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  1. In the boots, you can hear robert saying when introducing new stuff of Zep 3, we've moved on from a lot from the crappy stuff like LLM!!
  2. It would be a crime if they got together again. The technicality of Zep is for 20 something's....a full on tour would be impossible at their age, and tarnish everything they have become. It will not happen...so no need to worry. No new and no old.....more unfinished songs from the vault...well that's a different matter, who knows. People were always saying....shut up....there's nothing left. Strange how with many box sets, a number pops up, like Baby Come On Home etc....
  3. It was entirely down to JHB's death. There were no plans to stop otherwise....quite the opposite, tours were booked. No JHB....No Zep. As they all said many times.
  4. Fool in the Rain is THE most underated Zep song.
  5. They're not even comparable. But I would have LOVED a JFB finished product.
  6. olster

    Where Are You?

    I'm next to (well just about) Jimmy. No joke.
  7. We dont have too much clarity from whats available to decipher. Having read 'the bible' there were many extraordinary 'nights'... but years, I guess have to go between 70-73...when it was fresh. The dvd gives us a blinding rendition at TRAH, so i've gone for '70. Anyway strictly speaking these are for the most part the 'moby dick' years....prior and post were 'pat's delight and 'over the top'!
  8. New Zep.....I dont think so. Boots maybe.
  9. Most of the them.......... Buy a kit and play in one day...
  10. Dvd is different nights......and some are diff than others.
  11. Loads......of course. But zep..........way the most.
  12. Plenty of zep is outside influenced..............but the result is better. Its been zepped!! Heard of a band called featherwheel?? Scary.
  13. I'm not right next door unfortunately!!!
  14. How many of us have been lucky enough...anyone met JHB?? I'm lucky to have met JP 3 times last year...he's my neighbour.
  15. They wouldn't be on a pedestal if there were lots of other bands around like them, doing what they did then now. The old saying....once it's been done. Hendrix J Joplin Zep Dylan Marley et al..... i think the main thing with Zep, which puts them apart from anyone else (genuinely) is; a.)The vast range of music and constant change. They werent scared. b.)Peter grant!!
  16. Jesus....this is a zep forum??? Anyone making these EVH is god comments actually play the guitar?? Faster etc...means NOTHING...i've just watched the 'live without a net' solo above....and it's classic 'cock rock' style playing !!! Laughable...for one you don't have to go far into the zep world to find JP playing as fast...just watch the endless solos in dazed or wlol on tsrts...where he plays as fast if not faster, and FAR more importantly is playing some way off the scale mad dreamt up riffs all over the neck. EVH et al...simply speed up standard blues licks, and laughable top scales!!! THERE IS NO COMPARISON. A great guitarist maybe.....one of the best...no. How many lists does EVH come near the top??? None. That said....one has to be honest and say that JP has has some very LOW years since Zep. But thats another story.
  17. Not a huge Kiss fan...but i have no beef with them...but saying that their first two albums are a lot more complex than zep's.......simply not true. Zep one recorded in how many hours....!? The musician make up of the bands cannot be compared.....from minute one. I have NO DOUBT kiss guys would be the first to acknowledge this.
  18. My first post here....hi all!! Total Zephead needless to say. Particularly JHB. The only song he wasn't comfortable playing was black dog....he hated the timing. Unless you've heard the live stuff over the years, then this thread should really be titled 'which album song'....because the gigs really took his drumming to a whole different level. I have heard most of the live sets. Just like the rest of the band, every night was very different from him. You can really pick up on his mood from the nights he played. I personally believe the June 21, 1977 at the Los Angeles Forum, or famous 'listen to this eddie' bootleg would blow the minds of those who havent heard it. The drumming on thsts and sick again in particular....are as good as it gets...by any drummers standard. At this gig he literally incorporates his 'fastest' style of drumming into the whole set. If he would normally play a section in 8 time for example, he played it at 16, and so on. The intro to tsrts.....is truly remarkable. It is these nights that genuinely make him.....the best. RIP Bonzo. Ps. fav studio number.....impossible.....tooooo many!!! Ps.2. People mentioning earlier in the thread about Good times bad times style drumming being sadly slim on the ground- see: I cant quit u babe very similar footwork in new dvd at the royal albert hall. Really excellent.
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