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  1. Over a number of years, I've seen both a pair of sneekers and then later a pair of work boots dangling from power lines in Francis Street next to Broadway Shopping Centre opposite the basketball court.
  2. Reg, what time do they hit the stage? I only want to see the band and not hang around. Meg
  3. You are correct. Jimmy did indeed modify his signature. I've seen a cover of the Page-Coverdale album which has a different style to his signature on the earlier Led Zeppelin albums. The trick is establishing which is the genuine deal. I'm going to have to go to an auction house and ask around. I do have an autograph sample book published in the US some years ago but alas they do not have any Led Zeppelin signatures to verify within. It would be cool if someone did so ordinary collectors can know what to look out for. Meg
  4. Anyone know of a specialist in Sydney who can authenticate a set of Led Zeppelin signatures on an album cover? I have my doubts on their authenticity but would need someone to verify it. I don't have a picture of the album cover so I can't show it here and it's not listed at the stores website. Since the asking price is over $2000, I'm cautious about parting with my money over it.
  5. The Tinku Band is a Sydney based outfit that play traditional Punjabi folk music mixed with modern electric instruments. Besides doing their own original shows thay have a separate night called Zeppelin at the Taj, which sounds very similar to the Page & Plant concerts (if you remember back to 1996) of fusing exotic Indian sounds with Led Zeppelin songs. Their myspace website is: http://www.myspace.com/zeppelinatthetaj Disclaimer: I'm in no way connected with the band but I do enjoy their shows. Their take of "Stairway to Heaven" and "Black Dog" is excellent. Meg
  6. Interesting. Any chance these guys will play in more venues other than bowling clubs? Have seen The Tinku Band a few times. I quite enjoy their interpretation of Led Zeppelin songs. Meg
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