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  1. Thank you. Actually I haven't been here in ages. Not that I have forgotten Led Zeppelin

  2. Hi LeZoso and thanks =) Wow, you've been to a Led Zeppelin concert? That's awesome

  3. Yep that's me =D=D

  4. Stephen is a nice guy =)=)

  5. Haha yes it is funny. I know the song too. I just didn't remember it first, lol =D When I heard I regognized it

  6. yes I'm Sue,

  7. Peggy sue? what's that

    you're crazy (in a good way) =)

  8. Ashleypashley=)

  9. You're welcome =)

  10. Oh ok. Well, still, SVERIGE! =D And it is nice to meet you

  11. Me too Rabia, me too! oh yay summer

  12. hehee, we love you too

  13. Thank you Rabia =)

    Exotic? I doubt that =D

    But you're beautiful and very nice and you send me your amazing stories, so I'm grateful

  14. Ashley is a very nice(and VERY HANDSOME) guy =)

  15. Thank you Rich! I appreciate that =)

    Merry Christmas to you

  16. kyllä on hyvä! =D

  17. Thanks Hetty! =D

    You're great and it's so nice when you're online because I enjoy our conversations

  18. Richard is a hilarious guy who can make everyone laugh!

  19. noora

    You look like Jim Morrison, so you're very handsome! =D

  20. Thanks for the comment Deirdre! Your German is great! And you're so nice and funny

  21. Thanks for the comment Inga! You're cool too! And pretty! And my neighbour =D=D

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