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  1. Happy birthday John. Hopefully you're having a great birthday jam with Bonzo.
  2. And that's Michael Palin with Robert in the last one, if anybody didn't recognize him.
  3. I seriously thought at first this thread was about Jimmy's bowing technique.
  4. I'm not sure that front row will be the best way to experience this sort of show--rather like being front row in a movie theatre.
  5. I'm surprised nobody's blamed Bonzo yet.
  6. Why does he keep saying variations of "Ask Robert" whenever he's asked about it, then? And yes, I'm quite sure Plant is as sick of it as we are. He's never the one who brings it up in interviews, you'll notice. And if he asked that the question not be asked, the interviewer would undoubtedly mention that very fact, so he can't win either way. It's obvious from his interviews that he doesn't "relish" it, and that it's not what he wants to talk about.
  7. That second one brings a massive lump to the throat.
  8. See post #2: Thread still already in progess You're all quoting the same article.
  9. Those comments are what this whole thread has been about. No, there isn't hope once more. Sorry.
  10. You could see this one coming a mile off, on the media's part. They asked if Zeppelin were thinking of reforming, he replied they haven't even got as far as talking to each otheer yet. (Which they will at their next business meeting.). But the way it's spun in this "article" makes it sound completely different.
  11. You don't look too enthusiastic in the first pic, Reggie, but you more than make up for it in the second!
  12. Judging by previous similar "interviews" on the anniversaries of major Zeppelin albums, the two of them are unlikely to be in the studio together doing a joint interview. I could be wrong, obviously.
  13. Wow, doesn't he look like his dad in that first one . . . .
  14. True enough, though with the advent of Mick Taylor he gradually slid more into the rhythm guitarist slot.
  15. Nobody's ever claimed Richards was a great soloist, including him. He IS the Human Riff, however. And many current rock guitarists owe him a debt they can only imagine, on the same order as his own acknowledged debt to Chuck Berry.
  16. He STILL didn't explain why he didn't appear at the O2! Inquiring minds want to know--he's on our damn T-shirts.
  17. Amazing album, for sure. That, Mighty Rearranger, and Dreamland are my favorites (despite Dreamland being mostly covers--I just love it).
  18. It's not good news if they're moving dates around . .
  19. A scarab is an amulet shaped like, or with a picture of, a beetle. Big in ancient Egypt in particular, symbol of transformation and the cycle of life.
  20. It also was included with the program for the O2 show.
  21. Thanks a lot for posting those. Quick point about the review--the writer, who calls himself a journalist, included this sentence: Bonham, who I had been hopeful of great things, did not fail to disappoint. He actually means the opposite of what he writes--he thought Jason was great. (In other words, Jason DID fail to disappoint.) (Actually that whole sentence is awful, but I'll stop there. )
  22. Aquamarine

    MOJO Robert Plant

    It seems to me a pretty basic point that there's a difference between being finished with Zeppelin and being finished with all Zeppelin songs. Which he co-wrote.
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