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  1. WLL, eh? He didn't do that on the US leg. Always good to hear it!
  2. Well, if it has, I didn't see it--thanks, Sam!
  3. There's also a difference between a ripoff and simply quoting another song briefly, as they do with The Hunter.
  4. Just heard Immigrant Song on one of the changeovers at the US Open tennis match tonight.
  5. Or in the case of those who couldn't afford it, 28 years, that being the average time until somebody dies and bequeaths it to us.
  6. Excuse me presuming to speak for you, Electrophile but: She was referring to the fact that Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band. From Iceland. They sing in Icelandic, but she still loves their songs (me too btw) even without understanding what they mean. In other words, it had nothing to do with you. Chill.
  7. Surely satire as we know it would disappear if this sort of thing was illegal, whether it's songs, movies, or whatever (I know this particular example can't really be called satire)?
  8. Nice little piece from the Mail, but I don't get the Hancock references, especially the fact that it's illustrated with a pic of Tony Hancock. I mean, I love the guy (both Robert and Tony), but . . Anyone?
  9. Ha! Obviously trying to repair his led wallet image. That's great, it's wonderful when your heroes turn out to be as great as you'd hoped.
  10. Just popping in to mention that Prince sold out the O2 for days on end (20, I think?), not that long ago. Michael Jackson, if he'd lived, was going to play 50 sold-out shows there. And other bands have sold out multiple nights there and elsewhere. Just sayin'. Popping out again.
  11. Interview with Andy Gill: For a star of his magnitude, once the singer in the biggest band on the planet, frontman of the only group to seriously challenge the Rolling Stones' perennial claim on being the raunchiest of rockers, Robert Plant has managed to retain an admirably down-to-earth attitude to life. Matey and approachable in circumstances to which most stars react with bristling petulance, Plant seems to have mellowed well with age – as too has his music, which, over the years, has developed a burnished grain and texture comparable to that of the folk and blues heroes who originally
  12. Oh I see. I thought you were referring to the time they spent on the project that never came to fruition after the O2 (probably because people kept talking about them as the three J's during that time). All clear now.
  13. Aquamarine

    MOJO Robert Plant

    I've heard it all now. Someone who I assume has never sat down and talked with Plant confidently diagnoses him as bipolar. (Do you know what that means--the symptoms, the different manifestations, the treatment?) Also obsessive. Then the poor guy's got insecurity to deal with. I've never sat down and had that particular conversation either, but based on general impressions he strikes me as one of the most secure people imaginable, in terms of what he wants to do professionally. Whether we like it or not is another issue, of course.
  14. Moby Dick is already rhyming slang (=sick).
  15. Not being argumentative, genuine question--I'm sure this is true, but how do you know?
  16. I'd love to know who's in this mob. Seems like those who hold one opinion are saintly martyrs, those who hold another are evil bullies. And I have yet to read any support of Billy MacQ. What do you have to do to be in the good mob? (And does saying over and over again that you're being picked on and denied a voice actually make it so? Seems both views have been pretty extensively discussed, without anybody being told they don't have a right to be heard. Of course, that spoils the martyrdom a tad.) (Oh, and just to clear up a point--the gall I referred to earlier had nothing to do
  17. And everybody can. The guy ended his post with a , fercrissakes, that's the friendliest lynch mob I ever saw! I think feelings are getting needlessly overheated here, maybe on both sides. IMHO.
  18. Signing all those books could explain why we haven't heard anything else from Jimmy, he's probably got cramp in his hand by now.
  19. Yeah but the fact it had already been used by Zeppelin should make it obvious it wasn't them. To me, anyway.
  20. I would love to see that photograph.
  21. I don't really understand why anybody would think this song was Zeppelin? (Not being sarcastic, I mean I genuinely don't see it.)
  22. I didn't intend to start a Stones vs. Beatles debate, just saying that in the old days that was the sort of thing we used to worry about before we had to worry about families, mortgages, etc., and life seemed simpler then. I liked both bands, still do (although one is by far my favorite), but back then you had to be in one camp or the other.
  23. ^^ Really? That's bizarre--usually people who don't know much about Zeppelin only know Whole Lotta Love, or Stairway. If they've gotten into the band enough to have heard That's The Way, you'd think by definition they'd be a bit more broad-minded. Ah yes, happy days--Beatles or Stones, because you're not allowed to like both? Mods or rockers? And you can't be my friend anymore if you pick the wrong one.
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