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  1. 1977/04/28 is a monster. Bonzo plays a straight, brutal "techno" beat (!) during the solo section, which has an hypnotic effect. I like the slower 1977 versions most.
  2. What a great report, Zep73! I (and certainly many other people) would love to see your photos, however "unprofessional" they are!!
  3. Well, I had the impression that he is the one who's holding the whole thing together. TSRTS is a drum firework, and SA is equally strong rhythmically.
  4. No, believe me, not that bad. But not particularly good. Pontiac would be the one in terms of performance...
  5. No, I think Bonzo is playing well.
  6. Having read reviews of the concert and knowing that it was before RP got the flu, I'd like to add 1975/01/18 Minneapolis to my wishlist
  7. That's not quite right, I think. There are for sure many LZ Live experts, but nowadays that doesn't mean they are also "bootleg experts".
  8. My suggestion: In The Light (silence) Bring It On Home/ Black Dog In My Time Of Dying For Your Life Since I've Been... Carouselambra No Quarter (Ten Years Gone) Going To California Hey Hey What Can I Do Black Country Woman Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp Trampled Underfoot Dazed And Confuse Kashmir Encores: Tangerine (yes!) TSRTS Whole Lotta Love
  9. It's a part of the funk jam section of Whole Lotta love, a different version than the one on TSRTS.
  10. It will be great to see some Tampa footage! Make sure to get the best out of the film!!!
  11. Try out Vancouver 03/19 and Seattle 03/21 !
  12. Well, then try to find them!! Do you have good memories of the show?
  13. It's great to see the Zurich footage! A small portion of the Iceland 1970 video is also new. This archive could become fantastic, keep on with it! But, as someone said before, high-resolution would be better...
  14. No no, I didn't think that they played all three as encores. It's still a interesting setlist, we know of only 2 other performances of Black Dog on the tour! But yes, it makes sense: Three days before, they played TU after the acoustic set for the first time (originally it was the second encore). So they kept this revised setlist at least for two shows and when they wanted to play a second encore in St Paul, it had to be Black Dog. In Cincinnati, TU was second encore again. If I'm honest to myself, such deliberations are a bit crazy. Who cares about what song had which position in whate
  15. All the soundboards we have (and which maybe got stolen) are mono or stereo. That means that nobody, not even Jimmy Page, could make a proper live album let alone a 5.1 mix out of them.
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