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  1. Audacity

    Photos !

    Colorado, United States
  2. Audacity

    Photos !

    I took this skypic a couple of summers ago
  3. Wow! You guessed her Chester! How much did you win?
  4. I remember !! 12 gauge daisy's !
  5. Audacity

    The pub

    If you find some, would you mind sharing? I'm not in pain but would love the euphoria.
  6. Like what Fresh Garbage said, You're 180 degrees off the mark!
  7. Travel, travel, travel, submerge in cold mountain streams and frolic in powerful ocean waves. I'll checkout some fun roadside attractions, hike some peaks and watch the eagles soar overhead. Take in a few concerts, visit many friends along the way and take some photo's. Other than that, not much. I live simply.
  8. Getting near time to head to the Arts and Crafts fair. The rain has quit and the clouds are breaking up.
  9. I'd rather slap an APOLITICAL sticker on it's ass.
  10. It comes with the territory.
  11. It's time for a 3rd party candidate to start screaming!!!
  12. Nothing. Unless it's old, wrinkled, rooster headed, stinky, stretched out - overUSED kack !!! Fuck that !
  13. You should have a long life then! How can you be down if you're laughing so often? And remember, being down is part of life, it brings perspective. Just know you will rebound and things are rarely as bad as they seem.
  14. Ya see, people DO care. And hey, bring more HUMOR into your life. Laughing extends your time and colors your life !
  15. My parents 'age' was Glenn Miller type swing. That was their favorite, and later stuff like Mitch Miller and Pat Boone. I have an appreciation for BIG BAND, but still don't care for "singing along with Mitch", or the ivy league/saccharine Pat Boone. But other music from that period has come into my life. The 40s Blues, Jazz and the 50s early RocknRoll and Jazz really piqued my interest. If your kids DO like music and focus on it as a real part of their life, they'll pick up on older stuff and dig it someday, maybe.
  16. *Assistant to shop manager* But they're the only ones who BUY music anymore, all the kids download. I'll go engage with him and show him all the new bootlegs just in from Japan. Send out the Geisha's, mood enhancement will produce sales! He might even sing, "Thanks for the memories".
  17. I know when I was younger I didn't appreciate alot of what parents generation listened to. But as I grew older and sought out the roots of my contemporary generation's music, I came to appreciate and embrace much of the old. The same thing will probably happen to the youngsters of today, at least the ones with any interest in music at all. Some just never do get into music as a lifeblood, and for them, they may never appreciate Led Zeppelin or any music more than just wallpaper.
  18. Push the envelope. Consider going beyond anything you've done before. Go West youngman!
  19. Goddamit ! I was forced to do these lame covers. I'm broke from my drunk driving bust and my creditors are hounding my ass. Do you blame me ? Urrgggghhh !!!!!
  20. Teenage Riot - Sonic Youth January 24, 1993 Melbourne Australia I'm fixing some song gaps and also including some of a July '93 show and one tune from under the Brooklyn Bridge from 1997. The energy is amazing.
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