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    Ancient Cultures and Languages, Manuscripts, Reconciliation between ancient and modern cultures, the Earth, Botony, Gardening, Music, Oceans, Astronomy, Chess, Photography, Technology and the Collective consciousness.
  1. It most certainly does! We love the Islanders!!! The Ninth Scribe
  2. Exactly. It's just a really cool fantasy The Ninth Scribe
  3. Yea, I just didn't recall him wearing rings... but then again, I haven't made a very careful study of him either. I think it's great he includes all the mums and kids every Christmas ~ it's almost Muslim, except that he doesn't have active wives to contend with. It makes sense too that when you're older, you're not trying to take on the world anymore. You remember what it is you're working for... and it always comes back to who it is you're working for...your family. In Brazil, the family is extremely important. Here on Cape Cod, they work their butts off all summer long... two, sometim
  4. I don't recall him ever wearing rings. Maybe they bug him when he's playing guitar? I don't know. Cool thread though. Whatever makes them happy. The Ninth Scribe
  5. It's kind of like that song, What Is and What Should Never Be, I suppose. I mean, just because you're hot for them doesn't mean they'll be hot for you. It's just for fun and the other guys know that. Besides, it isn't like they don't have their fantasies too. I mean, seriously, would you feel threatened if your husband admitted to an attraction with a famous female performer? It takes awhile, but eventually we all come to enjoy these fantasies for what they are, because we know what they're not, lol. Don't feel guilty. Enjoy yourself - it's just a really cool ride! The Ninth Scribe
  6. I live in North Eastham... Cape Cod. You know, that quaint little drinking village with a slight fishing problem? Right now we're all bummed out - bad red tide outbreak... so no shellfishing! Sniff. The Ninth Scribe
  7. OMG! That totally kicked @ss! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hi Dodge, Glad to meet another Zep Head! So you're from the merry ole? I lived there for a year or so back in the eighties but had to leave... ran out of money! Miss it terribly though.

  9. Hi,I am dodge from the uk.You say on your profile you wanted to meet as many fans as you can,so i thought i would say hello.I am 48 and have been a zep fan since the age of 11.I was lucky enough to see them live twice,in 72 in Manchester and in 75 in London.Memories i will treasure for ever.I would love to hear from you ,if only to say hello,so heres hoping.Bye.

  10. I was just waiting for YOU to show up and explain that one... I had no idea but I always thought it was very interesting, lol. Thanks for shedding some light~~~ The Ninth Scribe
  11. You mean: "I" before "E" except after "C" and "Reid" ~ Right? My Hebrew is better than my English... but that's what I get for snoozing in class, lol. The Ninth Scribe
  12. You might want to tell that to the rest of the world, but if you feel compelled to take the issue up, here's a great place for you to start that argument: Screen name: 1. For pseudonyms used for film appearances, see stage name. 2. For pseudonyms used for internet communications and BBSs, see User (computing). 3. The Screen Name service (also ScreenName) is a common password system that is required to use any services or programs from AOL, AIM, Compuserve, or Netscape. 4. An online identity. This may be a specific, sometimes unique identifier, alpha-numeric text string that repr
  13. I love hearing all the stories. Thank you for sharing yours, Haze. The Ninth Scribe
  14. I'm not very familiar with the Norse myths, but that's one reason why I started this thread. In one forum I attended, there was a confusion over the screen name Laerad (also Norse), and when it came to light, what the meaning of that name meant, well... it was a misfortune for the members who misinterpreted it. Now when I attend a forum, I like to ask about the meaning of screen names because the dialogue is always interesting and it removes a lot of that kind of confusion. Thanks for sharing Mjolnir. The Ninth Scribe
  15. Agreed. There will be no Armegheddon - not on my watch! And, if you need more comfort - this fear had surfaced once before during the last millennium. You should read some of those records. They're hilarious! But the old men, the keepers of the records... well, they love to speculate on these affairs. They don't mean any harm, it's just something that comes to men of a certain age. The Ninth Scribe
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