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  1. sometimes i feel bad for the guy jake homes they ripped him off back then and now Robert plant is ripping him off again today playing a so called new style which jake homes was playing back than .as the world turns

    I see you don't feel bad enough for him to spell his name right.

  2. Thanks for the videos. :) I was there too, and it was an excellent show. I agree with most of justawoman's review (except that I thought Houston last year was an unbelievable show, and that I don't think Beck was upstaged, they were perfect complements to each other playing completely different kinds of sets). I'm looking forward to the pics, as mine were pretty awful, despite being as close as we could get to the barrier separating us peasants from the VIPs. :D

  3. Uh, no. Those that did the same thing got the same result that Page and Plant got. They got sued, and lost.

    And guess what, at the time there were plenty of great artists out there who weren't copying other people's work and claiming it for their own. So, repeating that age-old myth that "everyone was doing it" is pointless. Case in point: Davy Graham. So, it doesn't matter how many people were copying each other, there were still a lot of great players and songwriters choosing an honest path. Lifting from another artist without crediting them is what hacks do when they can't come up with their own ideas. Theft is still theft. Call it borrowing or whatever you want.

    Sure, copying Michelangelo's painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and putting it on the ceiling of a local Church claiming it as your own original work doesn't make the effort in painting any less impressive on a technical level. But on an integrity level, claiming someone else's ideas and technical creativity, obviously that's where the problem lies. Page and Plant were extremely high on a technical level, but in many cases displayed very little integrity with crediting the things they "borrowed".

    Uh, yes. They did. We've already argued this one into the ground in previous threads, but just as one example, many old blues songs had hardly an original line in them. Nobody sued anybody, that's how the musical tradition worked as a process of mutual influence. This whole idea of copyrighting music is comparatively recent.

  4. Cate up there sounds awfully familiar . . . <_<

    Anyway, I am very attached to the Queen, and wish her grandson and his bride the happiest of days, with nobody falling off a horse. (I sympathize with the money issues, but it's always struck me that regular people spend an obscene amount of money on weddings these days too.)

  5. And Aquamarine, you saw the Monkees in the 60's?!? WOW! Was it the tour with Jimi Hendrix opening?

    People always ask me that, and I can't remember for the life of me who opened (I remember the venue, it was the Wembley Empire Pool, long gone)--I'd have remembered if it had been Hendrix, though, because I had tickets to see him another time and then I got the chicken pox and couldn't go. :boohoo:

    Edit--nope, Hendrix was apparently in Miami that day.

  6. Edit: I was replying here to the post at the bottom of the previous page--perhaps this last post ^^ explains the confusion.

    LZ were never billed as the Yardbirds, and only briefly as the New Yardbirds. Where are you seeing that on the site?

  7. I know that you can dish it out, too. :rolleyes: Calm down, for heavens' sake. Nobody has been trying to cause trouble with you--the posts you just quoted had nothing to do with you, until you decided to weigh in and be as rude as possible. Then you claim everyone else is being negative. Seems like you're not going to be happy until you get into a real firefight, but--sorry, not rising to it.

    I notice the one part you didn't quote up there was the part where I suggested that you don't start shit. <_<

  8. You asked me this in your post (#40), now I am gonna ask you the very same question. Why are you replying to something that happened over 3 1/2years ago? Were you there Aquamarine? How do you know that they were not "tired" or "bored" (as far as YOU know), that "they were just drunk (I do know that)". HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? Did you see these two guys drinking and drunk at this Momentous Occasion? Is that you sitting next to them?

    If you want to be sarcastic and ignorant than I can step up to your level and be the same way. Believe me, it is not my nature to be so, but I do have to respond heavily to any form of attacks that make me right and make You look stupid. Not that I am right but your replies, in my mind, make you look like a fool. You tried it on me and I am just returning your ignorance.

    If you have no comment, I will take that as more incriminating than a comment. Regardless, any negative comment from you means absolutely Nothing to ME.

    I am not replying to something that was POSTED 3 1/2 years ago, I'm replying to a bunch of posts over the last few weeks, the most recent having been posted yesterday. And by "the people who fell asleep," I wasn't referring to the people mentioned earlier in the thread, which has moved on from that--the most recent comments have just been about the general idea of people falling asleep at this or any other important gig. That's what I was commenting on, as the context should have made obvious. Yes, I was there--no, I wasn't sitting in the same row as those people, nor ever claimed to. And you need to chill out--there's a difference between an observation and an attack. And my final observation is that your last sentence is contradicted by the rest of your very peeved post.

  9. You're correct about the double entendre, and you're also correct about Let It Bleed. What you're not correct about is imagining that calling a song Brown Sugar would make it appeal to bubblegum fans, or that it had anything to do with that genre. It's not like nobody knew what sort of music to expect from the Rolling Stones.

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