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    Stephen King fan :)
  1. Puts new meanings to the term "piss on this," eh?
  2. :hysterical: Hose a fire lmao.
  3. Gimme gimme gimme. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http:/...=image&cd=1
  4. Repairing another PC, a sexy woman who can kick ass if she has to and a gorgeous set of friends. Hang out with losers? Hang out with gorgeous sincere people/ I go for the latter..... DZ, everyone>>>> Cheers, TDT
  5. That is. That just puts a grin on me lol. Hiya Spatster, Doc...wheres Jack Nicholson? Oh he's in the gun thread, you better hide that little shit. Someone will pass through the gun thread, this thread then on into meat. Make a cute avatar.
  6. Man isn't that the truth. I guess it's just a courtesy some people don't wanna bend on. I know for a fact if you ever stay in say a hostel or a B&B this is one of the rules. I guess I wouldn't wanna be a 4 or 5 year old girl and fall in :-)~ Or a boy. I swore I would never ever sit on one with the seat up? I was wrong... Hot honey: Dude do you think you could please lower the seat. I go in the middle of the night half asleep? Dude: I sure don't wanna hear you screaming waking me up and bringing a cold wet ass to bed///
  7. Shit! I like girls, I love most all girls. However if I were gay I would say I was queer. I guess that may seem queer to some.
  8. Well! Spats doesn't like Sharipova, Kournikova soooo who knows? Spats?
  9. Didn't hurt Paul much for gods sake. He can still own Michael Jackson if he wishes. On another note. Debrah Lefave and Jackson would make a lovely couple lol
  10. Well. Think about it. If you wanna earn some cash fine, if you dont I will find someone else love. We have needed a good artist for some time. I do not have the time myself....
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