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  1. In the boots, you can hear robert saying when introducing new stuff of Zep 3, we've moved on from a lot from the crappy stuff like LLM!!
  2. Jesus....this is a zep forum??? Anyone making these EVH is god comments actually play the guitar?? Faster etc...means NOTHING...i've just watched the 'live without a net' solo above....and it's classic 'cock rock' style playing !!! Laughable...for one you don't have to go far into the zep world to find JP playing as fast...just watch the endless solos in dazed or wlol on tsrts...where he plays as fast if not faster, and FAR more importantly is playing some way off the scale mad dreamt up riffs all over the neck. EVH et al...simply speed up standard blues licks, and laughable top scales!!! THERE IS NO COMPARISON. A great guitarist maybe.....one of the best...no. How many lists does EVH come near the top??? None. That said....one has to be honest and say that JP has has some very LOW years since Zep. But thats another story.
  3. Not a huge Kiss fan...but i have no beef with them...but saying that their first two albums are a lot more complex than zep's.......simply not true. Zep one recorded in how many hours....!? The musician make up of the bands cannot be compared.....from minute one. I have NO DOUBT kiss guys would be the first to acknowledge this.
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