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  1. Do you think Ted, tough guy, would have the courage of this fellow?
  2. Maybe, but in bare hand to hand combat he couldn't get a lick in on my cat.
  3. I'm glad you guys took the cat killing fun and ran with it! I'd have to say watching a cat torture it's prey is more fun than watching a matador torture a bull.
  4. Sure! China Kantner, Paul and Grace Slick's daughter.
  5. Audacity

    Photos !

    Here's the KingBee in his classic BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!! All Night Long! http://www.veveo.net/video/king+bee/CL0007790579_1e0f302e0
  6. Audacity

    Photos !

    It ain't no Kingbee though!
  7. I'd say cats sometime kill for fun. Maybe it's just practice for the REAL KILL, but they sure seem to be having a ball bouncing those mice and birds around and then not eating them. They look so disappointed when their playthings quit responding. So maybe it's not really the kill they enjoy but the torturing.
  8. Yes I'd be annoyed too. But you hadn't explained this so I had no idea of how the faux pas transpired. Jimmy's reliance on John's was the mistake. With Jimmy's vast experience it's hard to understand his slip-up this time. I realize how speakers and rooms have such variations in sound and would think the best rooms would have multiple speaker set ups and possibly moveable walls etc. to soften or harshen the rooms acoustics. I know most studios have little flat toned speakers (Auratone) to switch between to hear how the mix will sound on less dynamic systems and even a small radio. Of
  9. Now that's a lotta Luscious WOOOOOman !!!!!
  10. It's Nature's Way. Coincidentally, I was just talking about Topanga Canyon and Randy California who wrote that lived up there!
  11. From the PCH to Mulholland Drive, with stops along the way.
  12. I've even seen Turkey's claw at little newbies. So many critters can wreak havoc on you it's a bummer. Bugs, spider mites, even mice. Get a pyrethrium spray. It's organic and nontoxic to plants, made from chrysanthemum flowers.
  13. I think this 1989 Daniel Lanois production is superb. I saw them in 1988 at the Belly Up in Solana Beach California. Pumpin' band!
  14. Looks like good news is traveling fast! Misery still loves company.
  15. And they call it Puppy Love
  16. I get your drift. I've seen my share of those boot ludes, even did a few. Only time in my life I can't remember was under the influence of some one night. I scarred my truck up pretty nastily. Live and learn.
  17. Funny how so many years ago, mainlanders heard Maui Zowie and misnamed it Maui Wowie. Same with 'Kind' Bud. Nope, it was 'Kine' Bud. From the summer of 1971, Sunbums magazine Honolulu Hawaii.
  18. Who says? My signature is from the Clash's official website. I love them. http://www.theclashonline.com/
  19. Hoffman created or discovered LSD but Owsley Stanley really got the acid movement going. He was the chemist... This link is an interesting read, http://www.drugs-forum.co.uk/forum/archive...hp/t-29468.html
  20. The real quaaludes were good. Problem was, so much of what was going around were bootleg ludes. Thorazine, librium and whatever were in them. NOT GOOD. Those crumbly, blurred lettering Rorer/Lemmon 714, 'soft' tablets were fake. The genuine ones were very hard and the lettering/numbers were sharp and perfectly printed. It's kinda wild to think that LSD was actually legal till 1967, I believe. Those Electric Kool-Aid acid tests were LEGAL !
  21. Mortuaries double as necrophiliac porn theaters. There you'll find respect for this MrCatsup.
  22. I take it sex is pretty nauseating for you.
  23. It's good to know you killed that thought. This'll turn into the depression thread pt. 2.
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