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  1. Ev is back home again (he's back in California, Rick), and things sound a bit more hopeful. They're hoping to get him to see a specialist.
  2. Just logged back in to make this update. More prayers needed, folks.
  3. Well, it's actually sort of uncertain news, as they're trying to get him into another hospital. But let's all hope it leads to a good outcome! (I'm going to be out there in a few weeks, and hope I'll get a chance to go see them.)
  4. Here's some positive energy from me, Ev--love and hugs across the miles to you and Angi. By the way, he has now been released from the hospital.
  5. I think that's highly unlikely.
  6. There's been a horrific earthquake, which I think deserves more than "Is Jimmy OK?" He's not even due there till April, according to what Steve posted. My thoughts go out to everyone in Japan, and of course all our Zep friends.
  7. Well, I can't call it his crowning achievement exactly as it was on the first album, and it would sound as if he went downhill from there, but the opening bars of D&C were the first I heard of Zeppelin and instantly made me want to hear much more. So for me, that's the one.
  8. I hate to break it to you, but he's playing the New Orleans Jazz Fest too, as he did in 2009.
  9. No--and I certainly can't imagine there's a Phil Collins "type." Seems unlikely it would be people like me, who don't watch TV except for the late night comedians. Edit--Babs, I'd forgotten that, it's brilliant.
  10. Exactly. Believe it or not, I've never seen either show, so I must be one of many who's not that "type."
  11. So, is it a special birthday we should know about?
  12. That's two or three of us on this planet, then! I really liked all those.
  13. I now seem to be the only person on the planet who enjoyed his pop stuff in the 80s. Yes, I bought Sussudio. Or whatever it was called. But anyway, I enjoyed it, though I was never a Genesis fan. I realize this makes me appear mentally unstable, but I don't care. Poor old Phil.
  14. She was the 2010 Halloween hostess at Jack White's Third Man Records in Nashville--looking mighty good--and was featured on one of their 7"s: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark herself, is featured on this picture disc which contains 2 versions of The Black Belles track “What Can I Do”. The A side is the full edit of the track, and the B side an all instrumental version. This single comes in a uniquely designed coffin shaped sleeve with glow in the dark ink, and the disc contains images of The Black Belles as well as the buxom vampire-ish movie hostess herself. “What Can I Do” is also the new the
  15. I think this may be why there's still all the debate about it. We know what the words are but what do they MEAN? (If anything.)
  16. Hey, I saw them the first time around, in the late 60s. I won't tell the Zep folks if you won't.
  17. We hear that this is also true of Page and Plant--would that their fans responded the same way! I may be totally misremembering this, but didn't one of his parents (his mother?) invent White-out? I seem to remember he was independently wealthy even back in the Monkees' first incarnation.
  18. I don't think the change in that picture has anything to do with her lung cancer, just time. She looks fine there to me--it would be bizarre if she looked exactly as she did 50 years ago. Dylan doesn't exactly look the same, either. But indeed, RIP Suze.
  19. And that's why the Who are still going strong today, even though there's only two of the original members left?
  20. It sounded like a total disaster to you at the time, a real trainwreck? And one of the band agreed with you? As opposed to just acknowledging they made a few mistakes? Then I must have been at another show with another bunch of people watching a different band. The people around me were still pinching themselves trying to believe they were watching Zeppelin after all these years, OMG Jimmy's got the bow out, not "well, that sucked, try harder with the next one." So it wasn't note-perfect, I didn't meet a single person that night who gave the slightest inkling of a damn.
  21. Was that me, or was someone else told the same thing? Some of the museum staff also told me about the earlier visits in the Walking into Clarksdale era, when Jimmy accompanied Robert. They said Jimmy seemed very quiet and shy compared to Robert. They had a lot of good things to say about both of them, especially Robert, who apparently continues (or did then, anyway) to support the museum.
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