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  1. couldn't log on as Bethan i now have a new name Aqua where's the smiley?

    Which smilie are you after, valleygirl, my fellow Welshwoman? If you use the quick reply button, you'll find the smilie button at the top, and if you click"show all" it will unleash a whole bunch of them.

    :wave: Like so.

  2. Yes, because countless favorite album polls and "hot pictures of Robert" are so valuable.

    As Huw knows, I am referring to the fact that there is a lot of information about concerts, boots, etc., not to mention all the stuff about backmasking and devil worship that we will have to go through all over again without the old threads to refer people to. I agree about the album polls; nobody in their right minds could agree about the Plant pics. :D

  3. Hi I live in Louisiana, and it's really great to be in at the start of this cool site. B) Looking forward to meeting new friends, and old ones, and talking even more about Zep.

    By the way, when I try to reply, it quotes the previous post even though I didn't intend to. Is it just me? :huh:

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