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  1. So, apparently in this case you can.
  2. Didn't we already know that this was an official Jimmy site? Or was I imagining that, based on it looking official?
  3. "Mr Plant himself is up for exploitation"--surely there was a better way of putting that?
  4. Mind you, Wood's memory is a bit shaky, as he also "remembered" the formation of Zepplein with himself in the starring role!
  5. This is sad to see --I saw many bands there over the years, from the early Faces to Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, with numerous blues bands in between. Might try to make the Pretty Things gig, to see the place one last time.
  6. Probably just as well you feel that way, under the circumstances.
  7. Yes, I've seen both too, but not everyone wants to/can spend $90 (or $70) on it, so the DVD is a lot better than nothing.
  8. There was a great band in the 60s/early 70s called Tir Na nOg, nothing to do with them I suppose?
  9. If you'd checked here earlier, you might have saved yourself some grief.
  10. 1. was "a source" in The Sun, of all non-credible rags, 2. "Robert Plant also [has] a parallel project running, and he's really busy with that project, certainly until September, so I can't give you any news," Page added. [Doesn't sound like a promise of a tour to me.]
  11. The regular old DVD is $7.99, for those who just want to see it in some form. The deluxe version has things like the Stones in Exile DVD that many people may already have (or not want).
  12. He could talk for five hours straight revealing all the secrets of the Zeppelin universe plus every aspect of his solo career, and the only thing some people would pick up on would be a slightly ambiguous throwaway statement at the 3.31 point possibly dissing Jimmy's socks.
  13. Stones recorded that one, too, and Cry to Me. I love all those songs.
  14. That's hilarious about Johnny Depp. As usual with Keith, I don't really believe it, but it's still hilarious!
  15. He must have invented remembered some additional scandal and updated it. I noticed there was a 2001 edition on Amazon, too.
  16. I thought at first this was a reprint because I've got another book by him from years ago that treads a lot of this same ground--must dig it out and see what it's called. Even the title sounds familiar! I remember that it also didn't stint on the sex, drugs, and etc. Yes, here it is--from 1979. Amazon link
  17. Your band, is it, Music Fusion?
  18. Then you're missing some good music. But you're probably right not to be concerned about by something he said in 1986.
  19. That's the part I'm interested in, so I'll be happy.
  20. I imagine he'll miss you even less than you miss him.
  21. And good for him, too! I ordered the book the first day it was announced, and it sounds well worth the money. And he's right, Fool to Cry IS a very boring song. Of course this is old news. It's an autobiography, he's already lived it, most of it in the public eye. Doesn't mean everybody's kept up with his every move, though. And I don't think Keith gives much of a damn about highbrow or lowbrow.
  22. I was just about to post the clip Steve posted above. It's so sad that he's gone--but feel the joy in that music!! That song was where I first encountered him, having first heard the song on the Stones' first album and checked out the original. That spirit is what he'd want to leave us with, I'm sure. And what a character he was.
  23. Jimmy did do that interview with the organizer, though, allowing the impression to be given (by the organizer, if not by him) that he was on the bill.
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