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  1. 1970 for me, I really dig the lighter side of Zeppelin with the III album. Plus it was the first time they played Madison Square Garden, one of the first real "they truly made it" signs.
  2. The Hendrix at Winterland box set was like 8 discs, and retailed for 129 bucks, later could be gotten for as low as 80. I dunno why we can't get this one on the black wax, but it would be quite welcomed!
  3. 1970, the first time they played MSG, and showed just how versatile this band truly was going to be. Yeah, I and II showed hints, but LZ III was that break through of creativity that led to the amazing LZ IV.
  4. I finally am playing my single disc vinyl remaster of this record right now, and man, oh man. Pagey did a wonderful job on this, it sounds more full of life and throbbing bottom end. Loving For Your Life right now!
  5. says...how can one say they gave you too many chances, when it was you who gave too much? How long can one lay claim to being a victim when they themselves caused all the issues? How can a person claim to be David...when in fact they are the ultimate Goliath? For the past 8 years now it's been back and forth, give and take, push coming to shove. Finally, will one see the light at the end of the tunnel, or will manipulation continue to run supreme? What becomes of the man if he sees the light,...

  6. says ya ever feel like things went full circle? I sure do.

  7. Vinyl: Led Zeppelin I-IV (new 2014 remaster) Houses of the Holy (new 2014 remaster) Physical Graffiti (Original 1975) In Through the Outdoor Mothership DVD: The Song Remains the Same Led Zeppelin VH1 Legends Books: Jimmy Page Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven I used to have a few more books, had the Jimmy Page figure, a few DVD bootlegs (anyone wanna hook me up with Earls Court '75, Seattle '77, and Knebworth '79?). I also have both Firm albums on vinyl, and the ARMS 12-9-1983 MSG show on DVD.
  8. Eh, I'll go with Coda too, just so much suck with that bland cover.
  9. I was sitting here listening to my copy of the LZ I remastered vinyl when my cousin's husband came over to give a me a couple of boxes of vinyl. Usually it's nothing, but this time inside this box there was a copy of Physical Graffiti...looks pretty damn original with the die-cut windows and the insert. A test spin revealed a slight warp, but the sound was pretty good, kicking my ass on IMTOD. I would grade the vinyl and the cover a pretty solid VG+, almost EX. Anyone else have a similar tale of good fortune?
  10. Hey guys, I'm making a collage for myself and I wanted to see if you guys wouldn't mind sharing the best shots from the 1980 Europe tour. Basically I'm making my own "Led Zeppelin: The 1980's, Part I" tour poster collage type of deal. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  11. I'm blasting my copy of the single vinyl edition, and it just thumps so far. Loving it! Jimmy did a stellar job with all these re-issues so far. Cannot wait for PG and Presence!
  12. I have the following: Squier Fat Strat (Metallic Silver, matching headstock) LTD M-200F (See through black) Dean ZX (Metallic White) Dean VX (Brazlliaburst) Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Ebony)
  13. My first Led Zeppelin albums were all the studio albums and the box set from 1990. Ordered them from BMG Music Service after I watched Led Zeppelin VH1 Legends back in 1999. Never regreted it since.
  14. I have a top 5: 1. Elton John- Harmony 2. Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven 3. Def Leppard- Gods of War 4. Eric Clapton- Layla 5. The Rolling Stones- Gimme Shelter
  15. Stairway, although I was close to picking IMTOD.
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