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  1. We've still got 3 in the hunt for the presidency. With Obama positioned between Hillary and McCain, she seems to be the most visible with McCain somewhat in the back, out of the limelight. Anyone have a spoon?
  2. What do you call the day after the 5th of May when someone forgot to put the mayonaisse back in the fridge ? STINKO de mayo!
  3. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.........
  4. A walk in the woods and some snakehandling. And what I see in the above posts, I ate some Ice Cream.
  5. Wasn't that the year he came out with Hot Legs ? To look around, I can see how this song was so popular.
  6. I loved that jazzier period of Zappa with George Duke, Ponty, the Fowler Bros., Chester Thompson, Ruth Underwood etc. Frank did play several shows there in 1973 and 1976. He was generous to you from the land down under! http://www.killuglyradio.com/features/gigs...type=perCountry
  7. I've seen them in Texas and Tennessee. 1974, 75, 78, 80 and 2000. The best performance for me was the 2nd time in July of '75.
  8. Very cool, you're the first person I've ever know to have seen Frank in Australia. Must've been the summer of 1973. I have a recording of one of these shows. June 24th Horden Pavillion, Sydney. Is this the one you attended ?
  9. We three men from Orient are having fun! I had to add a little balance to the scenario anyway, apologies to the sensitivities of Absolutentonic though for not adding a representative for his choice in this horse race. I'm glad you were looking out for him. There just wasn't room on the ballot Del offered up. It is after all a 3-way horse race, that's for sure. And the winner will be,
  10. I remember when Secretariat did it in '73, right ?
  11. They don't like Hockey either. No water, no ice.
  12. I didn't take these, but they're from the 2nd time I saw Yes, in 1975.
  13. It's easy to overlook a concert that was nearly 40 years ago.
  14. JPJ is in there somewhat obscured but not a trace of Jimmy. I always thought that was THE classic cover to Going to California.
  15. Nice of you to dumb down like the rest of us.
  16. The wild and the wooley. Unkempt, beastly and dangerous.
  17. I'm listening to a Yes show from the Rainbow in London Dec. 15, 1972 that kicks ass. I'd rather listen to this repeatedly than see Yes now. Last time I saw them they were lackluster. This show is not too long after Alan White had joined the band and it's amazing how quickly he mastered the tough drum parts of Bruford.
  18. The trigger happy shooters were probably pissed at all the college student's deferments. They avoided the draft, no doubt the shooters didn't. Then again if they joined, the nature of the military is to shoot 'em up! So either way, when you get a bunch of 19 year olds together with loaded rifles they're gonna get amped and trigger happy. It was inevitable.
  19. Steve Howe's rendition of Classical Gas 7-24-71 Yes concert, New Haven Connecticut.
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