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  1. Well, OK, yeah, and there's a picture, I suppose . . .
  2. There's nothing on it yet, how badass can it be?
  3. Doesn't sound like a good "thing," does it? Welcome, anyway.
  4. It's the English word for drooling. (Not slang, though.) Jimmy hasn't been too complimentary about Phil (or Tony) that night, either--I don't think this is a one-sided critique. And of course, the fans have yet other perspectives (horrible performance, great to see them anyway, not that bad a performance, terrible sound, etc.). Also, as I said before, the whole point in Collins's case was the publicity of playing both Live Aid venues, in order to aid in the fund-raising.
  5. As I said, I don't remember my response at all, except to Immigrant Song, so I probably was a moron! There's a sort of haze over all those years . . . But back to the O2.
  6. He's gone, Ally. Thinking back, all I remember from LZIII at the time is Immigrant Song. I think the rest must have grown on me as well, but it's all lost in the mists of time!
  7. I rarely post here these days, although I've been interested in the news about Robert's current tour. I have never attacked anyone or said anyone isn't allowed to express an opinion. You've been around under another name long enough to know that (and to know exactly what gall I'm referring to). If you can't take people disagreeing with your viewpoint, don't get into a discussion. One last point: if you want respect, show some. You might be surprised to find that probably most of us prefer Robert as a rocker, but we don't descend to the level of misrepresenting and making fun of his curr
  8. I'm absolutely amazed you have the gall to say this, and you know why, "Oh My." Plus, nobody is bullying anybody else here, and I'm getting very tired of this victim mentality.
  9. The name of this festival might give you a clue . . .
  10. Yes, I know they'll be on stage. They're the support band. They just won't necessarily be playing with Robert. But they're more than worth hearing in their own right.
  11. Thanks, Rover. Btw I see it's now listed on his site again.
  12. It's not exactly a compliment to call someone dishonest, though I agree it's not as strong as cheater.
  13. Aquamarine


    I'm sure he can feel all the good energy coming his way, even if he can't read the forum. All my very best thoughts and wishes to you, Charles.
  14. The Dallas gig has now disappeared from the jblze site.
  15. Amazing indeed. No way of knowing if the support band can be coaxed onstage with the headliners, but it may not be beyond the realms of possibility.
  16. To which I'd just add there are several "fake females" around at the moment, one of whom in particular isn't even slightly convincing (probably the one you're referring to, ledded1).
  17. I'm not Steve, but--the flyer states that the festival will be over 2 days and that the following bands (in alphabetical order) would play, without specifying on which days. It doesn't imply that they would all play on both days. And it was quite a common, if confusing, way of advertising such festivals.
  18. It's just an art installation, done by Zep fans who came up with their own idea of what all the spiritual references mean, and who can't spell very well.
  19. But you will never take a Persian rug for granted again!
  20. *sigh*. Contemporary rock, then. I was there. We rocked out.
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