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  1. Many belated thanks for the birthday wishes! (Thanks for the tip, slave to zep. )
  2. Strider's thumb -- Fabulous stuff. I'm amazed you remember in such detail, too, most of that period is a blur to me now!
  3. I see--I thought it had some connection to the previous posts.
  4. The book definitely deserved those awards, and the Japanese definitely deserved the proceeds from those shirts (yes, I got one). What was the point of the clip?
  5. Sorry, I've bowed out of this "discussion," and most others.
  6. No. I'd ask what you were talking about, but I prefer not to pursue it. Leave me alone.
  7. Respectfully--why not? Never mind. Humor. Look it up.
  8. He was talking about moderators. CALM DOWN, for crissakes.
  9. And let's face it, that particular poster caused major problems with all 25. If it was fast and frantic, they wouldn't have been hanging around taking dozens of pictures, would they?
  10. I know you were, but my point still stands. Obviously both being Christian denominations there are going to be certain similarities, but there wouldn't have been a Reformation--which was like a religious revolution--if Protestant and Catholic theology wasn't fundamentally radically different, just as many Protestant denominations are radically different from each other (Episcopalianism and Mormonism [Latter Day Saints], for instance.
  11. His face is explained by the caption, which says Jimmy and his girlfriend are waiting patiently for their bags. They're at baggage claim, and that's the face I usually have in those places!
  12. By Catholics, possibly. To Anglicans, Protestantism isn't just a watered-down version of Catholicism. Protestantism and Catholicism have radically different understandings of both the theology and the practice of Christianity.
  13. then you're just not looking hard enough. Some of them are in your own posts! Much better.
  14. Could you think up another nickname for Al Qaeda? Please?
  15. Seems you're trying very very hard to push buttons here yourself. What's classless is the level of discussion on this issue, which surely deserves more serious thought and less knee-jerk braying and ad hominem attacks.
  16. He was wearing a T-shirt suggesting as much on his Cambodia trip a couple of years ago with Halfwit.
  17. I'd read so many articles bitching about Obama this morning, he was obviously even more on my mind than OBL. And I didn't defend him either, though I should have. Anyway, I think this is another of those agree-to-disagree deals.
  18. I just spelled out the parallels. It's not a question of actions or of scale but of morality. I'm not defending Obama, for heavens' sake! But wrong is wrong is wrong.
  19. As this was your second response to my post, I guess I should reply. My point, which I stand by, is that the writers I was referring to were gloating over the ugly death of another human being whom they regard as evil (and I agree with them about the "evil" part). Morally, that's pretty much identical to bin Laden. I'm not supporting either of them, and certainly not him.
  20. It's a very serious concern, realistically--and the gloating I read in many news reports about him being shot in the face make me wonder if the writers are any better morally than he was.
  21. Where was I disagreeing with you? Did I say I wasn't sorry to see him go? I can't believe so many people seem to have their heads in the sand and think there won't be further murderous acts against Americans as a result of this action, though.
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