill her. I don't think his intent was any more than taking advantage of her and not caring or not believing he would get caught. A young victim is easy prey. Unfortunately, it's a pandemic in the world around us.
  7. Your welcome Danny. I kind of get the picture you would mean business! Can't say i blame you for the way you feel. An eye for an eye is usually my feeling. It's unrelated to this thread, but i'm still hoping Michael Vick will wind up in a pit bull pit with no mercy shown to him. You do the crime you pay the time! As always, you make me laugh!
  8. So we might be able to stretch it and add stalking to the scenario. I wonder how was she able to be out of the house and her where abouts being unknown to her parents. Maybe i can relate to her a bit too much. Maybe that is why i see him as the criminal he was in this case.
  9. Gotta blame George W for that Actually, seems there's always something going on. I have noticed one person lately, though, who is always kind and respectful to others, getting alot of slack for being himself. That is petty to me.
  10. To all who are picking on ZeppFanForever, i challenge you to find one post where he is disrespectful in his response to anyone. I haven't read all his posts, but i still feel confident in asking this. He is original, and there is nothing wrong with that. What made me happy today was spending a nice time with my family at my sister's house for dinner. Had delicious fish and enjoyed chatting with everyone. Was also nice to see that this year the kids are grown enough that the adults can talk without constantly watching over the children! Here's to independence and growing up! To anyone it applies to (Nathan and LDW come to mind) Happy New Year!
  11. Is that you my friend ZeppFanForever Hi Patrycja, i'm good, and hope you are, too! I will read the thread as soon as i can. I will let you know what i think!
  12. Here is my take on his mental state. He was horny, he had a vulnerable young girl who was partially dressed with him, he wanted to have sex with her, she wasn't willing, he ignored her plead to take her home, she was afraid so she let him do what he would, and he raped her. Pretty cut and dry. As i said, his mental state was of no consequence. I'm speaking about him, what transpired, and not about any other crime. As for her age, i have no doubt he knew how old she was. He admitted to it, and i don't see where that was in question. One thing that does bother me. Why wasn't a parent or guardian with her at this photo shoot? oh and just be glad BigDan isn't the judge and jury, lol. good posts, Danny!
  13. Hi Patrycja, i wondered about that pic myself. After seeing her on tv tonight, i knew it was her. I don't understand the context of her being there. Does seem odd.
  14. You be the judge. Does she look 25? I don't think so. Maybe she could pass for 15. Who cares what Angelica Huston says. Was she there the night of the rape? Doesn't change the fact that Samantha asked Roman to take her home she was feeling sick. Is that code for, i want you to rape me first? How about charges for giving a minor alcohol? How about charges for possession of drugs (which i'm sure were illegal). If it was underground for young girls to have sex with celebs in the 70's, do you mean consensual sex or rape? This case of Polanski and Samantha was rape. I'm sure she would love to get on with her life now since she has put it in the distant past. I don't blame her there. I just can't figure out why anyone would try to defend or minimize what he did.
  15. My post was taken from an interview i saw (was watching it at my sister's house two hours ago) pretty sure Samantha was on CNN. It was a present time interview. She clearly said she became frightened during him taking topless pics, she pretended to be sick by saying she was having an asthma attack... she felt the alcohol affecting her more, and when it was clear what he was going to do she said "no"... at thirteen, it's hard for a girl to say no and be convincing to a "man" who is ready to violate you. I know this to be true. She was in no shape physically or mentally to fight him, so she just let him rape her. If you watch CNN you might catch a rebroadcast. I'm sure it will be played a few more times in the next day. His psychological state doesn't change the facts. It's of no consequence to his actions. This wasn't a romantic, consensual interlude. This wasn't a warm body wanting his. This girl was taken advantage of due to her vulnerable age and inexperience with "men". As i said before, i don't care what happens or doesn't happen to him now. But he doesn't deserve to be defended for what he did. If Samantha felt the desire to forgive him, she did it for herself. So she could move on. I'm glad she was able to heal, or at least put it behind her. I don't think that others (as in the public) need to forgive him.
  16. I agree with you that the murder of his wife and unborn child (along with the rest of the Manson horrors) was sad and devastating. I don't however, see why you think there is a link between that and what he did to that very young, unconsenting girl. I just saw the first story on this (have heard what's going on but didn't seek to find it on the news). CNN had an interview with him from years ago where he says "I like young girls". I also saw the girl he raped in an interview. She told her story and the way it goes is. She was taking "topless" pics with him (why would a grown man be taking pics like that of a 13 year old) and she became uncomfortable. She told him she felt an asthma attack coming on and was feeling sick. She asked him to take her home but he told her to go lay down in a dark room. She felt afraid and then the alcohol made her feel more intoxicated. She told him no but didn't fight him physically, she was scared and felt helpless... and he raped her. He then drove her home and she cried. He told her she shouldn't tell her parents what had happened. There is no excuse for what he did. I don't know what stretch of the imagination would make him think a thirteen year old girl seems "old enough". What he did was calculated, and even if she was 25, it was still rape the way it occurred. He is still a scumbag and a criminal. He was thinking of exactly what he was doing and i have no doubt he knew it was WRONG. I personally don't care what happens now. The victim has moved on and he is an old man now. I just don't see why you are defending him. Men don't get to use the "i didn't think" defense when they violate another persons body.
