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  1. marolyn

    Make me laugh!

    for the love of God...somebody, anybody????
  2. marolyn

    Obama's Report Card...

    ok...need to get this ball rolling...
  3. marolyn

    Someone born in 1968, was 27 in 1995

    yes, i was...
  4. marolyn

    Three years ago today

    ...i want a do-over!!!
  5. marolyn

    R.I.P. Dzldoc

    he will be missed...
  6. marolyn


    checking in...hope all is well...marolyn
  7. marolyn

    Pet Peeves

    tasteless carrots...
  8. marolyn

    Thank You All Very Much!

    good to hear!!!
  9. marolyn

    Make me laugh!

  10. marolyn

    Make me laugh!

    ^^brilliant!!! my brother sent this to me...honest!
  11. enjoyed your "government form letter" this morning...thanks for the laugh!

  12. happy birthday!

  13. just noticed it was your birthday...have a good one!!!

  14. might be living aboard on the strand...finger's crossed

  15. hey, just got orders...san diego in mid december

  16. just passing through the site and saw it was your birthday...enjoy your day!!!

  17. marolyn

    Your Epitaph.

    walking through a local norwegian cemetery noticed what translates as..."thanks for everything!" was very common...
  18. marolyn

    Forum update

    hey ev...just tried to "+" your post...said i had reached my quota of positive votes for the day...hehe!
  19. marolyn

    Hi everyone from Florida!

    hey freddie...welcome aboard!!! (lived in both pensacola and jacksonville areas in the mid-90's)
  20. hey saw it was your birthday today...have a great one!

  21. marolyn

    Adam Lambert sings WLL on American Idol

    thanks for posting that... over the top?...you bet!!! (and gay or whatever...that boy just oozes sex appeal...)
  22. or ronald reagan...hinckley has been granted home visits for years...
  23. sounds like a cool idea...i would have the upholstery done with the bright patterned fabric from northern india... please post some photos when you are done...
  24. marolyn

    Candidate Obama vs. President Obama

    not hatred...merely an acknowledgement that the u.s. is not perfect...a little humility goes a long way!