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  1. Many belated thanks for the birthday wishes! (Thanks for the tip, slave to zep. )
  2. Drats! I missed your birthday...hope you had a nice one Aquamarine!

  3. Have a very happy and fantascinating birthday, oh Aquamarine.

  4. Strider's thumb -- Fabulous stuff. I'm amazed you remember in such detail, too, most of that period is a blur to me now!
  5. I see--I thought it had some connection to the previous posts.
  6. The book definitely deserved those awards, and the Japanese definitely deserved the proceeds from those shirts (yes, I got one). What was the point of the clip?
  7. Sorry, I've bowed out of this "discussion," and most others.
  8. No. I'd ask what you were talking about, but I prefer not to pursue it. Leave me alone.
  9. Respectfully--why not? Never mind. Humor. Look it up.
  10. He was talking about moderators. CALM DOWN, for crissakes.
  11. Thanks for the add!

  12. And let's face it, that particular poster caused major problems with all 25. If it was fast and frantic, they wouldn't have been hanging around taking dozens of pictures, would they?
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