  17. Hi ZeppFanForever, i hope you are doing well! Very nice of you to say speaking to me made you happy Thank you. I think it's great that you have such a fantastic relationship with your daughter and i know she is lucky to have you for her dad. I believe i will always have a strong bond and close relationship to my daughter like you have with yours! I'll tell you a secret... my daughter will be even prettier than me and much more successful in her life! The beauty is natural, the success is my goal for her Have a great night!
  18. Okay i misinterpreted what you were saying I thought you were saying she made up the story for money. I agree that money may very well be a motivating factor in her story being told at this time. I just don't think as a stoned mess she would have been able to write this story let alone understand it. I think as she sobered up, she was able to really look at what happened and start to figure things out.
  19. I would say watch Oprah and see what you think. Mackenzie is not jumping around on the sofas (like Tom Cruise did, lol) and since others have come out and defended her accusations, just makes her story more real. Is the issue people who don't believe her are having is that she is so crazy nothing she says could be credible, or is it that her father was such a great upstanding person that he would never do such a thing? Well to be honest, i liked Valerie Bertinelli better on One Day At A Time anyway and was never a Mackenzie "fan". I just don't understand why so many are so shocked about such a story and can't grasp that this not only could have happened, but that it happens to thousands of children every day. edit: i believe she could have made money in a different way other than making up such a story.
  20. I am no expert on Mackenzie. I have not heard of anyone questioning mental illness as a diagnos. She says that her dad did drugs with her at age 11 (even injecting her). That does not surprise me if it's true. She became an alcoholic and drug abuser. Seems to be clean and sober now. If she made these allegations while under the influence of substance abuse i might question it more (but i doubt it, since i don't really find this so shocking). But now, what motivation does she have to make up such a terrible story about a father she loved enough to say she forgave. That part makes no sense to me. Not to mention, as implanted said, she admitted to consenting to the affair with her father. Why would anyone lie about that on National television? Crazy or not, i don't see that as something a grown woman would say if it wasn't true. At least if nothing else, it's time for this topic, incest, to receive more attention.
  21. Absolutely! Wives/moms in particular would rather be in denial or cover up a very embarrassing fact. The rates of incest are so high that i don't see why this is so shocking. I also agree with "Implanted" and her post. Electrophile, if the allegations had be made while John was alive, who's to say he wouldn't have just denied the whole thing? Would that be the proof you speak of? Many a man will deny such horrific accusations (and women, too).
  22. Hi ZeppFanForever, my daughter's dad has dark features. Almost black hair and dark brown eyes. During my pregnancy i would sometimes wonder if she would be dark like him or look like me. She is a blonde haired blue/green eyed girl like me. But, she has dark eyelashes (which look great) and she got quite a few shades tanner than i did this past summer. Not one sun burn with many hours of harsh sunrays. Another plus from her dear old dad. I had to reply to your post because i can feel the love and enthusiasm you have for your daughter, same as i do for mine Always warms my heart to hear men talk with affection about their blood.
  23. I think you are being a bit harsh. Yes, she is a recovered drug addict. I don't see how that means she is lying about this subject. I would think if this was untrue, she might have gone public with accusations like this while she was down in the gutter. I don't know any more than you if this story is true, but after hearing her talk about it, and her sister's belief in it as well (Chynna said she knew about this years ago), doesn't seem that far fetched to me. Incest is a very big problem throughout the world. It's also extrememly well hidden. http://www.ncvc.org/ncvc/main.aspx?dbName=DocumentViewer&DocumentID=32360 As to why she is coming forward now, and after the death of her father. Well Mackenzie has said she forgave her father. On Oprah she said she discussed it with him on his death bed and told him she forgave him. She must still love him and so i would imagine it would be difficult to go public with something like that while he was alive. It was a secret that maybe she never thought she would reveal. But then she realized to heal she had to. I have a close friend who was sexually abused by her father at a young age. She spent many years in therapy over it. She had no contact with her father for a very long time. A couple years ago, she felt the need to confront him and forgive him. She did this because the unhealthy mark it left on her life continued to drag her and her relationships with men down. She has no regrets and feels a burden has been lifted. This story is also one that can bring attention to this topic that is not discussed. Maybe some children will be helped if incest becomes spoken about more often. Anyway, until i hear proof it didn't happen, i'm inclined to believe it did. on a side note: whether or not financial gain was a motive, doesn't make me believe it's true any less.
  24. Congrats on the new addition, Al! May she bring everyone lots of joy! Happy my show starts again Tuesday. I know it's mindless tv, but takes my mind off a hard day! http://www.mtv.com/shows/the-city/series.jhtml
  25. Hi Danny, I can't answer that question. It's just wrong. Part of an interview with Mackenzie i heard today said that John molested her when she was 18 (waited for the jailbait stage to pass?) and then she eventually continued the affair consentually. Even so, i blame him entirely, and while not an excuse, she was really messed up on drugs for many years. Reports are saying that her half sister Chynna new about this years ago, and step-mother Michelle (i did love her on Knots Landing) doesn't believe it happened. Mackenzie ended the affair with her dad when she became pregnant and didn't know if her dad or her husband was the father. That is when she took the path to getting herself clean. Like you,i'm glad to have never known such pain and indecency, but i know that many others do. Maybe her story will help someone out there in need. To watch her talk about all this you see a very compassionate, vulnerable yet strong woman. I give her credit for turning her life around.
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