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  1. lucyinthesky

    The hermit painting

    Hi, all! I found a Led Zep poster with this picture on it, and now i would like to know who painted it. I didn't find any hint in my LZ books. Thank you! Peace, Sophia
  2. lucyinthesky

    Lyrics that really changed your live

    Hi there! Yesterday I discovered the lyrics of "1983 8A Merman I Shall Turn To Be) by Jimi Hendrix and - besides of the great music - this poem really blew my mind. I was just sitting in front of my computer ind tried not to cry. This song text is so colourful, so meek, so poetic... No, I'm NOT stoned even if I may sound like this... Here it is: Jimi Hendrix: 1983 (a merman I shall turn to be) Hurray i awake from yesterday Alive but the war is here to stay So my love catherina and me Decide to take our last walk thru the noise to the sea Not to die but to be reborn Away from the lands so battred and torn Forever forever Oh say can you see it's really such a mess Every inch of earth is a fighting nest Giant pencil and lipstick-tube shaped things Continue to rain and cause screamin' pain And the arctic stains from silver blue to bloody red As our feet find the sand And the sea is straight ahad Straight up ahead Well it's too bad that our friends can't be with us today Well it's too bad The machine that we built Would never save us that's what they say That's why they ain't comin' with us today And they also said it's impossible For a man to live and breathe undrerwater Forever was a main complaint Yeah and they also threw this in my face they said Anyway you know good and well It would be beyond the will of god And the grace of the king Grace of the king Yeah Ooo So my darling and i make love in the sand To salute the last moment ever on dry land Our machine it has done its work played its part well Without a scratch on our body when we bid it farewell Starfish and giant foams greet us with a smile Before our heads go under we take our last look at the killing noise Of the out of style The out of style out of style oh yeah Oooo So down and down and down and down we go Hurry my darlin' we mustn't be late For the show Neptune champion games to an aqua world is so my dear Right this way smiles a mermaid I can hear atlantis full of cheer Atlantis full of cheer I can hear atlantis full of cheer Oh yeah Now I want to know if any of you had a similar experience. Post all the beautiful and moving lyrics and your stories if you want to share them.
  3. thank you for the gratulations :- )

  4. lucyinthesky

    Forgotten treasures

    Hi there! In the last days, I just registred how much great music is forgotten, how much great musicians never had the success they deserved and how much music is worth to be heard. My favourite forgotten treasure is "Victor", a Rock opera by Rigoni/Schönherz recorded in the mid seventies. It tells the story of the son of a clown, who hates the circus, rambles around in the whole world and gets enlightened at the end. The music is a mixture of classic hard rock with a breath-taking guitar and a roaring hammond organ, and orchestral passages. It is just amazing and as good as every rock opera around. What are your favourite forgotten treasures?
  5. lucyinthesky

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    How close the gaining and love and the losing of friendship can happen...and how dillematic and hopeless situations can me...
  6. lucyinthesky

    What Are You Reading?

    The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara ...what a book. It's on the top three list of Books That Changed My Life. I'm seriously impressed by Guevara. Hardly anyone knows more than this famous photo, and his thoughts and actions - in this young age...I haven't read enough to judge his later life - show in a way that he deserves to be the idol he is today. I can find many of my own hopes and worries in him. PLus the book is written poetic, funny, personal, and you always have the feeling to sit right behind Guevara on his motorcycle (poor Alberto Grenado...but with a friend like this he just IS in the background, what he didn't deserve;- ) I can recommand it to everyone who wants a little mind-blowing!
  7. lucyinthesky

    Your morning rituals...

    Being awoken by my mum and dad. Taking a shower. Putting radio or CD on. Dressing. Having breakfast in bed:- ) My little guilty pleasure Drinking coffee. A lot of it. Make-up and hair. Looking for the stuff I need for school and not finding it. Leaving the house in a hurry and hoping to meet my extraordinairily good-looking neighbor;- )
  8. lucyinthesky

    Pet Peeves

    No...one of the disadvantages of analog photography...but, hey, it's not that bad, I still got the memory. Another pet peeve: Next week in school I have three tests and one important latin exam!! WTF are these teachers thinking we can learn in one weekend's time?!
  9. lucyinthesky

    Lucy In The Sky

    huh...I just thought you were talking about me! Really...:- P Poor woman...but it is very nice that Julian Lennon cares for her! the song is so important, for world history - and for me.
  10. lucyinthesky

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I've never seen this before...how beautiful! Congrats, Lucia!
  11. lucyinthesky

    What Made You Happy today?

    Hi Bill!! England was GREAT! London is amazing...(so bad that my photos are lost...)we saw all the famous Beatles and Led Zeppelin sights, and other famous things, and the city is marvellous, huge, gorgeous.
  12. lucyinthesky

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Wow, your daughter is so cute!!! Great pics everyone!
  13. lucyinthesky

    Beautiful Men.

    Sorry, that I have to ask...but who is that?
  14. lucyinthesky

    Story Time

    which were imported from Atlantis
  15. lucyinthesky

    What Made You Happy today?

    My parents probably will allow me to travel with some friends in the summer holidays. With the Interrail ticket through Europe!!!! THey won't let me go down south to Balcan and Greek (I'd be too hot in summer anyway), but through the Balticum and Scandinavia! Good bye, boring holidays at the beach with only my family, welcome adventure, freedom, LIFE!!!
  16. lucyinthesky

    Pet Peeves

    I made over hundred of beautiful pictures of London with my dad's old Lomo camera, because I loathe digital cameras, and now I had the negatives developed and it's only grey blur on most of them, maybe ten of them are okay. THis vacation in London was one of the greatest in my life, and now I have no photos, only the digital ones of my parents. I am really sad.
  17. lucyinthesky

    Story Time

    Anna, where a man worked...
  18. lucyinthesky

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Oh wow...I just went through 5 new pages... THis IMGL trailer is...f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.!!! thanks!!!
  19. lucyinthesky

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    ^^your boyfriend and you are such a cute couple, and you have a beautiful face thanks, Michael (noone has ever seen that similarity before-including me;- ). Jimi is watching over me when I sleep. Edit: meant to reply to Broken Levee...thanks, Lucia:- )
  20. lucyinthesky

    What Made You Happy today?

    Finally got to watch The Boat That Rocked... probably one of the best movies I've ever seen, so funny. Another proof for me that I'm born in the wrong decade... And packing my bags for a week of LONDON. We'll take off tomorrow at 6 am, so I misuse this thread to say good-bye and have a great week to everyone who reads it
  21. lucyinthesky

    Looking for Plant-like clothing!

    My tip is to check out the second hand stores in your town. Normally they have many pieces from the 70s, and they are rather inexpensive. Or look in your parents and grandparents closets and attics;- )
  22. lucyinthesky

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Oh, wow...page 300!!!!! Haven't commented for a time...I have the feeling to repeat myself and everyone else here, but...it's so HOT!!! :- ) I'm going to London tomorrow...I so hope I will see him!
  23. lucyinthesky

    What would you want the title of the new album to be?

    My fav is So-so...that's a nickname of mine!
  24. lucyinthesky

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Haven't posted any for a longer time...:- ) My new summer dress:
  25. lucyinthesky

    Pet Peeves

    Some bitches...an old female one who screamed at me, and a young male one who played with me and used me as a little toy. One being experienced today, and the other one found out today. Fuck them both...another drawer of dirty laudry to be secretly locked in the back of my mind...