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  1. That living in a bread truck in Hawaii sounds wonderful. The locals nicknamed him Whitebread. Obviously it was an enriching experience for him to do so well later with Sexual Healing. Marvin's loveshack !
  2. A walk in the woods and some snakehandling. And what I see in the above posts, I ate some Ice Cream.
  3. Wasn't that the year he came out with Hot Legs ? To look around, I can see how this song was so popular.
  4. I remember when Secretariat did it in '73, right ?
  5. Steve Howe's rendition of Classical Gas 7-24-71 Yes concert, New Haven Connecticut.
  6. Wow! You guessed her Chester! How much did you win?
  7. Audacity

    The pub

    If you find some, would you mind sharing? I'm not in pain but would love the euphoria.
  8. Getting near time to head to the Arts and Crafts fair. The rain has quit and the clouds are breaking up.
  9. Nothing. Unless it's old, wrinkled, rooster headed, stinky, stretched out - overUSED kack !!! Fuck that !
  10. Teenage Riot - Sonic Youth January 24, 1993 Melbourne Australia I'm fixing some song gaps and also including some of a July '93 show and one tune from under the Brooklyn Bridge from 1997. The energy is amazing.
  11. Yes I'd be annoyed too. But you hadn't explained this so I had no idea of how the faux pas transpired. Jimmy's reliance on John's was the mistake. With Jimmy's vast experience it's hard to understand his slip-up this time. I realize how speakers and rooms have such variations in sound and would think the best rooms would have multiple speaker set ups and possibly moveable walls etc. to soften or harshen the rooms acoustics. I know most studios have little flat toned speakers (Auratone) to switch between to hear how the mix will sound on less dynamic systems and even a small radio. Of all the LZ albums, I believe II has the best soundmix. If I were Jimmy, I would have used the studio/studios he used to mix that album. Personally, I think the masterpiece PG has a tinny sound. It doesn't have the ummph of II. None of the other albums do to me, including IV.
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