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  1. Stones sneakers can be found on Amazon; https://www.amazon.com/Rolling-Stones-Fashion-Customize-Sneaker/dp/B01LN7VH0U
  2. Jones didn't really have that much to say about it in the book. JPJ: “That was my third bass. It was a five-string and the ugliest bass guitar in the world, it was horrible but it had a high fifth string and I got into it for a while but it was unbalanced and I don’t know if it even sounded that good. It was ugly, I couldn’t go on stage with it anymore”.
  3. If you can read legalese here is the court's ruling from earlier today. http://cdn.ca9.uscourts.gov/datastore/opinions/2018/09/28/16-56057.pdf
  4. I read that they met in May to discuss their upcoming book. Here's a link and a picture: https://consequenceofsound.net/2018/06/led-zeppelin-50th-anniversary-book/
  5. They should have put this song on (the 1st edition of Coda). Not only would it have increased the album's duration in minutes, it would have increased the album's sales. The song was very popular on the radio and was only available (for purchase) on the B-side of the "Immigrant Song" 45 rpm. I remember Zep releasing it as a cassette single in 1990. I still have it somewhere.
  6. OK I found a more reasonable one for $22.95: http://www.vintaget22.com/product-page/4ff00d5d-41f4-1285-654b-0d52411a18d6
  7. Well there's one on ebay for $2000.00 !!! I'm sure a replica can be found for cheaper someplace. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Led-Zeppelin-Shirt-Vintage-1975-North-American-Tour-Rare-70s-Hanes-Tag-/351905671363?hash=item51ef3668c3:g:EmEAAOSwFqJWquWZ
  8. I heard this for the first time today. Not too bad!
  9. Evidently Phil Collins has a new autobiography coming out where he states he's not the one to blame for Zeppelin's Live Aid performance: http://teamrock.com/feature/2016-10-20/phil-collins-why-im-not-to-blame-for-led-zeppelins-live-aid-fiasco http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/artists/phil-collins-interview-robert-plant-mixed-with-led-zeppelin-make/
  10. One thing I don't like is John Paul Jones using the Alembic bass for "The Song Remains the Same" on the '77 and '79 tours. That Alembic bass sounds like it has rubber-bands for strings. Don't mind it being used on other songs (I kind of like it on Heartbreaker myself) but it just doesn't work on TSRTS. Maybe there's a good bootleg version with it out there but I haven't heard it.
  11. Here's the Houston '77 version:
  12. It's got to be Led Zeppelin III. I can't think of any other album cover that had a wheel that you could turn to change the pictures on the cover! There's never been anything close to that (Physical Gaffiti is a distant second). My guess is that most of the people voting on this only have the CD.
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