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  1. What kind of pasta? Favorite time of the day
  2. Could someone please tell me what "woot," means? I keep seeing it and nobody agrees on the meaning of this little word.
  3. Fortunately I wasnt performing this study. I do know where lesbians can get a tummy staple though. Let me rephrase that. I wasnt the prof that asked that we do this. And I got an A, so why should I worry. I did what he wanted, got graded and moved on. Now I could have ARGUED with him like most people tend to wanna do on this board and gotten an F..FFFFFFF BIG FAT 0 0 0 His inclinations were dead on, fat people hang around other fat people, have fat children, die young, have tons of health issues and cost us tax payers millions of dollars in insurance premium rises. And they lit
  4. This thread is about the funniest pile of hooey l l.
  5. Almost forgot. It would make anyone nervous. I am a new daddy. Now that's happiness.
  6. <br /><br /><br /> I bet she was as fat as a cow too wasnt she. It's always the cows who are carrying food or drinks like they have a concern that it may be the last thing they ever eat. We did a study in sociology. Fat people litter more because they have no regards for the appearance of things and 97.8% of the persons carrying around drinks and food while eating them are fat. True study.
  7. Waking up alive for one thing and finding out the source of my arrival from the land of nod was my lovely girlfriend calling.<br />The thought of waking up dead is a bit odd anyhow, because it's about as improbable as hell.<br />O<br /> My tea is lovely too.
  8. I am a Boog fan. Not much baseball here.
  9. Eat shit and die. All shit eaters gather before you meet your fate.
  10. I have candles all over. I like cinnamon, vanilla or strawberry cream.
  11. 21st Century Rectum Man, The Village People
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