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  1. And now the rest of the story..... A few months back I came across the impressive Led Zep website while researching the recent CD releases - the box set and Mothership. I took a look at the list of concert dates and did not see the Vegas date listed - a few months later I returned to see if somehow I had missed something on the site and checked into the forum .... there was your question - the timing could not have been more perfect. Enjoyed reliving the memories. To counter the quote in the Las Vegas Weekly from Tom Burt, when Jimmy pulled out the bow for Dazed and Confused
  2. Steve, Pinkiny Canandy was a talented band formed in 1969 and recorded an album that year. Additional information can be found at the link below - most of the information is towards the Knack, who Chain played with before P.C. P.C is referenced at the end of the article. http://www.60sgaragebands.com/scenesthings/knack.html
  3. Steve, Michael Chain, founder of Pinkiny Canandy, the Zep opening act that August 1969 evening in Las Vegas at the Ice Palace, is an active performer in Southern California and can be reached through his web site michaelchain.com
  4. Searched for backup and found this - from Las Vegas Weekly - "top 25" concerts held in Vegas 3. Led Zeppelin, Las Vegas Ice Palace, 1969 Though the Internet purports Zeppelin's only Vegas-related date to have been an April 19, 1970, Convention Center cancellation (either Robert Plant was in poor health or tickets weren't selling well, depending which version you believe), we've spoken to a dozen individuals who vividly recall getting the Led out at this once-hopping all-ages venue in the Commercial Center off Sahara Ave. It went down atop the wood-covered ice of a hockey arena—most like
  5. I believe it was in August - no idea why it is not listed but it was an unforgettable experience for a 15 year old lad seeing his first rock concert.
  6. Yes - they played at the old Ice Palace at the Commercial Center during the summer of 1969. The group Pinkindy Canandy opened for them.
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