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  1. Sorry, but yes it is. Not hard rock, perhaps.
  2. Aquamarine

    MOJO Robert Plant

    "I was teasing her: 'You can't go back to those fat blokes with beards'". Yup, sounds like humor to me, but of course if it's deliberately taken out of context . . .
  3. Only one full-length show with the remaining members. That's it, that's all there's going to be.
  4. Pretty obviously, he was talking about his own response to the show. "I'd done it"--and how it felt afterward. Equally obviously, Jimmy and co. had also "done it," but he wasn't talking about their reaction--the only one he could know was his own, he couldn't speak for them.
  5. Yes, that's what I was getting at. Including the slang.
  6. No, I meant we. People of the generation who were contemporary with Zeppelin.
  7. Judging from the way we used to use that expression, he wasn't talking about the music at all, but about the extreme emotion of the occasion, as Buckeye Doc described. He went on to elaborate the way in which it was heavy--"Beautiful--but talk about examining your own mortality." I think most people there who were around when Zeppelin were an active band felt that way--the power of an amazing experience, but at the same time the sense of how much time had passed, how much everyone had changed, and (as Plant, more than any of us, would have been aware) the fact that one crucial part of the ba
  8. Speaking of open-minded: I don’t think people are generally open-minded when the person that they attach to this band goes and does something else. It’s sort of annoying to everybody. But people need to realise that part of being an artist is trying as many things as you can. You want to push yourself and not sit in your comfort zone. (Alison Mosshart)
  9. Just because you like something somebody does, that doesn't mean you can't be critical of ANYTHING they do. I prefer Monkey to Angel Dance, though it took me a couple of listens--not as immediately accessible, but Angel Dance is catchy in the mode of Gone Gone Gone, and thus does make a better single. (For some reason, I can see the video now, too!)
  10. It's probably better live. I suspect it's not the strongest song from the album, not that I've heard it all.
  11. Or it could be my browser--I'm using Google Chrome.
  12. I can't get the video to play either, and I'm using a PC. (No trouble with the mini-doc. however . . . )
  13. OK, you got me. I have to admit it was And I especially loved the way the camera kept focusing on his hands, for some reason.
  14. Actually it's just called Come All Ye, from the Liege and Leaf album. (One of my favorite albums!)
  15. Hadn't seen that one before, thanks MSG. I hardly dare ask what Jimmy's doing.
  16. What a wonderful story--many many congratulations to you both!
  17. *this was a response to a post that has been deleted*
  18. And you are several people in this thread.
  19. Why? He chose to leave the band (allegedly over songwriting credits), to their dismay; they had nothing but good things to say about him then or now.
  20. Reids may have been referring to the fact that your holding-forth-at-length had nothing to do with the performances on this tour, which you don't appear to have seen.
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