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  1. ^^ Always loved that pic. There you go, we can agree on that.
  2. Respectfully disagree, Mr Jones, but that's OK.
  3. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was expecting you to say. Just note that this point about him lighting up contradicts the point you made one post earlier about him posturing with cigarettes. He's never smoked onstage much, anyway. (I don't recall anybody making any claims about his solo career, by the way.) Back to Levee's "lighter side," the point of which seems not to be getting across-- How about "At least I haven't fallen out of my tree yet"?
  4. As for Mick carrying Keith--the degree of success of his own solo career seems to suggest something else. And hey, Keith's the first to admit Mick Taylor's a better player. (They're a two-guitar band with two complementary styles.) And the carefully-placed cigarette thing is a TOTAL stretch--the guy's always smoking, that's why it's always in the pics! Alexis was right, as always. See the part where Levee said this wasn't intended to be mean-spirited? I can't think of any to add, though, he thought up all the good ones.
  5. Keith, on the other hand, claims they didn't bring him in to do overdubs and haven't seen him for years.
  6. Anybody who sells a copy is going to say it's the greatest thing ever and they can hardly bear to part with it, even if they bought it for the very purpose of parting with it.
  7. So I'm still not clear--it's OK in Canada to pirate official recordings? Because "downloading music for personal use" doesn't specify what kind of download. I'm fine with unofficial recordings too, but pirating official stuff is a whole other deal. (I'm still trying to think of something to make fun of Ally about. )
  8. Congrats to both of them. I'm not sure BOJ is really Americana as such, but if it wins him the award, who cares!
  9. Yay until bands start bailing out of Canada because they're not getting paid for their work.
  10. Anderson Cooper's even more so. Keith only stopped dyeing his hair a year or two ago, btw.
  11. :-O

    Cleared it out.

  12. Are you saying that pirating official recordings and films is legal in Canada? Yes, I think "piracy" is the key word. Sites which offer audience recordings of shows, for example, aren't pirating official releases. (Though often the artists object, of course. But there's still a significant difference.)
  13. Well, I think you'll find lots of teenagers here and elsewhere that love Zeppelin. Or at least wear the shirts.
  14. I like the notion of the Band of Joy being all tucked up in bed with their sleepy-bye-byes hats on.
  15. Just a general sort of hater, a teen hater, a Zeppelin hater, a Glee hater . . ? If the last, seems odd to object to them doing a tribute to a band we love. You don't have to watch it, after all. It would be different if they were doing a "Zeppelin sucks" episode.
  16. Sadly, I think it's done. Not to say that he might not play with Justin on one-off occasions sometimes, though. I hope!
  17. To be fair, if the guy genuinely thought it was a gift from Jimmy, there would be no obligation to return it. Regarding the Black Beauty, however, I incline to the swamp land theory. Let's see the serial number.
  18. Just to clarify, he was in Robert's earlier band the Strange Sensation, not in the current Band of Joy. He and his partner Juldeh Camara have supported Robert on UK dates this fall, though. Justin is an amazing musician, I would have loved to be at this gig.
  19. I'm pretty sure Roxie's point was that she'd much rather have a Zeppelin calendar. However, I searched everywhere (because I'd like one too)--no joy.
  20. There's a lot more out there than just pop and rap (and some of that is actually really good, too). There's an unbelievably broad range of music available these days, and yet it's the younger people who should be the major beneficiaries of this who seem least aware of all the great stuff they've got to choose from (or in some cases are unwilling to make the effort to find it). Shame.
  21. Yeah, it would be nice to see a larger version. Your other painting is really good. So are Delinha's--really good stuff.
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