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  1. :-O

    Cleared it out.

  2. Delighted that DBZ has made it over to the new site, bringing some Hollywood glamor with her!

  3. Glad to have you here, PlanetPage!

  4. Great pictures of what sounds like a great concert--so glad you enjoyed it. I was Paul's biggest fan when I was your age (though that was several decades ago now!).

  5. Great to have you on the board, a classy lady!


  6. Greetings! Didn't you used to be one of ABBA?

  7. Hi Chicken, I'm just figuring out how this works!

  8. Hi HotPlant, thanks for some great pics--keep 'em coming.

  9. Hiya, just letting you know I'm still around! :-)

  10. Hobbits rule, even when it's time to ramble on.

  11. I go to all this trouble, and you're already my friend!!

  12. I was doing my best to defend Keith in your absence, until this place became too much for me--hope they let you back soon, my friend!!

  13. Is that you in the pic?--you're lovely!

  14. It's taken me till now to figure out how to write a comment. Hi!

  15. Keep up the good work of speaking truth to--well, I won't say power, because don't they wish? ;-)

    Isn't North Carolina the home of Chapel Hill, and other fine hillbilly haunts?

  16. Knebby, you were the heart and soul of this board, and without you it won't be worth reading. You have got ten times the integrity of those who wish to see you gone, and are loved by ten times more people, including me.

  17. Please, keep those stellar posts comingyour archive is second to none! A thousand thanks!

  18. Sam, my blues brother, the board is poorer for your absence. You're worth way more than 50 quid. We love and miss you.

  19. Thanks for rescuing me from that castle, my knight in shining armor! xxx

  20. Thanks for the tip about Madame Sata. ;-)

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