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  1. You've got to be kidding. That's some of the weirdest logic I ever read.
  2. Yes, I know you know that, I was just trying to make it clear for our Chilean friend!
  3. Being endorsed by one of the band still doesn't make them "official" in any sense, though, legal or otherwise.
  4. He's from Chile, give him a break--his English is no worse than a lot of the native speakers here. And Cristopher, there's no such thing as an "official" tribute band. If you market yourselves as a tribute band, that's what you will be. But one tribute band is no more official than another. It's got nothing to do with legality, unless your band actually books itself as "Led Zeppelin," then all the lawyers will appear!
  5. Oh I see. It's just another Plant-bashing thread.
  6. So . . they don't deserve their fans' support, but you will continue to love them. And it's the disappointed fans you can't come to terms with, not the band's decisions. Wanna run that one by us again? There is no logic.
  7. Raise your hand everybody who thought you'd been banned.
  8. It's hardly communism. There's no real penalty for non-compliance, and most non-compliance goes unnoticed anyway. In any case, if every publisher complied, the BL would run out of space in a very short period, as would the LoC.
  9. This is the same thing as the Library of Congress being "supposed" to receive a copy of every book--in practice, this has never been the case.
  10. Hello again. Has the homophobia kicked in yet?
  11. If this was Facebook, I'd "like" this.
  12. That's really cool because that was approximately the angle I was looking at the stage from! Unfortunately I was a lot further back and a lot of much taller people were standing in front of me . . That's obviously daylight, so just before or just as they came on, which I remember was right at sunset.
  13. To be honest, this does beg the question "Who is Matt Medlock, and why do his opinions matter?"
  14. Just saw they were already mentioned above, but I don't care, I love this vid!
  15. No. This thread is full of people posting just to be provocative, including one provocateur who has returned in so many guises it's hard to imagine him having a life outside these boards, and another who wants to be the world's premier spammer.
  16. Richards is the youngest in the band! In other words, all the others are approaching it faster, and so what?
  17. Into SOME songs. Sheesh. Tommy, Quadrophenia, Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, The Wall, etc. Some of them I even liked, such as Ziggy Stardust and S.F. Sorrow (which was earlier).
  18. And my response is "yes thanks, do you?" They didn't write rock operas (A Night at the Opera's title notwithstanding), and We Will Rock You wasn't produced until long after the band's demise. Some of their songs were structured operatically, is about as close as you can get.
  19. What has glam rock to do with rock opera, how can music be MORE complex than Like a Rolling Stone, what has Michael Jackson to do with minimalism? Why am I even bothering? And sorry for the double post, don't want to be a spammer.
  20. I was talking about the 70s, you seem a little confused. I wouldn't include Caravan, but I would include all those huge rock operas/concept albums.
  21. If there's one thing I totally love, it's the dirty modern sound. Minimalism, too, rather than some of those bloated extravaganzas of the 70s. (As opposed to the good stuff of the 70s.)
  22. Respectfully disagree--Jimmy's our modern day Jimmy Page. IMO he's got nothing in common with Mozart except that they're both composers. Apples and oranges . . .
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