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  1. Not sure how that could in any way be equal friend?

    I hadn't read this whole thread until just now, but I feel that within the context of the many thousands of innocent people Bin Laden ordered killed, and the many more that he would have ordered killed, it was a great moral victory to kill him by any means. President Obama made the correct call on this one, and we should all be thankful for the outcome.

    Just my opinion.

    Sorry, I've bowed out of this "discussion," and most others.

  2. I don't know why you quoted me there or what you're agreeing with, I was just asking a question to see if there was a particular reason for the the original post. (Though it does make a change for someone to agree with me on this forum!)

  3. Not directing this to anyone in particular, but could we please relax with all the fighting.

    Respectfully--why not? Never mind.

    Anytime you bring "God" into an argument, the people having the discussion won't go to hell but the conversation will.

    Humor. Look it up.

  4. And let's face it, that particular poster caused major problems with all 25. ;)

    Of course, I realize that there were probably dozens of pictures taken of the dead bin laden in the fast and frantic aftermath.

    If it was fast and frantic, they wouldn't have been hanging around taking dozens of pictures, would they?

  5. I was referring to the rites and rituals of the structure of the Episcopal Church.

    I know you were, but my point still stands. :) Obviously both being Christian denominations there are going to be certain similarities, but there wouldn't have been a Reformation--which was like a religious revolution--if Protestant and Catholic theology wasn't fundamentally radically different, just as many Protestant denominations are radically different from each other (Episcopalianism and Mormonism [Latter Day Saints], for instance.

  6. What was the date on this one? I had March 22, 1970, which would put them in the US but why is the caption in French and why the sour face on Page?

    His face is explained by the caption, which says Jimmy and his girlfriend are waiting patiently for their bags. They're at baggage claim, and that's the face I usually have in those places! :D

  7. Without arguing which of their shows was most important and whether this counted as a Zeppelin show without Bonzo, blah blah blah--surely the fact that it was the first time three of the four members, plus the son of the fourth, had played a full-length concert of Zeppelin material since 1980 (in 27 years) made it sorta notable? It had nothing to do with how important they are or aren't.

  8. I agree, That's the Way was a wonderful moment. I loved these particular arrangements of all the Zep songs (except Black Dog, but then the only version of that I like is the studio version! But still, I think the person who walked out because of it ended up missing a real treat.)

    I don't really know of any performer that does, at least on the scale of someone like Plant. If they do, they make it known beforehand.

    Springsteen does, but as you say, he makes it known beforehand--it's become like a "stump the band" part of the show. (And quite possibly not as spontaneous as it appears!)

  9. This might not make any difference but Anglican churches are considered "Catholic light".

    By Catholics, possibly. To Anglicans, Protestantism isn't just a watered-down version of Catholicism. Protestantism and Catholicism have radically different understandings of both the theology and the practice of Christianity.

  10. That is probably the MOST ridiculous retort I have ever read.

    then you're just not looking hard enough. Some of them are in your own posts!

    Fair request...Need to work on that...

    Al Craza

    Much better. :beer:

  11. I find it really ironic that the 2 people who were offended by the so called partying in the street BOTH have profile pictures of someone giving the finger in a discussion forum. I find it classless, inappropiate and just plain rude behavior which pretty much sums up both of your character's in which you both portray yourselfs on here always trying to push buttons of other forum members. 1 thinking that they are special bcz they have close ties to the band and the other thinking he is an auhtority on music. Well i dont give a shit who you know or what you know as I politely express myself in saying FUCK YOU to the BOTH of you!

    Have a nice wknd as i will be partying and celelbrating in the city I Love like no other!!!

    Seems you're trying very very hard to push buttons here yourself. What's classless is the level of discussion on this issue, which surely deserves more serious thought and less knee-jerk braying and ad hominem attacks.

  12. Perhaps interesting to note the very first picture in his book shows him as a choirboy singing in St. Barnabas Catholic Church. This

    affirms whatever religious/spiritual paths he followed in life Catholicism was a part of his formative years. Personally, I'd say he is a Thelemite.

    He was wearing a T-shirt suggesting as much on his Cambodia trip a couple of years ago with Halfwit.

  13. I realize you are not defending bin loaden. No where did I say you were. I just do not understand how (or why) you would care to make a moral comparison in this regard.

    Edit: wait....Obama???

    :lol: I'd read so many articles bitching about Obama this morning, he was obviously even more on my mind than OBL. :D And I didn't defend him either, though I should have. Anyway, I think this is another of those agree-to-disagree deals.

  14. I don't see how you can compare the morality of a person who gloats in print over the demise of a mass murderer of innocent people.

    I just spelled out the parallels. It's not a question of actions or of scale but of morality. I'm not defending Obama, for heavens' sake! But wrong is wrong is wrong.

  15. On the shooting in the face subject...from a personal point of view, I would like to thank the SF officer who did what had to be done. Bin loadin was given a chance to surrender, and instead used a woman as a human shield. But hey, his face is missing now, so it's all copasetic.

    As this was your second response to my post, I guess I should reply. My point, which I stand by, is that the writers I was referring to were gloating over the ugly death of another human being whom they regard as evil (and I agree with them about the "evil" part). Morally, that's pretty much identical to bin Laden. I'm not supporting either of them, and certainly not him.

  16. Not at all. I did not read any expression other than fear. My thoughts at the time of this bastards death was not one of fear, but of justice. As to the point you did make, I think rational people understand we are at risk of retaliation. It is in fact a serious concern/factor, just not my first thought in hearing a mass murderer had been shot in the face.

    It's a very serious concern, realistically--and the gloating I read in many news reports about him being shot in the face make me wonder if the writers are any better morally than he was.

  17. Seriously? Over 3000 innocent people died at the hands of this bastard. We (the USA) just served justice.

    Where was I disagreeing with you? Did I say I wasn't sorry to see him go?

    I can't believe so many people seem to have their heads in the sand and think there won't be further murderous acts against Americans as a result of this action, though.

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