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  1. Fairport Convention were formed in 1967.

    Two years after Donovan started to weave his magic.

    No doubt he was an influence on them.

    I love Donovan's music. That said, he wrote his own songs and did a few covers, but recorded very few folk songs--actually none, unless you count Guthrie's Car Car. Fairport wrote their own songs but also recorded many electric versions of English folk songs (hence folk rock), as did bands like Pentangle and Steeleye Span. I don't think Donovan was much of an influence on any of them.

    Anyway, back on topic--many thanks to Donovan for making this manifestation possible, and let's hope it sparked Jimmy's taste for what it feels like to play live in front of a huge crowd. ;)

    Oh, and regarding a potential DVD of the night--Britt Ekland was complaining on Twitter about the camera dolly going back and forth throughout the show, to the point that she walked out, so it was certainly all filmed. (And no, I do not "follow" Britt Ekland on Twitter! :D )

  2. This is a familiar conversational tic with Donovan, who likes to explain that, whatever was going down in the 1960s, he did it before anybody else. He'll point out that he went electric before Dylan, he taught Lennon and McCartney to improve their guitar technique, he was the first 1960s pop star to be busted for drugs, he met the Maharishi before anyone else, his referencing of Superman in a song was a precursor of Pop Art. In his autobiography The Hurdy Gurdy Man, he slyly notes that, shortly after he met Andy Warhol, the Velvet Underground's first album (produced by Warhol) was released with a banana on the cover – an obvious reference to the "electrical banana" in his song "Mellow Yellow"...

    He also claims in the book to have invented folk rock, among other things. I love the guy's music, but . . . :D

    Here's one more pic--


  3. Just to repeat what I said on the other thread, he apparently played on Sunshine Superman, along with Shawn Phillips and a tabla player (and Donovan, of course), and the whole thing was filmed. :)

  4. Excellent work, Aqua! This deserves it own thread, methinks. Do you want to start it? That way we can put youtube clips and more pics as they come in.

    You go ahead and start it, there doesn't seem to be anything new coming in right now! But yes, it does deserve its own thread.

  5. Actually some follow up posts have suggested that there may be a bit more to it than "you never know."

    Fingers crossed!

    Didn't see the follow up posts--hope this does turn out to be a manifestation, involving Jimmy doing more than holding the guitar, and a filmed one!! B)

    (Boy, who looks better these days, Jimmy or Donovan? :wacko: )

    According to a Twitter update to crabbygirl's link, Jimmy did play. :o

    Also I just read another Twitter post that said "Donovan backed by Jimmy Page, Shawn Phillips, and a tabla player." Says that he played on Sunshine Superman, don't know if he played on anything else. But there were cameras filming the whole thing! :wub:

    Apparently just Sunshine Superman.

  6. I fail to see how wanting to hear new music from Jimmy equates to demanding that he "prove himself." What music lover DOESN'T want to hear new music from him?

  7. Glad to see the Secret Sisters in there. Glad for Robert and Buddy, too, though a tad awkward with them being up against each other.

    (When I read that article I genuinely wondered what an "overdo" award was--maybe something technical, like for overdubbing? Then, of course, I realized it was--according to them--an overdue award.)

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