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  1. Dave Edmunds. Andy Fairweather Low. Me.
  2. Forget it. You've misunderstood my point, and in the most ironic way.
  3. Just for general discussion, and not necessarily in this thread: why are certain kinds of music only appropriate to certain age groups? I've never understood that. (I'm talking about genres here--obviously it's not appropriate lyrically for someone in his 50s to be singing about high-school problems and parental rebellion, for example, unless he's the parent being rebelled against!)
  4. Well, to me a joke might be funny the first 15 times I hear it, but . . And to be honest, I don't think it arises from him not taking himself seriously, so much as whistling past the graveyard, i.e. making jokes about something to deflect attention from the fact that it does actually bother him. (What's really funny here is me defending my thoughts to other Plant fans. )
  5. No, blues didn't become popular in the UK on any appreciable scale until the early 60s. I'm sure some GIs may have brought it over, but it didn't reach the population as a whole--in fact, what most GIs brought was jazz (even singers like Billie Holliday didn't become fairly widely known until the late 50s).
  6. The subtitle of this thread was sooooooo predictable, as was the fact that I'd pop up to note that he was talking just as much (if not mostly) about the constant pressure to do a reunion. I will add though that I wish he'd stop banging on about how ancient he is.
  7. Gotta disagree with you about that part.
  8. He's just having a breather, Slave to Zep, while another of my heroes takes an airing.
  9. Sorry about that, I keep finding my mailbox is full (even though there don't seem to be many messages in it!) but anyway I've cleared it out a little now. Day Tripper's still on WS.net, Mr Da-Lo. But yeah--this place has totally changed from the way it was. Then again, all forums change over time, it's inevitable.
  10. Yes, the effects of WWII were definitely still lingering into the 50s. Rationing ended in the early 50s, for instance, and although I'm younger than any of the band, I can remember the war being talked about almost every day as being totally present in people's minds, and that was true for years. As for why kids were listening to the blues--I think it was a combination of factors. The Beatles covered people like Barrett Strong ("Money") and assorted Motown songs, Dylan was emerging (and very popular in Britain in the early 60s and covering songs like "House of the Rising Sun," there was a
  11. Well, there's people on here, Leddy, it's just not the same people (mostly). Hi there, by the way.
  12. Still into the Stripes?
  13. Hard to believe it's his birthday, he never seems to get any older! But I hope he has a happy one, and hope to see TCV again soon too.
  14. I just want you all to know that that's not me in Steve's first video.
  15. I was on vacation so haven't been able to contribute till now--anyway, thanks to John Peel I got into Beefheart early and often, and Safe as Milk is still one of my favorite albums ever. (Possibly because it's also his bluesiest, IMO.). Though I have to say that Trout Mask Replica is just amazing. Such a shame he left music to follow his (other) artistic pursuits, but I guess he felt he'd said all he had to say. R.I.P., indeed.
  16. I don't know about unprecedented, in the sense that tickets for a lot of major concerrts in the 60s and70s (i'm thinking of the Stones, for example) were handled via mail order lottery, in the UK anyway. 80s, too.
  17. Just for the record--you see a thread on KR, you post in it in the hope of baiting me, here and elsewhere. Go ahead, fine with me! . Hope you get off on it. At least you finally got the point of the thread. Levee--can of worms, yeah?
  18. *sigh* Spot the "roll eyes" part? And he wasn't seriously offended, for heaven's sake. Give it up, already--you're missing the whole point of the thread, as well as a lot of other points. Unlike Hotplant . Good one! He could also use "I've had no complaints yet!"
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