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  1. ^^brilliant!!! my brother sent this to me...honest!
  2. enjoyed your "government form letter" this morning...thanks for the laugh!

  3. happy birthday!

  4. just noticed it was your birthday...have a good one!!!

  5. might be living aboard on the strand...finger's crossed

  6. hey, just got orders...san diego in mid december

  7. just passing through the site and saw it was your birthday...enjoy your day!!!

  8. hey saw it was your birthday today...have a great one!

  9. not even sure what a pork crackling is???? happiness for today...i saw several butterflys in my yard while reading out in the sun...
  10. ...like to make mine in a cast iron skillet with the fresh stone-ground corn you can get from the old grau mill in chicago...anybody in chicago want to send me some???
  11. i feel for you on this one...have a sister-IN-LAW who elected to tell me AFTER the funeral that MY uncle had died...she decided for me that i lived too far to go to the funeral and therefore i did not need to know about it...this has happened TWICE!!!...while i was living STATESIDE!!!
  12. my daughter's cafeteria is named "valhalla hall"...do a little mental "ahhhhhahhhhhaaaaa" everytime i see the sign...
  13. Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny's‏
  14. that's too bad...sounds like you might have to make it happen... by the way!!!
  15. ...was surprised to see them on idol! American Idol 2009 Adam Lambert Sings With Kiss
  16. oh...it's all a comedy quantity or quality?
  17. so true...that would go in the "what done pissed me off today" thread...
  18. ...was that "big things" or "small things?"
  19. oh, it gets better...the air force guys that run the "support unit" for the nato guys take all the u.s. holidays off and shut down the post office, bx, ect....then have the gall to send out announcements about the bbq's or whatever they are having...some support, huh?... ...freakin' take us off your list!
  20. nato doesn't recognize u.s. holidays...so reminding me of all the holidays we don't get off...yep, that made me unhappy today...thanks!
  21. only jesus shaped... ...watermelon or canteloupe?
  22. hint...if you play with them...they get bigger!
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