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  1. Well good luck to you. I am betting against Pyro. I like Colonel John and Big Brown. If either wins, I win. Enjoy! This is a day that I always look forward to.

    Wow! You guessed her Chester! How much did you win? :D

  2. Anybody have some good pain pills in here? My back is ........Bad.

    If you find some, would you mind sharing? I'm not in pain but would love the euphoria. :)

  3. Yes Jimmy was present during the mixing. I didn't say Studio # 2 was inferior, just less expensive due to smaller size and less equipment. Why pay more for stuff you don't need? As far as the brightness of the speakers, if you record something at a studio in your hometown ( a studio you've used before with good results ), mix it in a studio in another town, then bring it back to your hometown studio and it sounds murky, what else could it be? Bright speakers would cause you to cut down the higher frequencies and either raise or keep the lows as is. Playing this on more balanced speakers would give you a bottom-heavy sound. This is something you wouldn't find out until after the fact. Jimmy was unhappy with Mr. Johns because he was one of the people who encouraged the use of Sunset Sound. Jimmy was relying on the advice of someone he trusted. How could he have known what would happen? He went to LA to mix an album instead of staying in London on Andy Johns' advice and lost several months due to the mess up. Wouldn't you be annoyed if you were in Jimmy's place? Because of how tight scheduling is in top studios you can't just pop in, do a test mix, bring it back home to see how it came out, then decide if you want to use that studio or try another. You rely on either personal experience or recommendations of people you trust. If someone's recommendation turns out to be crap and you waste a lot of time, money and effort I'm thinking you'd be a little annoyed at that person, yes?

    Yes I'd be annoyed too. But you hadn't explained this so I had no idea of how the faux pas transpired. Jimmy's reliance on John's was the mistake. With Jimmy's vast experience it's hard to understand his slip-up this time.

    I realize how speakers and rooms have such variations in sound and would think the best rooms would have multiple speaker set ups and possibly moveable walls etc. to soften or harshen the rooms acoustics. I know most studios have little flat toned speakers (Auratone) to switch between to hear how the mix will sound on less dynamic systems and even a small radio. Of all the LZ albums, I believe II has the best soundmix. If I were Jimmy, I would have used the studio/studios he used to mix that album. Personally, I think the masterpiece PG has a tinny sound. It doesn't have the ummph of II. None of the other albums do to me, including IV.

  4. Andy Johns. They mixed it at Sunset Sound in LA. Since they were mixing instead of recording they rented studio # 2 (which was less expensive to rent than # 1). Unfortunately the speakers in # 2 were too bright and when the songs were played back in England they sounded very muddy. Only Levee didn't have to be remixed.

    Wouldn't Jimmy Page have been present during mixing? Who was being on the cheap renting the inferior room? How would anyone know the speakers would've made the mix too bright?

    It's hard for me to understand how the engineer could've been at fault. I'd think it would've been a collaborative failing. Jimmy Page was producer, the buck stops with him.

  5. I must have always been misinformed as I thought Gaines played the slide guitar on "Free Bird"?? Guess not. Just imagine what they may have accomplished if not for one terrible day.

    Steve Gaines was not in the original lineup of Lynyrd Skynryd. He joined after Ed King left in '76 or so and joined after LS's fourth album '76-'77 sometime. His sister was a backup singer, Cassie, and it was quite the surprise for them to go through auditions and then "discover" Steve, her brother.

    Freebird preceeded Gaines by about 4 years.

  6. I'm thinking he believed at that moment in time that they had most of the next album mostly recorded and that they only needed two or three more songs to fill it out. But as time passed and so much new stuff emerged in the coming months they got together at Stargroves in early '72 and that's where HOTH finally emerged. That wouldn't be the first time Mr. Page said something in an interview that eventually didn't come to pass or changed radically.

    I see. I'd thought you (or Jimmy) were saying most of HotH had been recorded, not just the next album.


  7. Houses was planned on being released during summer of '72 (about 8-9 months later than IV) but problems getting the colors on the album artwork delayed release until March '73. As far as songs they had from as far back as their trip to Bron-y-Aur were all or parts of Poor Tom, OTHAFA, The Rover, DBTS, Bron-Y-Aur, Night Flight and No Quarter. I think it would have been safe for him to say they had most of their next album done.

    So at the time of the interview, October 1971, you really believe most of HotH had been recorded? Or do you mean you think Jimmy thought he had the rest of the next album recorded (to include Poor Tom, The Rover etc.) ?

    I had always thought they recorded HotH mostly in 1972.

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