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  1. Interesting article, nice to see him talking more specifically about the whole issue of singing. This part "So many white kids, English kids — we had no culture," Plant says. "We had no points of reference, really, apart from these hazy radio signals fading in and out depending on the weather over your mom and dad's house" does seem like revisionist history, though, to be honest.
  2. I'm sure somebody will have mentioned somewhere that you can buy it at Starbucks, which can't hurt its sales.
  3. I think we should hold a contest where we all guess under how many names you're going to make this point. (My guess: infinite. I win.)
  4. Where has anybody said he owes them an album?
  5. One definition of "manifest," from the Oxford Dictionary: (of a ghost or spirit ) appear: "one deity manifested in the form of a bird" He didn't actually say it was going to be a PHYSICAL album, after all.
  6. I must say, I've visited other forums where the arguments have been much more contentious than they have here. This has just been an animated debate among people with differing views. I'd like to put in a word in favor of buying the album just because it's Robert Plant. That's what I did--that's what I often do. Back in the day, I'd buy a new Stones album on the day it came out, despite the lack of radio previews, because I'd heard enough of the Stones to know I'd love it, and I always did. There are many artists whose albums I buy unheard, because based on their track record I know t
  7. Plant isn't the only one holding up a DVD. Address the question to the right people.
  8. That's what I've been thinking . . . Oh well!
  9. My sentiments entirely, Patrycja and Ally.
  10. That's what he said. If you want to know what he meant, ask him. I think the rest of us have had this debate with you enough times.
  11. He's explained why he called it Band of Joy--because it gives him the same sense of excitement, exploration, and adventure as the original group of that name, even though with different personnel. It's not the same band, it's just the same name and the same spirit. (That's his explanation--I'm not saying I would necessarily have used the same name if it had been me.) Btw--hello again.
  12. Different band, same name. It's not like they do any of the original BOJ's material. Unlike Zeppelin and the O2 reunion band (which I'm happy to call Zeppelin, but I know what Robert means--to him it's not Zeppelin without John).
  13. Aquamarine


    Thank you for being thoughtful enough to let us know, Literally Speaking. It's good to know Charles has his loving family around him, and I hope his passing will be peaceful.
  14. And people always preface the question by saying "I'm sure you're sick of hearing this . . "
  15. Well, as I said, I didn't think he cut off Robert's answers. Of course, most of them were pretty stupid questions . . .
  16. He's already done all that, and he's a big fan. He's spent a lot of time in both New Orleans and rural La. over the years.
  17. Yeah, I understood that, sorry--I was referring to this--
  18. I managed to see both too (and didn't think Robert's answers were cut off )--nice interview, though the title of the video is a bit .
  19. And think of the length of the drum and guitar solos Zeppelin used to do, with Robert either offstage or standing off at the side! Even when it's his band, as the BOJ is, it makes sense for him to give the other members a short showcase.
  20. Rats, if I'd known about this ahead of time I'd have been there! Sounds like a helluva good time.
  21. Indeed, great pics. I disagree regarding Plant's voice and Griffin's, though. I actually felt Krauss's voice often overpowered Plant's when they were singing together, and that Griffin's voice blends with his much less obtrusively.
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