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  1. PS: congrats on making it past 100 posts since the last time you were banned.

    I figure your next banishment oughta be coming along anytime now, eh? :whistling:


    And what about you're suspension Burning Spear ? :lol:

    Or what was it so many thought, TONY ? Unsubstantiated, of course. :whistling:

    We are Zep fiends aren't we ? :D

  2. More...one for each letter.

    Alice in Chains

    Blue Oyster Cult

    Charles, Ray

    Depeche Mode

    E street band, Bruce Springsteen and the


    Gentle Giant

    Herbie Hancock

    Ivey and Basehead, Michael

    James Gang


    Led Zeppelin

    Metheny, Pat

    New Grass Revival

    Oates, Hall and

    Pink Floyd

    Q ? damn, I can't remember any again

    Red Hot Chili Peppers


    Talking Heads


    Van Morrison

    Winter, Johnny

    X ?

    Young, Neil

    ZZ Top

  3. I'll pick one from each letter of the alphabet that I attended

    Allman Brothers

    Beck, Jeff

    Chicago Transit Authority

    Davis, Miles

    Electric Light Orchestra


    Grateful Dead

    Humble Pie


    Jethro Tull

    King Crimson

    Los Lobos

    Mahavischnu Orchestra

    Nine Inch Nails


    Peter, Paul and Mary

    Q ?

    Rolling Stones


    Ten Years After


    Van Halen

    Weather Report

    X ?


    Zappa, Frank

  4. Nice try to divert the attention away from you!!

    My point was......would Doublenecker think the same thing if 50,000,000 people really did die?

    What was that saying ? Better to be criticized than to be ignored.

    But away from me? NO, I was pointing out your exaggeration, directing the shine on YOU, but I'd guess if it truly WAS 50,000,000 doublenecker's point would have been even more impressive. I still doubt the roads around here would be any less crowded though. <_< Damn!

    No silver lining here, but maybe more corn.

  5. How does this prove that Denmark isn't capable, and that Man really did walk on the moon? I'm sure the American government would have gone to great lengths to prove their technological might - even setting up a believeable hoax.

    OH gawd! It's not just the schools in the US. :wacko:

    What's to keep you from believing any of the space outings there've been? Led Zeppelin wasn't real either. They're just documented in pictures and sound and a "reunion" that only had the son of one of the alleged originals. It was all a fake. These guys just got together and did a great job of pantomiming a make believe group. And did you know it was all mouth synched and they weren't really playing their instruments ?

    What a fool to believe it! England was just trying to regain the edge of music they lost after the British Invasion. Oh wait, that wasn't real either. Since both were before you were even born, you have to go on faith. How foolish to believe what you weren't alive to even experience.

    Great words of wisdom from you guys.

  6. With no Moby Dick being played I wonder when the audience went to the bar/toilet? :D

    I always take care of my business before the show and NEVER leave during a performance for food, drink or anything. One disclaimer though, if I'd gone to a '77 show, I might have left during the noise solo. <_<

  7. I read on yahoo the number is now over 200,000 verry sad and I doubt they got a evacuation notice like we do here.

    I'd imagine the communcation line over there is word of mouth. And you know what they say when something is passed on that way. By the 200,000 person i'm sure the warning was for clear skies, mild temperatures and a slight breeze.

    Why would anyone live in such a low lying area in such a density of population as must be there ? I bet that won't slow down the population growth or send people away. They'll come back in droves and keep overpopulating and strorms will hit again. They have legs, they should seek higher ground and stay there. But it won't happen.

  8. Robert Plant & Allison Krauss

    April 22, 2008

    Knoxville, TENN

    Knoxville Civic Auditorium

    Track listing:

    1. Rich Woman

    2. Leave My Woman Alone

    3. Black Dog

    4. Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

    5. Through the Morning, Through the Night

    6. Fortune Teller

    7. Black Country Woman

    8. Hey Hey What Can I Do

    9. The Rat Age

    10. Levez les Bons Temps Rouler

    11. Trampled Rose

    12. Green Pastures

    13. Down to the River to Pray

    14. Nothin

    15. Killing the Blues

    16. Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson

    17. When the Levee Breaks

    18. The Battle of Evermore

    19. Please Read the Letter

    20. Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)

    21. Stick With Me Baby

    22. One Woman Man

    23. Your Long Journey


  9. I think it just goes to show, if that many die at one time from one tragedy, there are just too many in one place. I bet once the water receeds you won't be able to tell anyone's gone. Parking will still be difficult for cars or rickshaw's.

    Plenty of room in Kansas, but no one wants to be there. If they're gonna crawl all over each other to be in the same place some natural thinning must occur. One way or the other.

    I see what you're saying doublenecker.

  10. I think that the feminisization of the western world has created a population full of gutless men.

    Yes, by the tens of millions. Just wait until little Johnny is raised by two "daddies".

    Little Johnny will still need a father figure though. Even a bear would be a bit too soft with his cubs.

    I completely agree with a child needing a mother and a father figure to produce a balance. It's so obvious in today's kid's world how the one parent family phenomena has affected youngsters behavior. That and two mommies or two daddies are far more inferior as a condition in a developmental environment.

    Damn, it took a while to catch up on this thread. Good stuff.

  11. Basically I've been under a rock for awhile now. But since being released from incarceration last year, I have discovered this thing called a computer.


    They're fun aren't they?

    Incarceration wouldn't be so bad if you had plenty to drink,


    but freedom is so much better


    It's nice to be ON TOP of the rock now isn't it? ROCK ON !!!!


    To Zeppelin!

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