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  1. thank you for the gratulations :- )

  2. How close the gaining and love and the losing of friendship can happen...and how dillematic and hopeless situations can me...
  3. The Motorcycle Diaries by Che Guevara ...what a book. It's on the top three list of Books That Changed My Life. I'm seriously impressed by Guevara. Hardly anyone knows more than this famous photo, and his thoughts and actions - in this young age...I haven't read enough to judge his later life - show in a way that he deserves to be the idol he is today. I can find many of my own hopes and worries in him. PLus the book is written poetic, funny, personal, and you always have the feeling to sit right behind Guevara on his motorcycle (poor Alberto Grenado...but with a friend like this he just IS in the background, what he didn't deserve;- ) I can recommand it to everyone who wants a little mind-blowing!
  4. I've never seen this before...how beautiful! Congrats, Lucia!
  5. Hi Bill!! England was GREAT! London is amazing...(so bad that my photos are lost...)we saw all the famous Beatles and Led Zeppelin sights, and other famous things, and the city is marvellous, huge, gorgeous.
  6. Wow, your daughter is so cute!!! Great pics everyone!
  7. My parents probably will allow me to travel with some friends in the summer holidays. With the Interrail ticket through Europe!!!! THey won't let me go down south to Balcan and Greek (I'd be too hot in summer anyway), but through the Balticum and Scandinavia! Good bye, boring holidays at the beach with only my family, welcome adventure, freedom, LIFE!!!
  8. Oh wow...I just went through 5 new pages... THis IMGL trailer is...f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.!!! thanks!!!
  9. ^^your boyfriend and you are such a cute couple, and you have a beautiful face thanks, Michael (noone has ever seen that similarity before-including me;- ). Jimi is watching over me when I sleep. Edit: meant to reply to Broken Levee...thanks, Lucia:- )
  10. Finally got to watch The Boat That Rocked... probably one of the best movies I've ever seen, so funny. Another proof for me that I'm born in the wrong decade... And packing my bags for a week of LONDON. We'll take off tomorrow at 6 am, so I misuse this thread to say good-bye and have a great week to everyone who reads it
  11. Oh, wow...page 300!!!!! Haven't commented for a time...I have the feeling to repeat myself and everyone else here, but...it's so HOT!!! :- ) I'm going to London tomorrow...I so hope I will see him!
  12. Haven't posted any for a longer time...:- ) My new summer dress:
  13. A great weekend: we went to a abbey far away from any bigger town, some friends, two teachers and I, to talk about the essentials of systems theory, get to know eachother and show what we have in mind...because we will go to an arts/philosophy park on Teneriffa in autumn. It was so awesome...yesterday night was the last one, and we sat around a bonfire, talked about the most hilarious, and the most terrifying conspiracy theories, art and if there is a future for it (there was a art school student amongst us), books to read and things to do. We drank too much, and when everybody was really pissed we danced to Jimi Hendrix tunes, went on a night walk and so on. I slept only 4 hours and have a latin test to pass tomorrow, but, hell, that's how life should be!
  14. Great pics, everyone! Sorry...I wasn't around here a while too... whatever your sister has, I really hope she gets well again soon! And good vibes too you :- ) As for racchan: I only see he's just having a good laugh and has his eyes half closed (well...my eyes are like this too when I laugh)...but it's on a party in...1975 (? it's the Swan song party, isn't it?)...so there is a tiny opportunity that he might have consumes alcohol really ;- )
  15. I learned to play "here comes the sun" on the guitar. And - you won't believe - the sun CAME!
  16. ^^I will...next week I'll say "Uh, by the way, Dzldoc says 'burn'." ;- ) I bought two pairs of summer trousers today, on in electric purple. on in orange and red...to show the rainy weather I don't care!
  17. I had orchestra rehearsal today AND I WAS BETTER THAN THE GUY THAT SAID I COULDN'T PLAY!!!
  18. Manticore studios, right?
  19. A documentation about saurians...reptiles and amphibians...fascinating animals. I love them :- ) (uh, that sounds nerdy)
  20. fab shots, racchan! Have you painted these manga styled images yourself? THey look great... if you want to, you really should post them in the paintings thread (if you haven't aleady...haven't been there for a while...) you know what? LOVE AND PEACE TO YOU ALL! this is a gorgeous spring day, and you make it even more gorgeous with the pics :- )
  21. none...vegetarian ;- ) green or red pepper?
  22. Wow, after your first lesson? You're talented :- ) Or did you know how to play a bit before? PLaying guitar is the best! Enjoy!
  23. Oh no, I'm not getting paid for the work (we are supposed to do that for school)...but that makes it even better! And today was even better...I got to know the whole team of the shop, also immigrants and unemployed. That lovely italian lady Silvana from the bakery corner, Abdallah with the broadest grin I've ever seen...we just sat in the sun and talked after all the work was done.
  24. Oh, and something else made me happy, right this moment...the most beautiful vid I ever recieved! Friends are the most precious thing on earth!
  25. I'm doing a work experience in a charity supermarket where poor people can buy groceries cheaper, and there were so many lonely, embittered (they have all reasons to be that) inpolite people, there were these two nice and polite and very sweet students from Kenia, who were there for the first time and didn't speak any German...so we chatted a bit in ENglish...and they were the friendliest people ever :- )
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