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  1. And what about you're suspension Burning Spear ? Or what was it so many thought, TONY ? Unsubstantiated, of course. We are Zep fiends aren't we ?
  2. More...one for each letter. Alice in Chains Blue Oyster Cult Charles, Ray Depeche Mode E street band, Bruce Springsteen and the Fishbone Gentle Giant Herbie Hancock Ivey and Basehead, Michael James Gang Kinks Led Zeppelin Metheny, Pat New Grass Revival Oates, Hall and Pink Floyd Q ? damn, I can't remember any again Red Hot Chili Peppers Soundgarden Talking Heads UK Van Morrison Winter, Johnny X ? Young, Neil ZZ Top
  3. Audacity

    Photos !

    Look at the carp's mouths
  4. I'll pick one from each letter of the alphabet that I attended Allman Brothers Beck, Jeff Chicago Transit Authority Davis, Miles Electric Light Orchestra Foreigner Grateful Dead Humble Pie INXS Jethro Tull King Crimson Los Lobos Mahavischnu Orchestra Nine Inch Nails O'Kanes Peter, Paul and Mary Q ? Rolling Stones Santana Ten Years After U2 Van Halen Weather Report X ? Yes Zappa, Frank
  5. I just really believe the country is going to elect McCain. Something just tells me.
  6. And probably full of cheese, as the theory goes.
  7. That living in a bread truck in Hawaii sounds wonderful. The locals nicknamed him Whitebread. Obviously it was an enriching experience for him to do so well later with Sexual Healing. Marvin's loveshack !
  8. Your mocking of the moon landing and defending that thought overshadows any mockery I made of that remark! It's beyond idiotic. What's with the name calling?
  9. Yeah, it's amazing that some girls continue to get better looking with age. Alison is one of them. Many don't exhibit that quality and peak early. Alison is of a rare breed. What was the Janis Joplin song ? Oh yeah, "Get it while you Can"
  10. What was that saying ? Better to be criticized than to be ignored. But away from me? NO, I was pointing out your exaggeration, directing the shine on YOU, but I'd guess if it truly WAS 50,000,000 doublenecker's point would have been even more impressive. I still doubt the roads around here would be any less crowded though. Damn! No silver lining here, but maybe more corn.
  11. OH gawd! It's not just the schools in the US. What's to keep you from believing any of the space outings there've been? Led Zeppelin wasn't real either. They're just documented in pictures and sound and a "reunion" that only had the son of one of the alleged originals. It was all a fake. These guys just got together and did a great job of pantomiming a make believe group. And did you know it was all mouth synched and they weren't really playing their instruments ? What a fool to believe it! England was just trying to regain the edge of music they lost after the British Invasio
  12. I saw her in 1993 when she was 21, and I agree, she was very sexy! Angelic voice too.
  13. Just like his 2,000 times exaggeration. Did you notice less traffic on the road this evening ? I didn't.
  14. I always take care of my business before the show and NEVER leave during a performance for food, drink or anything. One disclaimer though, if I'd gone to a '77 show, I might have left during the noise solo.
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